"Then there is nothing to say." Ji Xinghe once again suggested, "Let’s do it."


"Don’t worry," said Emperor Wu III, rejecting it again. "I’ve got a lot of audiences for you. You can talk to them now. Isn’t that what you federal soldiers like to do best? Leave a last word. "
Ji Xinghe instantly understood the meaning of Emperor Wu III. During the seven days when he arrived at the alien planet from the blue star, the Federation made many deductions. Among them, the Empire would put a transition base for the Federation to rescue Tu Yuan and Ji Rongxinyue and invest a lot of resources to reach the Imperial Star at any cost.
Empire is to pay a can be controlled by their transition base can annihilate a large number of federal effectives?
Now it seems that even if Ji Xinghe has reached the empire, Emperor Wudi III is still not satisfied and wants Ji Xinghe bait to annihilate the effective forces of the Federation.
"No," Ji Xinghe said softly, "I have never lost."
"What a coincidence? Me too. "
Emperor Jia, driven by Emperor Wu III, finally landed and then hit the cockpit door in front of Ji Xinghe. The cockpit door of Emperor Jia turned out to be the front of the mecha.
The image of an imperial orangutan appeared in Ji Xinghe’s eyes, and the original middle perspective in the federal line of sight has fallen off the field at this time.
It doesn’t have a tactical helmet. It seems that it doesn’t need to be seen clearly by the Federation. It is that Emperor Wu III can confirm this through the rebel intelligence Federation.
Of course, it is also possible to clone a gorilla.
Showed his image. Emperor Wu III closed the cockpit door again, and it sounded again.
"There are more than 10 billion creatures in the world of Empire and Federation. Aren’t you excited about our audience?"
"When you die, the two worlds will see how excited I am."
"It’s a pity that we have the opportunity to be friends."
When Emperor Wudi III fell, Emperor Jia launched a charge, and so did the champion Hou Yi.
Chapter 94 No ending ending
When two mecha fierce hit together, the federal’ audience’ still couldn’t figure out a question-what did Ji Xinghe want to fight?
The reason why Emperor Wu III wants to fight is that it has just said that this is indeed the only way to solve the problem of Ji Xinghe and Xingyue at the same time, but what is Ji Xinghe’s plan? It is true that the death of Emperor Wudi III will indeed throw the empire into chaos. Hanging the throne in the empire is definitely great news for the Federation, and it is also a favorable change for them who are trapped in the empire to kill Emperor Wudi III in public.
But the risk of this war is too great.
If the federal generals really have to make a choice, they would rather give up the bottom line and make all weapons, including chemical and biological weapons, even if it is the historical sinner. How many people are at risk compared with Ji Xinghe?
Ji Xinghe certainly won’t mind that he made corresponding threats before he went to Empire Star.
Before the Federation was turned into an "audience" by Emperor Wu III, many people recognized Ji Xinghe, rescued Ji Rongxinyue and others, and also met their own safety meeting, which made him say biochemical weapons these days.
But now it seems that Ji Xinghe has chosen the most risky solution instead of it. What?
No one can answer this question. At this time, it is more appropriate to be in the battlefield of the’ central point’ of two worlds, or to say that the arrangement of empires is already a communication forbidden zone. Except for the sound coming out of two mecha’s amplifiers, it can be accurately captured, and the sound including the sound generated by the battle becomes noisy and unclear.
It sounds buzzing, and the strongest in the Federation and Empire who have already fought seem to have no idea to speak.
It is …
This battle is very different from what people expected. There is almost no subtle extreme maneuver. It is the simplest, direct and even stupid attack-collision!
The first step is to charge the imperial armor. The weapon is also two mecha combat knives. From the modeling point of view, it is almost exactly the same as the double knives made by Ji Xinghe. However, when it is about ten meters away from the champion, it is an instant for the mecha, but at that time, it does not choose to raise the double knives for attack or defense.
It’s very weird. I opened my arms with a knife. If neither side slowed down, it was this very short charge distance that broke out at the maximum speed. It seems that Emperor Jia really wants to hug the champion Hou.
It fits perfectly with what God Weiwei just said-we have the opportunity to be friends.
Crash a explosive two mecha milli dodge directly hit by a horse Milky Way driving champion Hou Mandong unexpectedly and imperial armour.
Air billow spread rapidly outward from where the two mechs were located, just like the sound barrier cloud when the aircraft’s atmospheric environment broke out. When the two mechs charged, they trampled on the broken stones. This was like a typhoon, and air billow blew sputtering and flew around, while the two mechs were at the center, but they did not move for a moment.
Contrary to common sense
More contrary to common sense, the two sides made the same maneuver again-folded!
The mecha of both sides were unscathed in this way, and their mobility was intact. This may be the reason why both sides chose this kind of fighting mode. The forged body of tungsten steel and gold can withstand the baptism of nuclear explosion, and the conventional attack mode naturally has little meaning, even if both sides make weapons made of tungsten steel and gold.
The real key is to attack the mecha driver.
God did not take advantage of the super strength of the ninth stage to want the mecha to hold the champion Hou and limit the mobility of the champion Hou, and then it was expected that people would carry out the’ air unloading’ attack.
But what makes Ji Xinghe?
The audience’s thoughts flashed in an instant, and the two sides stuck together and hugged at the same time, but they failed. It seems that there is a kind of physical force to divide the two mechs into imperial armor and champion Hou at the same time, and they can all embrace a group of gas.
It was not until the two mecha started the propulsion engine at the same time that the audience could see that the champion Hou was flying backwards and soon landed, while the imperial armor was flying and the champion Hou was already flying to the middle and stagnant for a moment.