Leslie and Gwen looked at each other.


Gwen said, "On the 15th of May, Leslie and Peter and I are going to get familiar with the environment."
Kate nodded and said, "That just happens that my Washington apartment is relatively close to Georgetown. If you two little guys don’t like college dorms, come to my place."
Mark suddenly brightened up when he heard Kate’s words.
I just want to find out whether these two little guys are studying in Georgetown or hiding Aegis in Georgetown and see if they can come out to live.
By the way, are there any day students at Aegis College?
Leslie and Gwen smiled and didn’t comment on the spot.
after an hour
Celebrating the end of the dinner, everything seems to be calm.
Kate chose Mark Manor to take a rest after finishing her work in naval criminal investigative service. Maybe she will consider new york to find a job after the baby is born.
Leslie and Gwen get together every day, either to visit the library or to plan where to visit for the next two months.
Peter is still the same.
Indulge in the extraordinary heroic cause, from helping children resist villains to helping the police catch bank robbers …
Mark is busy with simple and complicated daily affairs as usual, and he is not tired of calling the Attorney General’s landline and personal messages three times a day, urging him to send a deputy director quickly.
As a result, Mark’s words were blacked out by the Ministry of Justice.
This is simply a magical exercise
Angry Mark wants to sue the Attorney General directly to the federal court.
Accusing the Attorney General violates the freedom of speech granted to citizens in the First Amendment to the Constitution …
Just as Mark was about to turn this idea into reality.
The attorney general’s secret called.
It is said that the deputy director has been selected and will be transported to new york’s office as soon as possible.
Only then did Mark feel that he had won a landmark victory. He silently let go of his mobile phone to call his private lawyer’s number …
When the new week comes
When Mark stepped out of the ladder, he saw the blonde coming from a distance and said, "The director and deputy director have already come to your office."
Mark’s eyes flashed.
Push the office door and look at someone sitting on the sofa
Mark was silent.