Kate "…"


Go home!
Mark had just turned the door from the inside when he saw Kate’s blinking eyelashes.
Kate said, "Are you serious? Mark Morningstar Louis? "
"… I’m serious if you don’t say my middle name."
Chapter 24 Coming to Aliens again
Mark is going to marry Kate.
Although Mark thinks he is a love rat, there is no rule that love rat is not allowed to get married …
Is the law fixed?
Yu Qin Grey, Julia Bev …
Mark thinks
It’s a good choice to leave it to post-mark!
And now
Mark doesn’t look at it for a thousand years …
Kate looked at Mark for a full minute, then suddenly smiled and said, "Mark, I know you have a lot of secrets, but I hope that when we walked into the church, we were intimate. I said that I can wait until the day when you open your heart to me. Mark, the morning star Louis …"
Say that finish Kate affectionate kiss and then turned and walked towards the stairs.
Left in the same place, lost in thought. Mark was alone!
Just three days after Christmas.
Mark at New York Airport glanced at the boarding gate not far away and said, "Just because Di Gibbs doesn’t need a holiday alone doesn’t mean others don’t need it."
Kate laughed and took Mark’s bag and said, "Gibbs is the boss, and … Abby was called back to work overtime by Gibbs yesterday."
Mark has some nai.
But who keeps the crime rate high here?
Yesterday, a naval officer at Norfolk Naval Base suddenly died at the back door of a nightclub.
The victim was a naval station …
As far as Gibbs is concerned, whoever dares to rob his case will dare to kill him!
You know!
Secretary of the navy, come and walk. Gibbs is standing still!
A long time!
Kate and Mark came with her to send her dressed as beautiful as a porcelain doll. Lailisi hugged her and said, "Goodbye Lailisi!" "
Mark sighed gently after watching the plane to Washington hold its head high and fly into the blue sky!
Next to Leslie, she glanced at her debut. "The proposal failed?"