The equipment is already ready, and this is the first experiment.


However, the first prisoner who remained in a state of extreme anger quickly deteriorated due to nuclear radiation, and the second prisoner who remained in extreme fear even died suddenly.
Dr. Essen was a little flustered and said, "Maybe the radiation is too strong. I think we can take it step by step. Of course, I will continue to develop its emotional stimulation device."
"All right, you go do your research."
Xingyue drove away Dr. Essen, but didn’t let him take away his emotional device.
In addition to the prisoners, there are only Ji Xinghe and Xingyue left in the cell.
Real human experiments are now official.
Ji Xinghe took off his gloves and cloak and walked over with a prisoner like the moon and the stars catching chickens.
For the time being, Ji Xinghe stretched out his hand and pressed the man’s shoulder without making the emotional birth device.
Chapter 549 Colonel I’m sorry
Juanjuan stream gas along the Ji Xinghe hand into the bound prisoner’s body.
Frightened, he felt this magical warm current as if he had thought of something, and an epiphany appeared in his eyes.
"You are a horse Milky Way! You turned out to be Ji Xinghe? "
He shouted loudly, but now he is in a closed compartment, and his prisoners can’t hear or see him.
The design constraints of the moon and the stars are also perfect.
However, this state is obviously not suitable for Qi Ji Xing He, who can take off the metal mask to appease lightly.
"If the experiment is successful, you will be able to get gas power, which is enough to make your sins written off and become a federal hero.
Do you want to be a mech like me? "
The prisoner’s eyes were bursting with intense emotion, which was a strong desire to live, to be determined to be admired by thousands of people and then to do whatever he wanted.
At this moment, his thirst for gas is much more than the many mecha.
From a certain point of view, it is more effective for Ji Xinghe to show up and say a few words than it is for Dr. Essen to steal the top secret information and research results of several research institutions for nearly a year and then spend a lot of money to build an emotional stimulation device.
The trickle of qi did not bring harm to the prisoner. Now Ji Xinghe has been able to control the damage of qi well, and he can accurately control the treatment and healing.
Inexplicably, the prisoner had a feeling that he suddenly became stronger, which was not an illusion but a normal reaction after inflation.
Feeling that the prisoner’s endurance is higher than he expected, Ji Xinghe chose to increase his efforts.
He really has a lot of gas now.
Three times of nuclear explosion baptism made Ji Xinghe get gas power and rose to the fifth stage of Yuheng boundary level, which was equivalent to the imperial royal family practicing for 30 years after getting gas. The reference standard was killed by Li Yuanba.
Even after more than 30 years, the duke of the empire like Dong Guo Cilian can’t compare with Ji Xinghe after three nuclear explosions.
However, after reaching this state, Ji Xinghe had a short limit.
Until he returned to the blue star, what he saw and heard changed his mentality again, so he broke the limit in the past year and a half.
It can also be said to break through the bottleneck.