In the fifth stage, a copy of the secret medicine needs millions of contributions to exchange crystals for real waves, and its effect is far less than that of this stone in his hand.


He hasn’t seen the sixth stage secret medicine, but he’s sure it won’t be more effective than the secret blood bodhi old zu wants this stone.
"Get it. I’m going to call the Lingta to close. You follow me and be honest."
After Lu Chen returned to the room, he taught Xiao Jinlong that this guy was not at all upset and angry. He had never seen Xiao Jinlong practice seriously every day except playing, eating and sleeping, but his strength was still growing rapidly.
Is this real dragon thing like this? Need to eat, drink and grow up?
"Ow ~"
Xiaojinlong shows a clever appearance, but his eyes are going round and round, and it is obvious that his heart is still dishonest.
Lu Chen couldn’t help it. He thought about asking Tianhua Lu to take care of Xiaojinlong, but the elder said he had other important things to find the elder martial sister, but she didn’t know what to do when she was out.
Lu Chen really didn’t want to bring Xiao Jinlong to call Lingta. He had to pay double for bringing a "pet".
Dragon day doesn’t take Xiaojin. He knows how many bills Gefeng will make for himself.
"Brother Chu, how are you?"
Lu Chen and Chu Hanglian heard about the things outside, and the star might have to fight against the ancient Star Wars. The Lord of Chu Hangjun actually represented the royal family in Daxia to negotiate with the ancient Star Wars.
"Everything is fine. If the royal family wants me to delay, I can stop fighting."
Chuhang is a starship at this time, but not himself, but the indigenous people of the ancient stars in the universe.
During the negotiation and visit, he analyzed the difference between these motherships and the one he owned, and accidentally found that this mothership was completely different from the one in Jun ‘en City.
His star carrier is a cosmic ancient star that fell to the star of the gods. At present, it seems that this alliance will have a question mark.
"What does Brother Chu mean?"
Liu Chen recognized Chuhang’s voice-over, and the royal family didn’t mean what their explorer meant.
"Come on, I want to screw this up, because some technologies of the ancient stars are very interesting, but Liu Xiong is in poor condition, so I’d better not make trouble recently. You stabilize your situation first and I’ll delay here."
Chuhang answered that he was sitting in front of the negotiating table and looked at the short opposite.
The ancient creatures of the universe are not terrans, but a kind of giant creatures with short limbs and short brains, which are very ugly in human aesthetics
Chapter one thousand six Terrible secret blood stone
Natural poker face emotion is not obvious, which makes the ancient people feel that this summer royal negotiator is very difficult.
What surprised them most was that even their high-tech emotion survey instrument, micro-expression capture analyzer, didn’t work for Chu Hang.
They can’t see through the man’s mind and talk to them again, but their minds are like talking to someone else.
At that time, the negotiators of the ancient stars in the universe doubted whether Chu Hang had a split personality.
Chuhang naturally doesn’t know what the other party thinks is dull. Before making concessions, it doesn’t involve the royal bottom line of Daxia, otherwise the war is inevitable.
Lu Chen and Chuhang finished talking and knew that they didn’t need to worry about Chuhang for the time being. Chuhang, after all, represented the royal family in Daxia and also represented the star of the gods.
As the saying goes, if the two armies don’t fight to make the ancient people dare to start work on Chuhang, it is to slap the face of the royal family in the summer and bury the face of the gods.
Although these little people are conceited about their scientific and literary development, they also know that the terrible thing is to bury the god star and share a piece of it. The sixth of the five major forces does not want to fight the local indigenous people
They may be able to compete with one family, but if his forces unite, the universe and ancient stars are not rivals.
Therefore, this negotiation is surprisingly peaceful, and the negotiators of Cosmos have repeatedly revealed their intention to let the Daxia royal family support them to settle in the Ruin Star and become a permanent force of Ruin Star.
This feeling is like a country wants to join the United Nations, and the royal family is in charge at this time. At this moment, Zhou Guxing is trying to bribe Chu Hang.
Check Gefeng Lu Chen packed his things and knew that he probably couldn’t wait for the mountain owner to help him check the situation.
He is not stupid to return to Wushen Mountain and then he heard that there was a murder in Gulong Cave before, forcing Shan Xue to fail for days without showing up.
So it seems that I was right when I said that Gulong Cave was bold that day, so I dare to test it.
Xue was defeated by nature. People in Gulong Cave died like this. She naturally came and killed as much as she wanted. Even the dragon ancestor kissed her and dared to fight to see if she could finish the dragon slaying feat.
However, if Xue failed to show up, the outside world would be intriguing. There was something wrong with her practice.
Liu Chen has been away from Wushan Mountain for several months, but I didn’t expect so many messy things to happen.
Now Xiao Luyao knows that the mountain master seems to be closed to death, and there are still some bad rumors among some younger brothers that the mountain master is possessed by practicing martial arts and is now in a state of dying and serious injury.
Of course, this view is that a few secret blood fighters are nervous and optimistic, and they will not worry about the future of Wushenshan because of such a thing.
It is this time that being bullied by men Xue failed to show up for days, which really made many younger brothers worry.
If no one knows the actual situation of Xue’s defeat
Liu Chen was sure that the elder knew it, otherwise he wouldn’t compromise and make a bet with Ao Tian that day.
Because, as he said that day, although the Cologne Cave is very painful, he agreed to the condition, but even if it is precious, it can’t compare with Xiaojinlong, a truly dragon cub.
They agreed to wait for the bet.
Is Tianhua Lu sure that Lu Chen can win 100%? For the most part, it can’t be that Xue defeated the day and did have a problem, which was not suitable for the Gulong Cave War.
The original fact is just to hand over the little dragon. After all, it is not very interesting for the secret blood fighters.
Secret blood fighters are inexplicably arrogant and inflated. Well, Lu Chen usually likes to be confident.
The total secret blood fighters don’t pay attention to how awesome the dragon veins are. Anyway, it takes a lot of money to cultivate a real dragon in the same environment, which is more than enough to raise ten secret blood fighters.
But the problem is that Lu Chen swore an oath before, and now it’s only been less than a year, and he still has to take care of this troublesome stupid dragon.
It would be a violation of his oath to give Xiao Jinlong out.
Tianhua Lu know this, of course, don’t want to be pressed by a lot of elders’ voices. If it comes to hard work, he will naturally resist the front.
"Two on the forty-seventh floor, right?"
Difeng’s younger brother confirmed to Lu Chen.
At this time, Lu Chen has arrived outside the Lingling Pagoda with Xiao Jinlong. He is going to try this high-level zone called Lingling Pagoda, which is different from the first forty-six floors.