Wan Ciwang was cheated by Mark four times.
Even if a pig is pitted, so many situations will awaken and evolve.
What’s worse, one of the two giants, the eternal mutant.
Wan Ciwang looked at the three sentry robots that had attacked from the fortress and immediately said, "I’m not sure I can deal with it. After all, I’m old."
Mark turned black directly. "Did you drink the moon? Did you really go to the hospital for a facelift? "
Create smiled without a word.
Mark looked at Create like heart secretly scold a way.
They all drank ten drops of moon water. Although their appearance has not returned to youth, Create’s ability has been restored to the peak that this physique can reach now.
In common parlance,
Nowadays, Create can hold three football fields with ten thousand people in a row without beating his face.
Mark looked at Jason’s order to instantly break the fortress wall and take a step back. He appeared beside Polaris and said to Create, "I’m waiting for you outside, but this time I give you every reason to vent."
with this
Mark directly stopped the Polaris waist and put his right hand in the air.
Directly break layers of walls and blast out half.
"There will be a person invisible? Can fly? " Jason on the ground looked at Polaris flying in an unnatural state and suddenly thought of it.
One second
Jason picked up a rocket launcher next to him and pulled the trigger in the direction of Polaris.
The rocket is instantly ignited and ejected from the rocket launcher.
But see metal head rocket directly from rapid instantaneous into static.
Jason one leng.
soon afterwards
Look back at the fort.
However, seeing the cloak hanging behind him and wearing a metal helmet, Wan Ciwang’s direct suspension mode slowly emerged from the dust of being demolished by three sentry robots
Three sentry robots are also suspended.
With the teeth sour, the bodies of the three sentry robots are twisted into a twist at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Although these three sentry robots are demagnetized
But to borrow an old saying
Now Wan Ciwang’s ability to control has already reached the point where it can be twisted into a twist even if it is demagnetized.
Although the core of these three sentry robots is demagnetized,
Not the core part, but not degaussing.
Bang, bang, bang!
Along with the more and more serious distortion of the three sentry robots, several pieces burst out from the sentry robots.
Create’s hands stretched out and his eyes fell on Jason.
Jason opened his mouth.
One second
A bright firework fell into the sky.
Bloom …
Chapter 475 Bad children
How powerful can a rocket be?
Can destroy the armor of 400 mm thick armed tanks.
The effective killing radius is ten meters.