Adakang is somewhat naive and angry. Although its empire is second only to Emperor Wu III, its power is now second only to Emperor Wu III, but this second only means that there are too many unimaginable information gaps. It didn’t know this information, but it was also one of the reasons why it longed to replace Emperor Wu III.


If it were, it would have been ok before, but now it is very certain that it has important information about Emperor Wu III, so it naturally has the courage to ask directly.
"Tell me if you can, and don’t say if you can’t."
If you want to kill me, just let me relax if you don’t want to kill me.
When Emperor Wu III heard the subtext of Adakang, he said with a smile, "Ji Xinghe’s control of Qi is not weaker than that of you and me. When Hou Lai, the champion of other interests, stabilizes his state, nothing will happen normally, but energy will escape."
"Not weaker than you and me?"
"Well, his spirit and will are stronger than yours and mine."
"This ….." Adakang wanted to say impossible, but looking back at his life and that of Emperor Wu III and Ji Xinghe, he understood the meaning of Emperor Wu III.
Born with wealth, they will not encounter the hardships in Ji Xinghe’s life, even if there are some similarities, such as the sacrifice of alien battlefields set up by Emperor Wudi III, which looks as different as the sacrifice of alien battlefields by Ji Xinghe’s son and Ji Chenxing.
Ji Xinghe has a son, Emperor Wudi III, who has more than 100 children. Ji Xinghe is his only son and is willing to give everything, but Emperor Wudi III needs to guard against them. Although there are no seventy years, there are many ten years and fifteen years.
There is also the death of Ji Xinghe’s wife. For Emperor Wu III, who has a huge harem, there is not much difference between a wife and a maid-in-waiting.
The death of his parents is a long-awaited event for Emperor Wu III, who has been in office for many years and has seen many demoted and killed wives, all of whom are his brothers and sisters with Adakang.
Not only relatives related by blood, but also comrades-in-arms Ji Xinghe who sacrificed alien battlefields listened to the last words. The empire also heard about it, and Emperor Wu III and Adakang knew it very well. They could even hear some last words Ji Xinghe had heard.
And what are comrades-in-arms for them? They don’t have comrades-in-arms. They have the same hands as numbers. Those who need them help the war to destroy the nobles.
Emotion and spiritual will are hard to form, but it can be confirmed that they are bound to be linked. He has experienced interpersonal relationships and has experienced unspeakable emotions, which have had an incredible impact on his spiritual will.
"That’s what I’m worried about. According to the federal time, he only joined the army for more than five years, but only three or four years ago, he has already reached this level." Adakang asked again, "What if he changes and strengthens the championship, and Ji Rong Xin Yue also changes and strengthens it? Although Ji Rong Xinyue is a descendant of Ji Xinghe who got the gift characteristics, her talent … really makes me envy. "
Adakang said that when he envied it, he thought of his descendants. Although he didn’t care much, none of them could match Ji Rong Xin Yue. He really didn’t want to accept it and had to accept it.
I really want to say that the talent of its offspring should far exceed that of Ji Rong Xinyue. After all, there is already qi information in the gene.
"I also envy" that the perception of Emperor Wu III shifted from Ji Xinghe’s body or champion Hou’s body to Ji Rongxin’s body "so I will kill them if they have any thoughts again"
Adakang frowned. Of course, he knew that Emperor Wu III had the ability to kill the grandfather and grandson, but he was not worried about how to kill Ji Xinghe and Ji Rongxinyue.
"What about the future?"
"I have seen some of them willing to help us walk, so let them walk and see if they don’t want to, then we will walk by ourselves."
Adakang finally determined that it was just a pathfinder for Emperor Wu III just like Ji Xinghe, and it was not because Emperor Wu III suddenly read brotherhood that it was so "vertical".
"Since that’s the case, it’s better to kill them directly." Adakang suddenly felt that it was more beneficial to him without Ji Xinghe, so he gave suggestions and reasons. "In terms of biomaterials, we can trade with those humans in the Federation. Ji Xinghe mastered them and they must have mastered them."
"That’s not what you just said."
"You didn’t say just now that you have seen a part of the future through Ji Xinghe."
"But this part of the future needs him alive to be realized."
"What if Ji Xinghe just said that everything is to test your true thoughts when procrastinating?" Adakang’s tone was a little sarcastic. "If I were him, I wouldn’t be able to wear armor easily with you at such a close distance, let alone give Ji Rongxin a month."
Armor-piercing means connecting the champion Hou’s artificial nervous system and biomaterials in a way of controlling armor. Even if Ji Xinghe controls his ability without energy spillover, he will inevitably have no fighting power for a while.
The same is true for Ji Rongxinyue. Knowing that Emperor Wu III and Adakang are in the vicinity, how dare Ji Xinghe let himself and Ji Rongxinyue lose their fighting power? It is extremely possible to make a false pretense.
"wipe your eyes"
Emperor Wu III whispered and looked forward to it as it said.
On the other side, it has been completed. It is indeed as successful as Emperor Wu III believed that the champion Hou has stabilized his own state and repaired his injuries.
After the champion, Ji Rong Xinyue, the former biological material of the organism, suffered serious damage in the battle between Adakang and Adakang. At this time, the energy supply which is more suitable than that of the mecha nuclear fusion reactor was obtained, and the idealized speed of research and development of the Federal Academy of Sciences was restored.
Like Ji Xinghe’s body at this time
"Don’t worry," Ji Xinghe Communication Channel said to Ji Rongxinyue and Xingyue, "I will soon be able to recover from my original commitment … and I’m not worried. I’m finished with my existing grasp."
He found a way to inherit before, but among the two methods known at present, the method that the inheritor will die is similar to that of Emperor Wu I and Emperor Wu II, but now it is different. He can inherit and ensure that he will not die.
And these are all precious experiences. He wants to let Ji Rong Xinyue and the records of the stars and moons come, and Li Yuanba and Ji Rong Xinyue may have more people to refer to them.
"Gift characteristic is …"
But Ji Xinghe’s words were interrupted by Ji Rongxin’s month.
"Can the general give me the command?" She asked and asked, "Grandpa, can I decide my own destiny? Like my father. "
Chapter 66 Real bearing
Macroscopically, Ji Xinghe’s emaciated and shriveled figure quickly recovered to full strength, and microscopically, Ji Xinghe’s collapsed gene was quickly repaired after it got enough destructive energy.
For example, the body of a patient whose gene was destroyed by nuclear radiation should be dissolved into a pool of nameless flesh and blood tissue, but before it was dissolved, all the bad radiation in the body was removed. The information contained in the gene guides the body to absorb energy through eating and drugs to rebuild a complete and healthy body.
At this time, Ji Xinghe can transport far more energy than human beings can obtain by eating, and the absorption and efficiency are far beyond.
The channel to draw energy from the sacred crystal has not been closed, and it has not been significantly reduced, but it has poured out of it uncontrollably. After that energy has entered Ji Xinghe’s body, it has a broader activity and looks like life.
Champion Hou’s body is similar to overlord armor and more suitable for the current state of Ji Xinghe than overlord armor. It has more biomaterials than overlord armor and has more volume than Ji Xinghe’s flesh and blood tissue, and these biomaterials have been obviously damaged in the pre-battle. They also need to consume energy in the process of being repaired, and the consumption rate is extremely high
At that time, the energy gushing from the sacred crystal could not completely fill the champion Hou.
So Ji Xinghe had a great degree of autonomy, which was higher than when he controlled several imperial princes at the same time.
Purely making is qualitatively different from consumption, digestion and absorption.
A large part of these autonomy, that is, Ji Xinghe’s energy controlled by his own spiritual will, was repaired by him and the champion Hou let Shengjing energy have a broader life.
A virtuous circle is formed, but when will Ji Xinghe last? Because he doesn’t know how much energy is in the sacred crystal, he doesn’t know how much energy will be consumed for Ji Rongxinyue. He doesn’t know whether he and champion Hou will be able to close the channel of drawing sacred crystal energy when they return to their peak state.
He doesn’t know that the key to many things is the will of Ji Rong Xin Yue.
Yes, all the negotiation conditions with Emperor Wu III were decided by oneself, and Ji Rong Xinyue’s opinion was never asked. For an ordinary twelve-year-old child, adults may be able to completely ignore the idea, but for a child like Ji Rong Xinyue, even Ji Xinghe can’t and shouldn’t ignore it.
"Are you sure?"
Ji Xinghe’s tone was calm. He didn’t ask Ji Rongxinyue what he wanted because he knew.
"I’m sure!"