When the large array enters the self-running state, although it needs someone to guard it, it is also maintained regularly and the situation is mastered. When necessary, the array pivot is manipulated for fine adjustment.


From the completion of the large array to the completion of the exhibition, it is of course a pedestrian in Hua Zhen who controls the array pivot for ten days. He also has to realize the operation process of the array, such as refining Chundan with the help of Bixi large array, and he even brought the materials for refining medicine.
To confirm the success of the previous idea, we have to wait until the moment when the array is finished. Of course, the layout of the Bixi array is successful. The trip to Hua Zhen also needs to confirm whether it can be used to refine Chundan.
This matter can be done by others, except the three old people. It seems that there are also people in this world who can refine Chundan.
Xiao Guanglai will send a few more people to stay in Bidao together. As a result, Mann took the initiative to stay with Xiaohua Xiaoguang and simply withdrew everyone else from Bidao and left them two.
In half a month’s time, that is, in January of the new year, Mo Abandon and Mu Qingyu will be on duty. It will be much easier to station the monks at that time. It is necessary for the law to work naturally and no one will always stare at it. It is rare to have a six-level tutor in Bidao.
Mo abandoned a year ago and was transferred to Wage Mining. He was transferred back to participate in the construction of Bixi Large Array some time ago.
At present, the situation of Wage mining industry has been steadily cultivated for more than a year, and the reserve cadres have been able to take over, so there is no need to put so many six-level tutors there, and it is enough to leave a Sima value.
Don’t abandon and Mu Qingyu are two people who haven’t met many times in more than a year. Xiao Guang simply handed over the first batch of Bixi large array to them.
According to Yangyuan Valley, every six-level tutor is arranged to be on duty here, and the rotation period is one month.
Xiao Guang made a flexible decision very sweetly. Don’t abandon and Mu Qingyu to be on duty together for two months. Whoever has something to take care of in this period will always leave an island.
The shift duty system of Yangyuan Valley will be implemented from January, 2008. The last half of this year is the end of a large array. Xiao Guangke is bold enough to see that Manman stayed with Hua Zhen and actually evacuated everyone else in Bidao.
Although a group of third-and fourth-grade students were left in the large array to continue to improve some auxiliary workers, Xiao Guang arranged them all to the other nine array peaks outside Bidao, and arranged some trips to Hua Zhen on weekdays.
If there is any command in Hua Zhen, it can be directly reached through Bixi large array. It is necessary to control the array pivot and Hua Zhen can speak directly in everyone’s ear.
Xiao Guang also knows that it is impossible for Hua Zhen alone to withstand these ten days. At an appropriate time, he will definitely let Man Man take over Bixi Large Array.
This is also a rare opportunity for Manman to practice. I believe that there will be no accidents with the protector of Hua Zhen.
Man Man is still a monk in the four realms, but he hasn’t broken through the five realms yet, but this kind of thing can’t be done without paying attention to the chance, and now it should be the chance.
Hua Zhen seems very relaxed when he is in control of the array pivot. Although people can’t live without Biting Pavilion, he can also chat with Mann, have dinner and drink tea together, as if walking, sitting and lying down are all practices.
However, when Manman took over Bixi array, she had to concentrate on her leisure, and then put her mind and body into the feeling state as if the array had been integrated.
Xiao Guanggan can rest assured that this arrangement is made because he has enough confidence in Huazhenhang. Who is most familiar with Bixi Large Array in this world? I’m afraid that the Hua Zhen array diagram was first given by Yang Lao, but the actual builder was presided over by Huazhenhang.
If, according to the secular theory of engineering, Mr. Yang’s role is equivalent to that of a design institute, while Hua Zhen’s is the chief engineer’s office, and Hua Zhen’s office is confident enough to let Manman take over the large array, he will always be in control of the situation.
Yang Lao-tou gave the bamboo motto theory to the six-level tutor, but there are exceptions in everything. When he went to Hua Zhen, he also gave it to Manman.
Bidao Sitting Day is not boring, but very interesting.
What you see when you sit in the pavilion and control the large array is not just that the knowledge of the spring pool can extend to the whole large array, and the thought of Fiona Fang’s hundred miles seems to have become the embodiment of this world.
If you don’t break through the five realms, this feeling is easy to get lost and even cause the so-called "personality dissociation" phenomenon in psychology. Self-awareness and emotions seem to fade.
Although such a large array can assist the practice and make people realize the unity of location and scenery of Yuan God, it needs an elder to guide and protect my brother at any time to prevent him from getting lost in practice.
The large array has been completed, and it is only necessary to control the pivot of the array to complete the exhibition of the theory of the array. But who dares to let a monk in the four realms control the large array at this time? But Hua Zhen just did it!
At first, Hua Zhenxing personally took charge of the large array for ten hours every day for seven days, but handed over two hours in the afternoon to Manman. Seven days later, the Bixi large array had finished its exhibition and entered the natural operation state, and Manman also broke through the five-realm repair.
If you don’t count the 22 original Fengtan brothers’ old team here in Hua Zhen, Wang Fengshou and Lianna had previously broken through the five realms.
Shen Si, Li Jingzhi, Fan Dake, Locke, Tang Sen … Such a large number of people are still around. It seems that it is a bit of a drag, but it is normal.
Think about it. She came to Yangyuan Valley last year, and it was only after she arrived in Yangyuan Valley that she had a chance to break through the five realms.
Hua Zhen-xing knows a little about raising Yuan Valley. There are these four monks who have hope to continue to break through the five realms in a short time. I’m afraid there are three people besides Mann, such as Locke, Shen Si and Li Jingzhi.
Their mental experience is enough, and their accumulation is not bad. Maybe they were too busy at work some time ago and still lacked a chance to break.
Man Man broke through the five realms, and the Bixi large array also finished its exhibition and entered a state of natural operation. There is no need for someone to be in charge of the large array 24 hours a day, and when two people have Bidao, they will be fully free.
Hua Zhen also struck while the iron was hot, and personally gave Manman a five-level teacher assessment and then taught her to refine Wuqidan.
After Mann broke through the five realms, she could easily pass the assessment of the five-level nourishing yuan tutor, which was not difficult at all. Then after three days, she conveniently refined the first five-qi Dan and passed the assessment of the six-level nourishing yuan tutor.
It’s a pity that there are no outsiders in Bidao at the moment, but it’s enough for Manman to admire Hua Zhen.
It is not surprising that Manman was promoted from a five-level tutor to a six-level tutor after three days. Manman is not a whiteboard monk. She has accumulated enough and learned enough.
Wu Qi Dan Dan Fang Manman has long studied it, and she also organized the Yangyuan Art Center, under which many students participated in various raw material processing and refining workers.
Man Man’s portable instrument, the fragrance of water, is that Five Qi Dan is wrapped in a special sacred stone, and it is blue. How did Shui Xin use Five Qi Dan as an instrument to make a lot of experience? Man Man still told Hua Zhen.
The more important reason is that Mann took a clever trick. She used the Bixi large array to assist in refining Chundan. Of course, it can also assist in refining Wuqidan, which is the main material for processing Chundan.
The four-legged tripod in the Biting Pavilion has a very special shape, and it is also the effort of all the instructors to refine a Dan furnace. When the five-gas Dan is refined, the colorful glow permeates Manman, which is equivalent to giving the Dan furnace light.
Chapter 373, big public and private
After more than ten days in Mamanbi Island, he not only broke through the five realms of cultivation, but also became a six-level yuan-cultivating instructor. During these ten days, in addition to controlling the large array, practicing and alchemy, the two leaders also exchanged many things with him.
First of all, they talked about the planning of Bihu scenic spot and the development of tourism in the future agricultural reclamation base.
According to Mann’s vision, nine islands around Bidao are built with natural landscape and introduced with garden design.
In the design scheme, you can ask someone to be responsible for it. It is absolutely no problem for Yang Laotou to put it. The construction personnel are also ready-made, that is, the tutors and students stationed here in the future.
Mann still remembers that when Shi Shuangcheng came, everyone crossed the Wage Desert in the rainy season together, and when camping, they made a colorful glass pavilion on the spot with sand materials. You might as well do more things like this in the future.
In the future, Bihu Lake will be turned into a scenic spot, and tourists can visit various garden-style islands by boat, including Bidao, and ten scenic spots can be built, each with different characteristics and functions.
Man Man heard that there is a beautiful scenery of San Tan Yin Yue Island in the West Lake in Hang ‘an, the eastern country, and he can organize personnel to study and learn from it.
Island construction can learn from the characteristics of the West Lake, but the scale of Bihu Lake is much larger than that of the West Lake. It is said that there is also a Qiandao Lake scenic spot not far from the West Lake, and the overall planning can also be used for reference.
The two children are here to discuss things. If outsiders hear them, they are talking and playing. They belong to the "Key Bureau" and other organizations.
However, people who really know the situation know that they are not just talking about it, but making real plans. If they have made plans, Hua Zhen will try their best to implement them in the future, otherwise there will be no such thing as today’s Bixi array.
The two men planned a road map for the future development of tourism in the new Somali port city, mainly aiming at the idea of developed areas.
For example, Gao Qiao, Xintian and Tianhe Clean Dust Luofa Array needs to design a series of leisure tourism facilities to build an ecological leisure area around the surrounding wetlands.
In this way, the scenic spot is more suitable for local residents to travel short distances, mainly living nearby, and they can usually stay in and out of the scenic spot on the same day.
Building a new world makes people work hard to create a happy life, not all the year round, which is conducive to high material and spiritual enjoyment of entertainment facilities, and the industry must be gradually improved