Japanese militarism prevails, and the army has always been unified.


Zhen Chen said, "Chen Yan, if you kill all the Hongkou Dojo, the Japanese will definitely provoke a Sino-Japanese war. Then more people will suffer. I have studied in Japan and know that Japan’s national strength is not strong. China can now win or lose the war with Japan than China. I hope you will seriously consider one."
Chen Yan shook his head and said, "Regardless of the fact that there will be a World War I between China and Japan in the future, then I will be polite to the Japanese. Now if I kill one more Japanese ghost, it will weaken the strength of Japan and make a contribution to the future war of resistance."
After doing this, Yan Yan rushed into Hongkou Dojo with his posture. He was so fast that every step was more than 20 meters. Even Zhen Chen could hardly catch him in the dark.
"Ah …"
"gun shooting"
"It’s doing … he’s coming …"
Zhen Chen heard the screams and panic of the Japanese in Hongkou Dojo.
Without the lights, darkness became the best cover for Chen Yan.
Ship Yuewenfu is right. At this moment, Ulrich is like a dark king who dominates everything.
Tatsu Yamashiro in the hands of Chen Yan keeps harvesting Japanese lives.
The Japanese can’t capture the shadow of Chen Yan, so they can shoot at random to ease their fears and kill many Japanese by mistake.
After half an hour, the screams stopped.
Zhen Chen smelled a strong scent of blood.
"Go in and have a look"
Zhen Chen entered Hongkou Dojo.
It became a xiuluo field, and there were broken limbs everywhere, and the blood stained the ground red.
Zhen Chen took a deep breath of air conditioning and was shocked. "Chen Yan is so cruel!"
It’s not enough to be ruthless. It’s impossible for Ulrich to say that Ulrich is a blood shura from hell.
In the martial arts field, Teng Tian Gang is in the center of a straight uniform
Chen Yan took Tatsu Yamashiro to the training ground and sneered, "Why don’t you run, Teng Tian Gang?"
Fujita Tian Gang said, "Why should I run?"
Rattan Tian Gang doesn’t want to run, but he has somewhere else to go.
No order has been sent to dismiss the ship, Yuewenfu and Yamada, light day and Tokyo Army Headquarters. Fujita Tian Gang is no longer the supreme commander of the naval and Japanese forces.
What’s more, is it so easy to be stared at by Chen Yan, a martial arts master, and want to escape?
"Teng Tian Gang died because of you, Huo Yuanjia died, Wang Zhanggui died, Akutagawa died … so many people died, and you never regretted it?" Ulrich asked flatly.
Fujita Tian Gang sneered, "Everything I do is the emperor’s loyalty to me. What should I regret? Besides, this world is the law of the jungle. I know that you are a top martial arts master with high martial arts skills, but I will still fight back. It is impossible for you to kill me easily."
Chen Yan nodded. "You’re a little bold, Teng Tian Gang. You’re good at martial arts. If I don’t bully you, I’ll fight you to see if you can stand up to me."
With a wave of his arm, Ulrich Tatsu Yamashiro nailed the handle of the column 20 meters away and made a vibrato.
Chapter 3 The highest state of boxing
When Zhen Chen arrived at the martial arts field, Teng Tian Gang was preparing to attack Ulrich.
"Jingwumen Zhen Chen" Teng Tian Gang said, "What are you going to do together? I’m not afraid without you two coming together. "
Ulrich saw Zhen Chen one eye and said with a smile, "rattan Tian Gang, you respect yourself too much. You’re just a dark strength peak fighter who didn’t even reach the master level. You deserve me and Zhen Chen to jointly deal with you? Zhen Chen is here to watch the war. "
Rattan Tian Gang drinks and attacks him first. He’s afraid that he won’t have a chance to strike back if he does it first.
Teng Tian Gang is a powerful fighter. He is powerful and has amazing defense.
Even if Zhen Chen fights with him, he may not win.
His weakness is also obvious, that is, his speed is slow and his posture is not flexible enough
Chen Yan is a truly capable fighter. His strength, speed and sharpness are very balanced, and there are almost no obvious weaknesses.
The martial arts realm of rattan Tian Gang is weaker than that of Yan Yan. Even if rattan Tian Gang has advantages, Yan Yan’s eyes can be weaknesses.
Chen Yanke can do it to crush him.
Rattan Tian Gang’s attack was fierce and overbearing, but all his attacks were easily blocked by Yan Yan.
Chen Yan not only needs strength to crush him, but also needs spirit to crush him.
Chen Yan sneered, "Teng Tian Gang, you always said that China people are the sick man of East Asia to set off your Japanese strength and satisfy your poor self-esteem, but your performance now is so disappointing that your martial arts is a mess."