The figure flashed, and the three avatars disappeared. At the same time, they appeared in front of Taibai Venus, who was already stunned. A solemn smile "Hey, Taibai Venus, it’s your turn!"


Chapter three hundred and fifty-two The truth
"You haven’t seen you for days. How did you suddenly become so fierce? A hundred heavenly soldiers and generals have no chance to fight back? !” Taibai Venus was surprised by the difference between what he saw and what he saw before the nine-fold strength, which was simply not the same.
"Hum, being old is a veritable fairy now!" Nine heavy while not hiding the fact that he is now a god-level combat power, while hostile towards Taibai Venus.
"What do you want to do? I am the messenger of the Jade Emperor. How dare you disrespect me? !” An old face of Taibai Venus suddenly changed color at the words of Jiuzhong "a veritable fairy"
"Hey, what do you say? !” Nine-faced Sen smiled. "You brought the heavenly soldiers to be slaughtered by the old man. You have already married the heaven. If you don’t lose your temper and expand the old man, of course, you must kill people and exterminate the roots!"
"Li Tianwang this Wynaut Wolf ambition is not quick to escape him? !” Taibai Venus suddenly looked at Jiuzhong and shouted behind him.
"This old help food is here? !” Nine heavy smell speech twist a head to look back only to see a crow "quack" cried slowly from the fly.
"His mother dare to shake some old? !” Jiuzhong didn’t expect this Taibai Venus to look like a nice guy, but he still had this skill to beat geese for many years. It is conceivable that Jiuzhong turned around angrily and wanted to settle accounts with Taibai Venus, only to find that Taibai Venus had already driven Xiangyun away.
"Want to run? Which is so easy? !” Killing the heavenly soldiers today will never be a good thing. If you don’t lose your manners, you will be covered up! Nine times instantly entered the state of "rapid speed", and the figure flashed and disappeared in place for a moment. It had already appeared several miles away, and China, the DPRK, and the Taibai Venus chased after it.
Jiuchong chased Taibai Venus back from the square as usual, and everyone’s eyes fell on the center of the square. Just now, there were several pieces of equipment that exuded precious light in the place where the nine major moves "Thousands of Killing Meteor Showers" were baptized.
At this time, the eyes of the masses were fully displayed. Everyone saw that these pieces of equipment in the pit were artifact-level Dongdong.
Artifact! Looking at the scattered artifacts in the field, everyone around the square swallowed their water and their eyes were bigger.
Apple is not surprised by this. Hell’s crazy flower can already build artifact-level equipment. This artifact naturally has no such great impact and attraction to him.
Before strolling, pick up a few pieces of artifact-level equipment in the disorder pit. Apple always remembers to announce the madness of hell. The artifact in the hand shook indifferently to everyone present. "I’m not too surprised. It’s very common to spend money in hell! Now you are all a sacred alliance, and everyone has a chance to get the artifact if you are willing to work hard! "
"To follow the holy leader! !” Apple deeply bribed people’s hearts and lured them to follow Jiuchong with all their heart.
Outside the misty city, Wan Li is high in the vast sea of clouds.
Venus, too white, tried her best to eat milk, and drove her way to heaven in Xiangyun.
Following behind Taibai Venus, Jiuchong pursued it as if it were teleporting, and its figure kept flashing. Every time it flashed, the distance between Taibai Venus narrowed, and the distance between the two sides was shrinking.
Taibai Venus keeps looking back while driving the clouds. Now, in the eyes of Taibai Venus, Jiuzhong has changed from a famous pawn to a generation of demons who kill without batting an eye. Now, this murderous demon is reaching his claws closer and closer, and he really feels the threat of death.
"Old miscellaneous hair old see you where to run today? ! You ran to the ends of the earth and always caught you back! " Jiuzhong puts mental pressure on Taibai Venus while chasing behind.
"FuMo big fairy you said you and I are in the fairy class with courtiers bitter kill each other is the same root fry too hard! Let’s talk it over! " Too white Venus pathetic way
"Well, then stop and we’ll have something to talk about!"
"Let’s not talk about it here. We can talk about it in heaven!" Far from slowing down, Xiangyun, the foot of Taibai Venus, gritted her teeth a little bit.
"Still dare to run? ! Give me a hard drink! !” Jiuzhong once again accelerated the "fast" state to the limit, and after several flashes, he crossed the distance between the two and came behind Taibai Venus like a chicken. He grabbed Taibai Venus by the neck. "Do you want to run another one? !”
"Me, me!" Taibai Venus was really obedient and drove Xiangyun forward for some distance, but Jiuchong was in a relatively static state. No matter how he ran, he couldn’t escape from Jiuchong’s clutches. Finally, he gave up stopping Xiangyun. "Fumo Daxian saw that we had a friendship before our ministers, and we must live around the old man!"
Jiuzhong’s heart is funny. I didn’t expect Taibai Venus in the game to be designed as such a bad old man who is afraid of death. "If you want to live, you should honestly explain to the Jade Emperor that you called me into heaven this time." !”
"Well, it’s nothing!" Taibai Venus rolled her eyes and said, "It’s just that the enchanted Great Immortal missed you for many days. I specially called you to heaven to catch up with you!"
"Syria fart old all day thinking about how to pit old bastard old what’s the old good Syria with him? !” Jiuzhong’s eyes flickered at Taibai Venus, and he knew that the youngest son was not telling the truth. "How dare you wander around here at this time? I have to say that you are really tired of living!"
Say round arm bridle Taibai Venus neck. If your arms are strong, you will abruptly twist Taibai Venus neck.
Taibai Venus looks at me. Grandmother, this ancestor is a living beast. "Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, slow down! I said! !”
"Hurry up!"
"Hey, good!" After a pause, Taibai Venus swallowed water. "Actually, this is the way it is. Didn’t you encounter an ambush of ten arhats from Buddhism when you left heaven? Ten arhats killed Erlang Zhenjun, a roaring dog. When he came back to learn this news, he was furious and asked the jade emperor to crusade against Buddhism, but the jade emperor didn’t promise the result, and Erlang Zhenjun went to destroy dozens of Buddhist Buddha arhats privately to vent his anger! This matter was known by Buddhists that the Tathagata Buddha personally asked the jade emperor to hand over Erlang Zhenjun!
Of course, it is impossible for the Jade Emperor to give Jiro Zhenjun to him, so there was a big fight between the two sides, and a big fight broke out in the Buddhist temple in heaven! This time, both sides of the century’s big firefight played a real fire, which was called a tragic one. When a firefight came, both sides would lose their strength.
After the firefight, the two sides finally calmed down and realized that it would be a lose-lose situation to fight again, and they were willing to compromise with each other, so Buddhism found an excuse to say that the roaring dog was you and the culprit was you! If I want to kill you, I can calm the two sides down and make peace again!
The jade emperor also accepted this suggestion, so he sent me hehe! "Taibai Venus timidly rushed nine smiled.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-three Brainwashing
"The Jade Emperor, an old helper!" Jiuzhong indignantly said, "He will feel uncomfortable if he doesn’t count the old one day!"
"Well, the jade emperor’s old man’s house is also thinking of the overall situation. You should be considerate of his good intentions!" Taibai Venus took the road for the Jade Emperor.
"His heart is bitter, my ass!" Nine heavy mercilessly stared at Taibai Venus, so scared that Taibai Venus shrank its neck and immediately shut up.
"Want to take old when sacrifice which have so easy? !” Nine eyes rolling around "since you don’t want to hit that old one, you will be tempted to make you fight to death!" It’s best to lose both sides and burn everything. When the time comes, Lao Liantian will bring you a spoonful of stew with Buddhism! "
“!” Listening to Jiuzhong talking to himself, it’s too white, Venus’s cold sweat is straight from the heart. This guy is definitely a disaster!
"Come with me to heaven!" It was agreed that Jiuchong would pick up Taibai Venus and head for heaven, but then he stopped to look at Taibai Venus in his hand.
Taibai Venusians are old and sophisticated, but they don’t know what Jiuzhong is thinking. "Don’t be afraid of the magic fairy. Don’t worry, you didn’t hear a word you just said!"
"Half sentence didn’t hear that you are listening to a sentence? !”
"No, no, no,no. How? You’re a demon. Did you just say something? Why didn’t I hear anything? !” Taibai Venus asked seriously.
Nine heavy funny in my heart continued, "what happened to those mountain soldiers who were killed by the old in the ethereal city?" !”
"Mountain day will be how you nullify? !” Taibai Venus flatly said, "They were ambushed and killed by the Buddhist Buddha Lohan!"
"Hum, you are well-informed!" When I heard that Venus Taibai knew so much, I wanted to let Venus Taibai go, but suddenly I saw a flicker of cunning in Venus Taibai’s eyes and changed my mind. "I still think the dead are the most reliable!" "
"No, no, no!" Taibai Venus was so scared that she grabbed her nine arms with both hands, so she didn’t shed a snot and a tear. "You can’t kill me, you big fairy!" I’m the special envoy sent by the Jade Emperor to call you. Those heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals can’t go back. If I can’t go back, and no one will testify for you, you can’t wash it even if you jump into the Yellow River! "