A moment later, Guanyin walked into the hall with a big belly. Yes, it was a big belly cheering-our Guanyin Bodhisattva was pregnant! Father is Sun Wu. What an exciting fact! This is second only to Mount Fuji, Hokkaido, tsunami and Kyushu earthquake, and visiting an island at the same time!


Of course, I don’t think a large part of readers will be excited because everyone should be used to it!
"The Buddha who sealed Guanyin Guanyin commanded the Western Paradise and the Japanese soldiers wiped out the bandits!" Lonely born immediately imperial edict.
"Ah?" Guanyin was puzzled. "I am-Buddha?"
Lonely born nodded and said, "That’s right. From today, you are the Buddha. If you don’t have a brother, I will settle it for you!"
"Eldest brother … isn’t it a homophonic child born to say again? I’m afraid it’s not good to be a Buddha with a big belly? " Sun Wu smiled awkwardly. He thought of Guanyin sitting in the screamo temple with a big belly and giving a lecture to a group of female believers on prenatal precautions, although it was definitely more attractive than chanting!
Guanyin at this time aside Bai Maoxian explained what it was like to be white. She had long wanted to avenge her master. She naturally jumped with joy, but after hearing Sun Wu’s words, her face suddenly became cold. Although this was more imaginative with her big belly and beautiful face, it was not the case for Sun Wu!
Sun Wu suddenly stood up and bowed down and said, "Thank you, big brother. Thank you, big brother?"
Guanyin’s face looks better. In fact, Sun Wuyi and Guanyin, who belong to each other, can’t stand the equality between men and women. But since Guanyin became pregnant, our great Sun Dasheng has been completely at a disadvantage. After all, although he looks like a monkey, his heart is still more inclined to human feelings!
"Eldest brother, I can’t do it this time-"Guanyin didn’t say it, but there was little murder in her eyes, but she told everyone what she wanted to say. Although Guanyin was more like a sister in private, the cat could die. In the name of the Buddha, she was definitely the only one in the whole flower and fruit U who didn’t kill anyone!
Lonely and natural, Bai Guanyin immediately nodded and said, "Let the second brother go with you to do everything. It’s up to you who you want to do!"
Guanyin laughed at this. "Thank you, big brother and little sister, for asking for the ghost fire phoenix, two brothers and sisters, the chaotic nephew, to add three brothers, four brothers, fourteen brothers and their troops, and another 100 thousand tiger and wolf cavalry!"
"hmm!" Lonely born nodded to see this Guanyin is determined to kill and quit! But obviously this in solitary born this beast’s view … Not enough! "Respect for personal expedition!" As soon as this statement came out, someone objected, but it was turned back by a cold look in the lonely nature!
"Master has a plan!" Li Hongmeng suddenly had a chilling grin on his front face.
"Lonely born know oneself after this disciple with this kind of smile that is to say, he has what malicious recruit!
Sure enough, I heard that Li Hongmeng said, "Master heard that all people in West Ox and Hezhou believe in Buddhism. Let’s just arrest hundreds of thousands of people in West Ox and Hezhou, and let them besiege Lingshan to see if the Buddhist people dare to kill!" They were so thousand in Datang that year!
"good! Won the teacher heart really worthily is my brother good … "Lonely born this beast for this kind of thing is naturally quite respected is not hundreds of thousands of three o? If you die, you’ll die. Your eleven brothers are a little busy these days, so just push the beast road directly. In this way, the animal husbandry will surely become a stable trend, and it will be considered that the people will make contributions and accumulate merits!
Regardless of what orphans and animals think, Niu Mowang jumped up first and agreed, "I’ve seen those Tianzhu old people for a long time, so I’ll leave the matter of arresting people to my brother. Are you okay with that?"
"Haha … it’s best for my brother to help!" Lonely born of course know that Niu Mowang didn’t suffer less from those three Indian spirits when he was in the world, but he didn’t dare to kill people too arrogantly when he was protected by Buddhism. At this time, where would he let go of such an opportunity?
Lonely born and said, "Maitreya Buddha is divided into thousands of siblings. You are familiar with making a list of the three realms of encirclement and suppression!"
"Yes!" Guanyin smiled all over her face. She was no longer the Guanyin Bodhisattva who was afraid of sweeping the floor and hurting the lives of ants. She was nurtured by many animals in Huaguoshan. Another female animal was about to be born. How many people died when the Tathagata ascended the Buddha’s throne? Can others not know Guanyin? There is no bodhisattva’s heart on this day. If you want to be an adult, you must kill first. This is an unchangeable law since ancient times!
Lonely born to see all the orders finished, he stretched himself and said, "Go to sleep with your wife. It’s up to you!" Said and walked to the door of the hall suddenly turned and cried, "come with me …"
"Come …" Mei Niang followed with a face of the awaken of spring.
In the bedroom of Nantianjie City, there is a big bed bigger than gold, and the daughters of Xiangu have been exhausted and passed out. Mei Niang is still insisting, and behind her, a big bear is sprinting wildly according to the old man’s cart posture!
Even if you don’t have a golden eye, you can see that this bear is a change of some beast from the iconic evil smile in the mouth of that bear’s lewd eyes!
That’s right! This is the latest new gameplay "role-playing" by Gu Tiansheng! Of course, if you are willing to play with him like this, you will only have a girl!
On the second day of lonely birth, this method was inadvertently told to Niu Mowang, so Niu Mowang couldn’t wait to run back to the government to discuss the experiment with Princess Iron Fan, but the result was that Princess Iron Fan gave a crazy beating and knelt down for twelve hours to nail the board! The reason is very simple, because Niu Mowang urged Princess Tiefan to become a cow, and it must be done by the cow … measuring the Buddha …
"Ah …" Mei Niang resounded through the sky with a bitter cry when she was comfortable, and then she fainted in bed and lost!
"I depend!" Lonely and depressed, I looked at the girls in bed with a look of injustice and went back to the original shape and scolded, "What should you do when your mother is old?" Lonely born that hate! What he hates most now is the demon king with a dirty smile and a hundred eyes this morning!
The thing is, early this morning, the hundred-eyed demon king came to Gu Tiansheng and gave him a bottle of Dan medicine. According to him, this Dan medicine can increase the sense of excitement and there is absolutely no other vice! I have to say that Gu was born to be a very straightforward and good man, so he laughed and rewarded the Hundred Eyes Devil and then ate a bottle of Dan medicine in one breath in the frightened eyes of the Hundred Eyes Devil!
The Hundred Eyes Devil is also depressed. A Dan medicine will certainly increase the pleasure, but a bottle of dozens of Dan medicines … results in loneliness and embarrassment!
If a man persists for an hour, it is absolutely something to be proud of, but-if he persists for five fucking hours and hasn’t shot, the nature is completely different.
"I don’t want to kill you by your mother’s eyes!" Obviously, Lonely Born directly blamed his mistakes on the poor hundred-eyed demon king, and then he just held high without wearing clothes, still fighting high, and the little beast walked out of the door directly in the aftermath.
Chapter II Little Widow
Fox is born to be a man, and he is also a prosperous man. It should be exciting for a man to be strong, but if he is still strong for five hours, then this problem will be big!
Lonely born a face of depressed towering little beast striding out of the door even too lazy to wear clothes suddenly "
"Ah …" A scream attracted the solitary natural attention …
A woman in armor looked at her body in wait for a while not far away. "J, the little beast is towering and lonely. This woman is still a beauty, but after wearing a uniform, she has a unique style, especially her figure. That’s a hot one.
It is a coincidence that I was born alone at this time, and I was stimulated by this woman, and my heart was full of desire, and I actually "poof-"shot a bird!
Our great Mundus position proved to be talented and outstanding, and the distance between them was ten meters. Actually, it was just able to spray the woman’s stature and Buddha. This time, I didn’t say that the woman was born alone, so everyone was stunned …
"Ah …" It is another exclamation that the woman flies away and leaves a face of nosebleeds alone in the same place!
The cold wind whistled and blew the orphan beast "splash" and swallowed a mouthful of saliva and laughed. "This girl is so sexy and has a fucking taste!" Then lonely born shouted "come … come …"
"Pursuit … Long live the old slave in pursuit …" Taibai Venus came running with a face of lewdness "plop" and knelt down. "Pursuit has commanded the old slave to be willing to die before the accident …"
"Okay, okay, shut up for the old man!" Lonely born criticise a turn round and then walk "come with me …" Taibai Venus hurriedly followed the jade emperor from the heel of the old man and didn’t have a chance to finish waving his jester color. At this time, she found a bosom friend with the strange erotic skills of lonely animals!
In a temple in Nantiancheng, two fairies are lying on a couch, kneeling naked and hammering his legs. Another fox is pushing salt for the solitary beast with his tongue, while the solitary beast has a left hip flask and a right cigar with a bitch face! I really can’t imagine that this scum has more strength than Chiyou!
At this time, Taibai Venus sat on the side and carefully said with a flattering face, "You said that the old woman knows who it is!"