Lu Chen found a place where others brushed the waist tag after entering from a distant room, so the array at the door of the house was opened to isolate the sound and movement outside. This is to avoid being influenced by the martial arts god’s brother’s cultivation process and become possessed.


In addition, this circle can also stop certain attacks, at least the strength of this layer of people is difficult to break.
When Zongmen grew up, everything was armed, and Shenshan attached great importance to cultivating the safety of important places.
Lu Chen sat cross-legged, took out the soul stone and held his palm, and gradually adapted to this pressure and entered the state of practice.
He is preoccupied with sharpening his mind, speeding up the rise of spiritual attributes, and at the same time being distracted from studying the mysteries of martial arts.
The elder once said that if the practice is martial arts, the world can live for thousands to 10 thousand years.
This is a leap-forward life increase, which not only means digital change, but also means the thickness of life source.
Of course, this Shou Yuan is only available in this era.
A life span of 1,000 to 10,000 years is comparable to that of the emperor, but I don’t have that strength.
All people live a long life because of the abundant material for longevity in their hometown at this time.
If it weren’t for the secret blood fighters, I wouldn’t have any pressure to live for tens of thousands of years.
It can reach the peak of the world, and the history of the strong people at that level is usually more than 30 thousand years old
People’s life span is influenced by the immortal material of heaven and earth, but people’s basic life span still depends on their own state
Lu Chen speculated that if he can absorb the essence of martial arts nerve to solve the problem of the longevity of secret blood fighters, he can also practice the effect of Zhengwu nerve to achieve the goal of longevity
Even if I return to the world in the future, I will have at least two thousand years to live.
At the same time, 49 Daoyin in Sendai emerged and circled around the red and golden villain like stars.
Just like Lu Chen, the crimson little man stared at those Taoist seals with a pair of eyes and felt the mystery of Emperor Tao’s laws.
The soul is like a knife, the spirit is more and more sharp, the spirit is like the original stone, it is more and more clear, and the flesh is like a root, absorbing the aura from the earth and nourishing it.
When the martial arts nerve was running, Lu Chen once again heard the voice from Archaean times. He saw that God was dead and nailed, and the towering stone wall was spurned by thousands of people.
Crows stay on his shoulders and peck at his flesh and blood. Vultures hover high and make a chilling cry.
In nine days, there was an indifferent voice that read the trial "The great sinner will fall into eternal curse …"
The picture keeps fanning the stone wall, and the body has been mummified. After years and vicissitudes, all souls revile him and sleep quietly because he has passed away.
But the resentment is getting stronger and stronger, like the snow gradually rising in the mountain area. As the years pile up and get higher, it will one day melt into the frenzy of devouring the world.
"Do you regret it?"
Lu Chen heard a sound like a figure walking in front of the stone wall and looked at the mummy hanging there and sighed.
He couldn’t see the figure clearly, and even the sound was hazy. When he tried to see the man clearly, all the pictures collapsed.
What followed was a method to curb rage and resentment, which rose from every living unit of his limbs like several erupting volcanoes
The poor power seems to gush, but it is trapped by a chain of shackles, which is a curse power.
In Lu Chen’s conscious state, the martial arts nerve chanting scripture sounded in his small room, and the strange chanting sounded in his body, but five illusory gods were born in his Taoist palace.
The method of covering the sky and burying the gods and stars has shown signs of integration at this moment.
Lu Chen dimly heard the sound of chains cracking, and the secret blood of his body was undergoing a strange transformation from the root of life. In Archaean times, he cursed and resisted Gao’s judgment on this pulse
I don’t know when Liu Chen has stopped practicing soul and mind and devoted himself to the realization of Wu nerve.