Smell speech Iijima help left the pie mouth disdain and said, "Don’t worry, Shan Jun, according to the information sent by my classmates in the sea, their captain is stronger. You know that China people care about ranking this thing. They have a professional ranking institution called the Hall of Fame, which has various models and various roles."


"It’s ridiculous that in this flurry team, their captain got a witch Nana’s first place over several other people. I looked at it and didn’t even go to the leaderboard. They were simply the weakest team in China!" Iijima help very sure said
Mountain dragon a smell speech is not a bright at the moment "oh? Then we are really lucky in that case! Haha, this team is so weak, but yesterday they were the least soft people. Well, there is an old saying that is very accurate. It seems that this flurry team belongs to this team. Haha! "
"Well, I’m ashamed that such a team is not worthy of being a respectable opponent!" Iijima help disdain said
Poor him, where will he know the real reason why the other three members of the flurry team are not on the celebrity list? Mo Tianyuan ignored the list for academic reasons in the past year, but Xiaojun and Sun Yue didn’t want to be too high-profile, because the ordinary audience would know that they would inevitably surround the Hall of Fame, which is really against the low-key score …
As soon as they saw the opposite team, the young man who talked back to himself and bet yesterday came out first. He knew that the young man was not a famous captain of the flurry team, but he was even overjoyed.
Ha ha! You were the youngest in the first game! Since you are so generous, I’m sorry for our agreement if I don’t teach you a lesson!
After reading this, he rushed to the front desk and didn’t discuss with several people in the team. First, he wanted to win the game from Mo Tianyuan by his own means to teach this young man who spoke loudly yesterday a lesson. Secondly, he also avoided colliding with the captain of the high-flying team in Iijima’s mouth because he felt that the talent was the strongest among the high-flying teams, and the young man who appeared in the first game was just a weak and arrogant generation.
Such a person is just the most suitable to teach a lesson.
See Shanlong a stage Iijima help and another player’s face has not changed, but Wu Teng even secretly left the pie mouth.
"oh! This guy is quite good at picking the weakest opponent … "
Tai Mo Tianyuan looked at the other side of Shanlong with a smile on his face, picked his eyebrows and didn’t speak because he was afraid that he said the opposite guy didn’t know how to play the lute to a cow, so it would be better to save a little effort.
"We saw that Mo Tianyuan was the first player in the flurry team, and Ming Shanlong, the first player in the samurai team, was not introduced too much. I think everyone already knew that Yu Shanlong was the first player in the samurai team, and his highest strength reached more than 70,000 meters, which was terrible …" Ye Yumeng explained.
Hearing the explanation, he explained his powerful horse strength to the audience in China. Shan Long’s mouth became warped, and he felt that with his strength, many audiences would be shocked.
Hehe, China’s little commentary doesn’t even bother to explain your strength. How big can you be?
Shanlong looked at Mo Tianyuan’s face, and the corners of the mouth of Gujingbo were indifferent. He felt that although he was not in the bureau, he was already in the momentum and overwhelmed the opposite China.
However, he didn’t realize that many viewers at this time were startled to look at each other after hearing Xie’s speech, and then laughed in succession. "Haha! It’s hilarious! I can achieve such a little strength! "
"Yes, the farthest distance of more than 70,000 meters is really not a high level. If you can reach that distance on average, it is barely like that."
"How strong is the team that came to me today? Now seeing that their captains are at this level, it must be even worse for other players among them!"
"Uh-huh! I was just worried about the flurry team. Now it seems that my worry is superfluous! "
The hum of the station came to Shanlong’s ear intermittently. He was still an audience, and he was excited when he cheered on his own strength …
Hey, hey, it seems that where the strong are always the most respected.
With a happy mood, he bowed slightly to Mo Tianyuan and immediately went to his seat in the competition. When Mo Tianyuan saw this, he also picked his eyebrows and said nothing and went to the platform.
Hehe, this kid’s manners are quite thoughtful, but even so, can I be merciful to you?
64 Chapter 64 Jin Liang Xiao Shuai+Flying Clouded Leopard!
It’s time to come to Shanlongyi and directly lock his equipment combination in the face of "Qitian Dasheng+Little Sheep"!
This combination is his favorite set of equipment, not only because this combination has a high score after matching with Captain Bear, but also because Monkey King likes a China character very much. After coming to China, he was recommended by his classmates to watch The Journey to the West’s TV play, and he was amazed at his heart. Those movies and TV shows in his country were simply weak!
The protagonist of Journey to the West, Qi Tian Da Sheng, has also become a classic character in his heart. First, he will take it as his own life after running in a cool way every day, and it is really handy through long practice.
After determining his own equipment, he is setting his sights on Mo Tianyuan, who is sitting opposite.
However, this look at his face is not big! Because he saw that the equipment selected by Mo Tianyuan was actually a combination of "Jin Liang Xiao Shuai+Feitian Yunbao+Flora+Clown Bear"!
Jin Liang Xiao Shuai is a cool running center line. Soon, a four-jump character has a full-scale 13-level self-summoning golden gun Xiao Shuai or platinum Xiao Shuai skills. Xiao Shuai will have their abilities and summon Xiao Shuai players. At present, Xiao Shuai has the same level of full-scale stamina. Cool Xiao Shuai skills cool down at 41: 1 and last for 15 seconds.
These skills sound good, but in Shanlongyi’s view, this skill root is nothing! Whether it’s the Golden Gun Handsome or the Platinum Handsome, it’s not so good to add them to Chengdu. Can it be said that calling them out at the track will increase their achievements?
The most important thing is that this character’s life-saving effect is very general! In case there is any problem on the track, you should not call it Tian Lu and Di Men.
On weekdays, he hasn’t seen many classmates play this role, so at the moment, I feel that Mo Tianyuan will take this role out, which is simply that there is no feeling of eggs except B.
"Hey, hey, I’m afraid you’ll have to cry when you make any mistakes on the track but don’t have life-saving skills." Shan laughed.
However, Mo Tianyuan doesn’t think so. Although it is not so good to summon Golden Gun Handsome and Platinum Handsome, it seems to him that Jin Liang Handsome still has a very powerful new role.
Jing Bao and Qi Tian Da Sheng are equally energetic and cool, and Xiao Shuai is also a character who can maximize points in super rewards. Although his life-saving ability is not so good, the bonus effect in super rewards is actually quite acceptable.
As for the mount Feitian clouded leopard that he selected, it is also a first-line mount. Soon, the new mount Feitian clouded leopard has more colorful patterns and a pair of white wings than Flash Leopard. The most important point is that it can kill most mounts at present.
Flying clouds and leopards, with their own skills, have a flying star score bonus of 35% and can generate special balloons. Players can not only get extra points after eating balloons at the track, but also have special effects. Yunbao Cao feels very elegant and has enemies. Compared with the frozen Wolf King, it seems that it feels better, not as heavy as the Wolf King Cao Cao.
In this game, Mo Tianyuan selected the elf clown bear, which has been highly regarded as an elf since its appearance.
The clown bear’s basic attribute destroys obstacles, and the entrance effect is added with 22 points for every obstacle destroyed, and the non-entrance effect is added with 4 points. These destructible obstacles include baffles, flash monsters, spikes, etc. There are two ways to destroy obstacles: giant state destruction and sprint state destruction, that is to say, in the track, whether it is giant state or sprint state, if you can destroy obstacles, you can get corresponding points.
The appearance of clown bear makes Nana and Shuixingbao, who are about to fall into the second-line sprint, rise again! It is making these sprint finals add points on the track once again! Some people even call it captain bear and green light bear, and call it the three strongest elves in the cool running every day!
Even though Jin Liang Xiao Shuai’s original life-saving skills are not high, he can make the score on the track reach a rather scary level after matching the combination of Flying Clouded Leopard, Flora and Clown Bear. According to the score ratio of meter games, this combination can almost reach 1:7. The conversion ratio can be called horrible! And if it is settled into the final settlement, it will be higher …
The audience couldn’t help but shine at the sight of this combination brought out by Mo Tianyuan, because this is the first time they have seen a player in the competition to make this equipment!
In the past competition, players will choose some equipment that is more routine and takes longer to practice. When making new equipment, it is dangerous because of discomfort, but it is really rare for players to come up with three latest equipment directly like Mo Tianyuan.
The audience’s expectation for the game was once again ignited by this combination in his hand …
"We see that now both players have adjusted their own equipment for this game. The combination selected by Shanlong I is the combination of Qitian Dasheng, Little Sheep, Flora and Captain Xiong, while the equipment selected by Mo Tianyuan is the combination of Jinliang Xiaoshuai, Feitian Yunbao and Flora Clown Bear. From the point of view of bonus effect, these two combinations seem to be stronger than Mo Tianyuan’s players. However, from the perspective of life-saving effect, it is suspected that the effect of Qitian Dashengshan players is better. "
During this period, Ye Yumeng also did no less than cool running homework every day, and mastered the hidden attributes of each element of the game. It seems that she has unconsciously become a fairly stable professional knowledge. Plus her experience in explaining those large-scale events before, it can be said that in a period when no one noticed, she completed the natural transformation from large-scale competitive commentary to mobile competitive commentary.
This also made many of her former fans secretly relieved.
Fortunately, Meng Jie deserves to be a strange theory in the commentary field, which kind of game project seems to be in her hands like a duck to water.
However, they didn’t see how much this beautiful girl silently paid behind the stage …