To be exact, it should be February 1st, two thousand nine.


early morning
Mark took the coffee handed by Pepper and said "thank you" with a smile.
Pepper smiled.
Tony, who was sitting opposite Mark, looked at Mark with gloating eyes and then tried to make a face. "Seriously, how long are you going to stay here this time?"
Mark took a sip of his coffee and looked up. "It’s estimated to take a day at the shortest."
"… what’s the longest?"
"I’m going to change the style of my sleeping room. Personally, I like the European style that shows luxury."
Tony listened to Mark’s declaration that he was going to live for a generation and immediately rolled his eyes at Mark.
Because of this suit monster, it was said that the Christmas trip went up in smoke.
If that’s all, it’s not necessary to travel at Christmas, so you can spend the time alone with Pepper’s family.
But what happened?
Mark came to his side twice in three days to spend the night. After that, he just ate him. He didn’t hesitate to write down some things to buy in the refrigerator. What’s more, the amount of wine in the basement is decreasing day by day …
Tony is even more angry at the thought of it.
Pepper winked at Mark and asked curiously, "We didn’t live in harmony before, and I thought they had a good relationship when we went shopping with Kate, Alice and Lill."
Mark looked up and twitched slightly at Pepper’s mouth.
After Mark hung Edward in the sun, the scene was harmonious when Mark left Fox Town.
Even after Mark brought Lille back to the castle, Kate and Lille got along in a harmonious atmosphere. That night, Mark was directly rushed to the guest room to take Eva Kate and Lille to live in the same room directly.
To be honest, at that time, Mark was really awakened by Kate, and the ancient women in the East should think of the virtues of you.
But after one night, the painting style suddenly changed.
Mark was directly isolated.
But also isolated by two first love girlfriends and now fiancee.
Mark crashed on the spot.
Mark was surprised to find that Kate, Alice and Lille had all stayed at Mark Manor after Mark made a fuss and restarted the operation line.
quite a while
Pepper told Happy to look after him and ran to the backyard lawn early in the morning. When Morgan heard this, he was even more puzzled. "So you haven’t figured out what Kate is thinking?"
Mark nodded somewhat depressed.
Tony sipped coffee next to him and once again said mercilessly, "Look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to pay maintenance."
"… Tony" Pepper glanced at him unhappily. Tony didn’t see that Mark is like this now. Friends should encourage comfort, not poison words.
Mark glanced directly at Tony who said something sarcastic.
Hmm. How interesting
Is he worried about support?
If support can solve things, it’s not a matter.
Mark is not short of money.
ground beetle
Mark’s worry is that with his extraordinary divination of Lille continuing to flow to the extraordinary world, it will not be long before the extraordinary population of new york City will exceed four digits, and then Mark will be able to meet an ex-girlfriend by walking ten steps down the street.
That scene.
Every time I think about this scene since I came back from Fox Town, Mark’s hair stands on end.
Pepper put her long hair in her ear and asked curiously, "What was the reason for being driven out yesterday?"
Mark a faint sigh "piano"
"Is that Ms. Jean Grey from Xavier Genius College?" Pepper asked curiously, "I heard that mutants have disappeared for four or five years. Some people say that mutants have left the earth. Some people say that mutants naturally died. At that time, some lawmakers pointed their finger at the East, thinking that they helped mutants escape."
Mark smiled.
Time is the most forgetful
In less than four or five years, it seems that mutants have become talking here.
Mark wanted to shake his head and said, "Jean went to the manor to find me early yesterday morning. As a result, Kate, Alice and Lill heard that I once sent Jean a dimension to live in. Isn’t that …"
"dimension?" Tony frowned. "Is it similar to the world where wizards live in England?"
Mark nodded.
Tony said, "No wonder the military didn’t find a mutant who had been exposed when it moved satellites. It turned out to be in another world."
Pepper shook his head and asked, "That’s not right. If so, Kate won’t have to kick you out."
Mark’s face smiled Shanshan.
Pepper’s expression at Mark suddenly became strange.