It is rare for Chu Hang in Jun ‘en City to come out to inspect a city-state by walking in the streets.


The dragon god fruit has become more powerful in his physical function, and the original dragon veins have also evolved in a direction more suitable for him. Now he has explored the true meaning of the flame law, and his physical strength has also made some props stronger.
"Really … I know I’ll tell Liu Xiong"
Chuhang received a call from Hyundai and learned what happened there.
It doesn’t seem surprising that they can meet Xue Zhiyu and Lu Qiuchu Hang for painting pear clothes, but this world line change was not caused by him.
It was someone else who buried the gods and did something far-reaching that led to this change
Judging from Xia Mi’s description, the general direction of modern times has not changed. Looking back to history, Emperor Ji’s family is in the right position, while the SHEN WOO Empire is still competing with the Western Federation. It is a situation that is closer to Lu Chen’s ideal state.
Will there be an answer to Lu Chen’s parents’ life timeline now? Because the real dragon’s vitality has dissipated, the environment of heaven and earth has changed and the natural life span of secret blood fighters has been extended, so Lu Chen’s parents are suspected to be alive.
The former was … They didn’t have a dead battlefield.
It is a given that the ancient gods invaded abroad, and this fact can still be changed in their time. It is good for Lu Chen to go to the original mine and throw the heart elsewhere.
But Lu Chen can’t do that. That’s what Plath Lu Chen meant. He also knows that this is a necessary link in some causal lines.
At least now he can’t reverse this causal line, otherwise worse things will happen.
"Liu Xiong into deep enlightenment … all right"
Chuhang looked at the direction of the martial arts mountain and looked back.
If he guessed right, the time line where Lu Chen’s parents painted pears was not combined, that is to say, Lu Chen was not a person at all.
Similarly, due to minor changes, there will be many people Lu Chen knows who are not in that world line.
If Lu Chen wants his parents alive, this timeline may be a good choice, but Brother Lu is obviously not so easy to satisfy. He is a greedy man.
Moreover, nowadays, modern times have been stirred up by ancient gods outside the territory, which is not what Lu Chenyuan wanted to see.
To be honest, explorers may have been a little numb to the life and death of people in this world.
Because the causal line is constantly changing, one moment there is life, one moment there is death, and perhaps all of them come back to life. Life becomes cheap, just like a game that can be played back several times.
Even those who are prone to compassion, such as those who paint pear clothes, have become receptive to all kinds of scenes at this time.
This is a bad phenomenon, because people tend to lose their hearts and doubt the truth they are pursuing in the process of pursuing their goals.
For example ….. Even if all the happy endings are reached and the causal line maintains a harmonious place, are those people that Lu Chen is familiar with in his memory really those people that he knows?
Does a person demonstrate by soul or memory or by himself?
Chuhang didn’t tell Lu Chen these topics because he was afraid that Lu Chen’s mind would collapse.
"Fairy candied haws-delicious and fun fairy candied haws …"
"The zhangs’ secret multiplier sale …"
"Don’t miss the newly unearthed ancient forbidden device when you pass by …"
Jun’ en City is also a big monk city, and the whole summer border is numbered. Many monks’ commercial streets set up stalls and vendors sell their mouths.