Who am I?


How did I fly?
Look up again
A great suction can’t be helped. It is produced in the mouth of the gourd.
"Let me go"
"damn it"
"I’m Megatron. I …"
Megatron struggled fiercely.
Weaponization of body
All kinds of attacks are aimed at the gourd without leaving a hand.
The gourd material is also presented in the eyes of Megatron Data.
Question marks and unknowns filled his analytic data network.
Megatron felt a great fear in this gourd.
Mark stood still.
To show his respect for Megatron, Mark held out his right palm to strengthen his mind shield.
Wave after wave, the mind mask wanders like ripples.
But Megatron is still desperate.
The suction of gourd is not reduced.
Megatron saw that he had collapsed into a line and fell into greater inexplicable fear.
Just then.
Simmons made two dry calls, and it seemed that he was annoyed at the sound of gunfire in his ear.
The gate of NBE1 base suddenly rang.
Above the head is the vibration falling dust.
Simmons’ heart struggled violently
Is it a death fight?
Or …
The gate rang again, and the cracked gate spread.
One second
Simmons roared during the event, "Everybody withdraw."
"Roger that!"
Simmons voice has not fallen around the soldiers is already up.
There is nothing wrong with them being soldiers.
But they are also flesh and blood.
Flesh and blood against mechanical life?
No matter how you look at it, you feel that this is a losing situation.
They are not stupid.
Many soldiers have been thinking about how to bring themselves back to life if Simmons doesn’t say retreat.
As Simmons boarded the jeep, he galloped away toward another satin emergency evacuation passage connecting the Black Gorge.
What are you paying attention to at this time?
Run first.
They are paid to work, and the price is marked.
It’s not him. What …
Just then.
Dizzy break into houses
Half of the body has entered the gourd Megatron with four eyes facing each other.