"Cheep!" was beaten at the door of the bar where they were talking. Several strong men in black leather jackets walked in slowly. The leader was a big bald man with a scar on his right cheek.


He came in and glanced at the bar. The original whispering department in the whole bar stopped, and soon he saw the lame dog.
Then I saw him walking straight towards the lame dog with a man. The bartender smiled and looked at the bald man coming silently. The lame dog bowed his head and drank his tequila silently.
"Red cloak, I haven’t seen you for a long time." The burly bald man sat down beside the lame dog and couldn’t hear the meaning and feelings.
The lame dog put his finger on the mouth of the glass. "Mr. Bonn, you are a big businessman. It is normal for you not to notice that snakes, insects, rats and ants like me can’t get into your eyes."
"Flag Mountain has buried 47 people with their own hands in red cloaks. Who dares to look down on it?" Yes, this strong man is Bonn, but he seems to have a hint of taste and no smile in his eyes. As always, he feels "look down on you. Everyone is dead."
The lame dog reacted completely to this. "That means I’m not that good, or I wouldn’t be mixed up until now."
"How easy do you want to eat?" Bonn stared at the lame dog and finally there was a slight fluctuation. "Follow my annual income and I will give you 10%."
The lame dog finally looked up at this time only to see him smiling at Bonn. "I’m afraid I can’t do it."
"You" A messenger behind Bonn was about to come out with a black face, but Bonn raised his hand and pressed it back. "Okay, the joke is over. Now I have something to ask you."
The lame dog also looked serious. "Go ahead."
"Have you noticed any strangers coming into town these days?" Bonn stared at the lame dog coldly. "Especially when I met a crocodile."
The lame dog seemed to recall it for a while and then shook his head gently. "You also know that what I do is to sell stolen goods and look unfamiliar. I dare not accept it."
"And I haven’t received any business for a long time," sighed the lame dog. "That’s why I’m here to try my luck, otherwise I’d probably still be guarding my stall."
Bonn did not move his eyes, but still stared at the lame dog coldly. "Are you sure you didn’t see it?"
"I’m sure" the lame dog didn’t avoid Bonn’s eyes, but Bonn said coldly, "Then someone told me that a stranger came to your shop recently."
The lame dog smiled. "Mr. Bonn, if you want to kill me, you don’t have to find any excuse to kill me directly here."
A word suddenly solidified the atmosphere at the scene.
Bonn stared at the lame dog coldly, and the lame dog didn’t avoid his eyes at all. He planned that the two of them would just look at each other coldly, and the whole bar atmosphere seemed to slowly condense.
"I’m just kidding you. It’s best if you don’t see it." Bonn suddenly smiled and his smile quickly converged. "But if you see it, remember to tell me and I’ll give you a reasonable reward."
After that, Bonn gulped down the tequila on the table. "Lame dog wine is on me."
"Thank you." The lame dog bowed slightly and expressed his thanks. Bonn nodded and left the bar with the people, just like when he came. A group of people just watched him leave like the wind.
But after Bonn left, people looked at the lame dog in a different way. There is no need to flatter the lame dog in Bonn, let alone fear the lame dog as a small fence. That means Bonn is telling the truth.
This seemingly insignificant guy once buried more than 40 people in Flag Mountain.
"Hey, buddy, Bonn, is this flattering?" The bartender walked over and poured a glass of tequila for the lame dog. "Maybe he really wants to attract you. It is said that he doesn’t have many people right now."
Lame dog hey hey smiled and drank all the tequila. "I’m old and scared to death. I can try not to take a gun. I picked up a gun and I don’t know when I died in it. I just earn a little money to live."
"It’s a sad story to watch yourself grow old." The bartender seems to be sad. "We are going to grow old after all."
Holding up the glass, the dog limped with a meaningful smile. "It is actually a kind of happiness to die of old age."
Chapter one hundred and fifty is coming to an end
"Click" Crow successfully broke the last enemy neck. He has forgotten which squad he ambushed and killed. Crow is very tired now, and there is a man-machine destroyed by him.
This is a man-machine flying team, and now Crow is focusing on killing these teams because he finds that these teams are weak in guard and self-protection ability, and their vigilance is not in place because of manpower problems.
This gave him a great opportunity to grope for a few energy bars from the body, bite and pour two crows into himself, and then he felt much more comfortable. Instead of staying, he packed up what he needed and quickly evacuated.
Those bottles of special hemostatic have long been exhausted, and now the wounds are covered with jumping and hemostatic powder to stop bleeding. Fortunately, there are many plants in the jungle that can achieve similar effects.
The crow carefully cleaned up his traces while evacuating. He was traced to the edge of the tree hole by the other party because he didn’t clean up some traces. If he hadn’t put up a warning, he might have fallen.
But even so, he was shot twice, and the bullet-proof board was smashed early. Fortunately, he was stripped of bullet-proof clothing from the other side, and two shots didn’t kill the crow, just making his ribs have some fracture marks.
Do a good job. The crow dare not exercise vigorously. If it were not such a good opportunity this time, he would never do it. In the short battle just ended, he killed five other people.
Two of them were man-machine operators, three were responsible for vigilance, three killed and two killed. This time, he didn’t even cut the other person’s head and write blood, but collected the materials and left in a hurry.
Crow also found that the encirclement has become more and more loose recently, and his activity area has become larger, and the number of man-machine and search teams has become less and less, which means that the other party seems to have given up.
Although I don’t know anything, the crow always feels that this matter will soon come to fruition.
A pure black on the outskirts of Paris, France
Reading in sections 565
A team of color SUVs is galloping along the road. There are six cars in front of and behind the team, and the last two are commercial cars. There are not many road cars, and occasionally one or two cars pass by.
In the penultimate car, Hou Dasheng closed his eyes, and now he is wearing a heavy protective suit. If anyone who knows the ropes sees it here, he will be surprised.
This set of things, even if it is announced by the US military, has just appeared in the pre-research stage, in which the power plant and closed cycle system have not been completely completed, which is the design concept and a preliminary sample.
However, such an external banker’s bone protective suit appeared in Hou Dasheng’s body.
"Didi’s man-machine team has found someone lurking at the exit about ten kilometers ahead, so we are now" Hou Dasheng, the author, with a light eye, "kill the past"
Without hesitation, the whole team seems to have already rehearsed, generally twisted into a rope and slowly left the main road and entered the auxiliary road, along which the team approached an exit.
Everything seems to be normal. It seems that several cars are being inspected by officials who refuse to stand up and hold guns.
The motorcade came slowly, about 50 meters near the exit, and they suddenly "squeaked" the door and "snapped" it. Groups of Han people suddenly rushed from the car.
On the other hand, I don’t know when the car roof was called, and a peripheral armor 134 was lifted up against the inspectors and the vehicles directly swept past.
The machine gun roared and instantly sounded, and a group of people appeared to be jumping out of the vehicle under inspection, and those inspectors tried to fight back quickly with their guns.
However, they are still 134 times slower. At this time, the life harvester sweeps past and people exposed to fire will be torn to pieces in an instant.
"We have two 5,000 rounds of ammunition boxes in 3 rounds." Hou Dasheng smiled. "Have a good taste, dog bastards."
"Bang, bang" sniper rifle gun sounded and hit the car "Dangdang" and at the same time, "tweet, tweet" screeched, and several rockets and missiles with tail flames burst out at the motorcade.
Pulling the door suddenly jumped out and the special pike was caught by Hou Dacheng in his hand. "Bang, bang, bang" was a burst of some blood that was blown out.
At the same time, the "bang" explosion sounded around him. Just now, the car where he was located was directly blown up. Fortunately, he rolled out and was far away. Otherwise, even the explosion shock wave was enough for him.
"Don’t give a signal until the dog chop suey is released," Hou Dacheng lightly ordered. Then he seemed to be walking in his back garden, holding the special gun.
Squatting in front of him, he found that the sniper position "bang bang" was three shots.
Obviously, the sniper of the other side was ready to evacuate after a blow missed. Unfortunately, Hou Dasheng played a bomb that seemed to be covered and directly exploded in his area.
Clouds of blood splashed up and said their field.
Those people who rushed out of what appeared to be inspection vehicles are now lying in a pool of blood, and their bodies are not armed, but they don’t even have a chance to shoot.