Is it noisy?


Or did Mark, the real director, be revoked by the Ministry of Justice?
Walking out of the clinic with Debbie in a sullen face, Mark’s eyes fell on the village head who was a novice and called Coulson.
One second!
"Ha ha ha ha …" Mark laughed!
Directly puzzled Debbie and other agents behind him.
Coulson was completely dumbfounded when he saw Mark. He felt that he must have gone out today without consulting a psychic to figure out the reason.
Mark smiled and watched Coulson bring more than a dozen federal agents behind him.
Mark always feels that just making the color is much better than the quality of this group of people in front of him.
It really is deep pockets.
The corruption of Daxing Personal Secret Base with Black Potted Eggs has not caused any financial problems of Aegis, which shows the annual appropriation amount of Aegis.
Thinking about Mark’s sunglasses, he immediately smiled at Coulson.
Coulson is also a loose smile in his heart.
"Tell the Secret Service to put these fake FBI guys in jail," Mark said with a straight face and a heavy face towards Debbie behind him.
Finally let me seize the opportunity?
It’s not once or twice since Mark was sent to an unannounced kidnapping test by Aegis.
But I didn’t find a legitimate reason.
Alcatraz doesn’t count.
This time
Mark looked at a face when the machine crashed and Coulson sneered in his heart.
See how I cook it well
I didn’t see new york pretending to be a federal agent at ordinary times.
If you don’t catch it on the spot and pinch your nose, it will pass.
But eyes?
The bureau took a ticket of genuine agents out of his busy schedule for routine physical examination, and a group of fake agents came running to say that they would clear the room.
If we don’t sit down, Mark has the face to sit in the new york branch.
"… wait!" Coulson looked at a group of casual federal agents who looked pale and surrounded him with more than a dozen people. He also panicked and quickly said to Mark, "Director Lewis, we are working a case."
Mark sneered, "I also handle cases and impersonate federal agents. This is a major federal case. Come back to my guest room and explain it slowly."
Working a case?
Do what case?
Think he’s stupid?
What case can I run to the hospital to handle?
Ghost case … Yo!
It suddenly occurred to Mark that he had just left the pot for Aegis yesterday. His eyes couldn’t help but look at Coulson tentatively and asked, "It was yesterday …"
Coulson nodded.
Mark’s facial expression
Anger was quiet for a while.
One second
Mark said to Debbie and a ticket to the messenger, "Come back tomorrow to continue the physical examination. Now leave."
Debbie "…"