Even the original stable shape has become a little blurred, just like a little inexplicable fading.


That’s why.
at this moment
Excision, after all, can confirm the fact that he can’t handle the other party, and he sighs instead.
"I’m not going to destroy this place."
"that’s all."
All this results in this plane asking for trouble.
Sigh with her
Same moment
Some organ in her body directly released some hidden ratio fluctuation from her datum point.
Let that far away somewhere open a pair of huge eyes.
Chapter 1521 The loser
Soon after
Maybe a few seconds.
It could be a few minutes.
Anyway, it’s already chaotic
Is no longer very important.
After some gestures,
Due to that plane press force
The strength of cutting off the current plane has dropped to the first tenth level.
The facial nature of the original cling card is also stripped out a little bit.
It’s like something that sticks to something special and decent is being slowly picked up.
It makes people look awkward.
This directly leads to the rapid attenuation of the influence of resection energy here, which is also a real meaning
We both know that it is not far from her being kicked out if we go on like this.
Compared with the limited cutting power, the strength of the passer-by is stable and high.
Just for a short time.
The total energy of other bodies has risen by a thousand times, not only by simply standing still, but also by the majestic power, which makes the surrounding time show inexplicable divine praise, as if everything is praising his greatness.
After shaking his fist and taking a deep breath.
His face was brimming with obvious satisfaction.
"What a wonderful feeling."
after that
Sigh finished he turned to the resection and said
To tell you the truth, I’m a little curious about the more external tense and I’d like to learn more from you.
"But it’s a pity that God hates you all the more."
"I can solve the problem as soon as possible."
In words
Filled with a feeling of ease
That’s a winning grip.
He loosened his fist.
Grab it at will
All the gravel world, the cornerstone world, the prototype world, the core world and the high world are in the forward extension, and the higher world automatically gathers at his hand, where it condenses into a simple sword shining with poverty.
After the traveler will hold it,
Then the brilliance is also becoming more eye-catching
Every ray of light in the middle
Represents the whole world, and the Akasha Book of Records contains all the weights in it.
As they radiate,
Exhausting information automatically becomes a long sword derivative.
I wrapped him in countless blades!
Make it look more sacred!
Just like high!
"Remember my name, Guang Tianhan will probably leave a deep psychological shadow on you when he receives this sword."
The eye of the traveler named Guangtianhan is not sure to kill and remove it, because he can clearly perceive that the life form of the guy in front of him is strange and not easy to kill.
He has that ability to impress the other side.
He’s going to take this blow and make it painful for billions!
Thought of here, his face also showed a malicious smile.
See this situation
Excision is to stay where you are, and look at each other calmly until the other party finishes, and say, "It’s not salty or salty."
"Cut this off. I put my name in my real name. It’s a series of special numbers. No one except my kindred will call me that."
Hear each other and kin.
Light day culvert face first emerged a little hesitation.