Disturbed by rumors, Yuan Ling had to withdraw his spiritual master who was out of chaos.


After all, there have been rumors that he wants to control the chaotic tomb and keep people here, which is not a good thing for the name of the special investigation bureau.
one month
Yuantian never leaves the entrance of the library except the toilet and necessary communication.
After the death of He Li’s bone, his boundary disappeared. Anyone who wants to enter the chaotic boundary can find the location of the vault.
Yuan Tian sat on the cliff in front of the entrance to the vault for a month.
He took a fire-attribute lingshi and a thunder-attribute lingshi in the vault.
This month, he transformed two psychic guns according to the concept of Nangong Dust. Now, there will be no energy loss when these two guns shoot fire attributes and thunder attributes.
It is …
He looked at the pot of mysterious soul flowers in front of him and said that the soul of Nangong dust was in the flowers.
He waters the mysterious soul flower every day, and it still withers, just like the Nangong dust that breaks the soul. I wonder if there will be a chance to come back again.
He modified his gun during the day and sat in the cold wind at night to practice.
Somehow, my body is always tired these days, and my heart is always full of paralysis and pain.
Yuan Tian took the kettle aside and drank saliva. When the paralysis faded, he just wanted to continue practicing. Suddenly he saw a group of spiritual teachers coming in the distance.
The secret service withdrew the spiritual masters guarding the chaotic world, and they can naturally enter the chaotic world.
The first spiritual master, he recognized Wu Feng Chu.
She followed dozens of spiritual masters, one of whom was an elderly spiritual master Yuan Tian, who had compiled a strong record of his face in Hualing Academy.
-Wu Wenbo, the head of the Wu family and grandfather of Feng Chu.
Yuan Tian did not move to put the mysterious soul flower behind him. "What’s up?"
Wu Feng Chu sneered, "There is a great uproar in the spiritual world that Ying Taotao imprisoned his younger brother after the death of Ming Zhong. I want to see the wind or you hand over Ying Taotao."
Yuan day unceremoniously mocking "why don’t you teach me how one spiritual teacher can imprison three spiritual teachers? It’s better to be generous enough to admit that high-sounding excuses to cover up your ulterior motives will make you look stupid, miss witch. "
"You-"Wu Feng Chu’s face is full of anger and his left hand is lit with a flame.
Wu Qianlong grabbed her and whispered in her ear, "Yuan Tian is the brother and sister of the director of the Special Bureau. You can’t hurt him."
Wu Feng Chu’s arrogance subsided after hearing the words of the Special Bureau. She suppressed her anger. "I’m not here to find you. I’m here to get back the title deed of the Wu family. Give me the title deed in response to Taotao’s request, and then let me see that the wind is not restricted. I’ll leave at once."
"The title deed is that the witch family lost to Taotaomingzhong people. Why didn’t you see the witch family coming at that time? And brother, how is it that the witch family is not involved in the chaotic burial? "Yuan Tian slowly got up with a gun in each hand." I don’t want you to break in? "
Wu Feng Chu "should peach peach original design cheated Wu home title deed that is my Wu home things in the wind what injury can be in a coma for a month? Points are to make excuses for Taotao’s own ambitions. "
Yuan Tian sneered, "Are you Taotao?"
He has been hanging out with Duan for a while, and he still owes something to talk about. "Is it true that if I don’t be a bell ringer, your fantasy of Mrs. Bell ringer can’t be realized?" In fact, whether you are a bell ringer or not, there is nothing inevitable about whether you are a bell ringer or not. I just don’t like you. "
Wu Feng Chu clench fist "you, you are a special agent, I dare not touch you? When I rescue him from that woman, the spiritual world will know that I am right. "
She said that regardless of the spiritual master behind her to stop a flame from shooting rapidly toward Yuan Tian.
Yuan Tian quickly manipulated the flying wing and shot at Wu Feng Chu at the same time.
Wu Feng Chu knows that he is a half-spiritual master, or else he will be shot at.
She didn’t realize that something was wrong until she was hedged by Fuan in the flame Yuan Tian gun.
How can half a spiritual teacher have such a powerful force?
That day LeiFu directly through the Wu Feng Chu flame extremely fast towards her.
Wrapped in thunder, Wu Feng Chu was paralyzed and trembled at that moment.
Of course, half a spiritual master has such a powerful force, but Yuantian is not an ordinary half-plant.
His gun was made after several years’ transformation, and it was also embedded with Shifangpu and a rare stone in the outside world.
The "bullet" in the gun was painted by Yuan Ling himself. Just before the ofuda was worn out, two witch Feng Chu’s theories could not be three Yuan Ling’s opponents.
An old hand with a fire fell on Wu Feng Chu’s shoulder, and her body was instantly dispelled by Leili.
Wu Wenbo is a strong man who recorded five spiritual teachers.
He flicker in front of Yuan Tian.
When one strain has little response to five strains of Yuantian
He felt that his gun appeared in Wu Wenbo’s hand in a second, and it was his flying wing that the gun was unloaded together.
Wu Wenbo, "Special Bureau kid?"
He looked at Yuan Tian’s equipment in his hand with great interest as "very interesting".
Yuan Tian was so angry when he saw that he didn’t want to return. "Do you want to be shameless when the old man fights?"
"This is not a junior matter," Wu Wenbo said. "I have known Bell for many years. He passed away. I am responsible for him to eliminate the hidden dangers of chaos. When I was young, I studied in Hualing Institute and the Special Bureau. I was a good friend in my class. I am your elder. You shouldn’t talk to me like that."
"Friendship with the bell ringer for many years is to rob the chaotic tomb after his death? Are you friends with the evil spirit, or do you bully the young and the old and despise bullying his children? You ask them first whether they admit that you and they are good friends. Bah! "
Yuan days the words sound just fell and was Wu Feng Chu a feet chuai in the chest.
He flew out and fell to the ground.
"How dare you talk to my grandfather like that?"
"He is your grandfather and not my grandfather. Do you need me to respect the old?"
Yuan days clutching his chest to climb from the ground up.