But for now, Ji Xinghe certainly won’t kill the enemy, and the fact is that Ji Xinghe’s style of play is the least loss except that Chen Xun represents the snipers.


But people change.
I’ve been fighting for more than 20 years, and it’s been more than five years since Ji Xinghe entered the war. It can be said that the empire is far away, and the old man who is said to want to destroy the empire most will not change?
Just say that Ji Xinghe has changed significantly this time.
"Commander, what do you think of this matter?"
Someone asked this question, which is very obvious and crucial. The federal military is composed of military forces from all continents. It is not too much to say that there are many factions because of the complicated composition and the establishment of too many war zones, especially after Andy resigned as commander-in-chief
Tuyuan theater is almost the same as Ji Xinghe theater.
"What do I think? Hehe, I want to add crimes. "
Someone plucked up courage and asked, "Is there any possibility that it is a rainy day?"
"It’s never too late to mend."
People understand that this is Tu Yuan’s official statement, and his statement will certainly be broadcast with his heart.
Someone thought of Tu Yuan’s summing up the sentence just now and asked, "What exactly is the sugar that General Ji wants? For the time being "
"Transition base" TuYuan answer tone is very decisive.
"But we are very passive about the transition base. The empire may close and destroy the second canyon transition base at any time. We can’t expect Dong Guo Cilian like the war mark canyon transition base."
Instead of answering, Tu Yuan asked a question, "What would you do if you were Emperor Wu III and had a certain understanding of the current federal situation?"
"Considering that a large number of nuclear weapons will trigger us to make nuclear weapons and will have an impact on the transition base, if I were Emperor Wu III, I would directly send the Royal Guards Camp without 300 Duke A independent regiments, which are no rivals."
"The duke of armour? General Ji kills as much as he can with his armor. "
"Empire really can’t shield gas Yu Jia can cause damage to the mecha? And general Ji, after all, is a person who wants the empire to send a number of prince armour to join forces to besiege general Ji, and general Ji will take care of the independent regiment. "
As he spoke, he just won the victory, and the Federation was like falling into a life and death.
But these strategies are really targeted.
People are worried that Ji Xinghe will kill the enemy by killing one thousand people, so they only want an’ antipyretic’, but for the empire, especially after the death of the King of the Quartet, many of them died in big noble, and these big noble private soldiers or those who could affect the troops were annihilated many times in the order of millions.
After the empire can kill one thousand enemies, it will lose a hundred ways to play. Considering that it can gain a longer life after having Qi power and still live for one or two hundred years, Emperor Wu III can even lose 999 ways to play.
The new empire bred by the most elite forces and richer resources in the ruins of the Federation and the empire will certainly be stronger than it is now.
TuYuan noncommittally listening to the men talk like waiting for something.
In World War II, the Ping An space battleship destroyed the Trident security company spacecraft that robbed Zhanli/was ordered to transfer Zhanli, which caused shock, but it has not dissipated. When various communications are constantly being established and the situation continues to spread,
Ji Xinghe once again made a decision that shocked people.