In an hour!


Mark’s car looked up and looked at the Stark Tower not far away.
To tell the truth, Mark was able to live a peaceful life after he came back from Dong Guo.
Who knows …
There has never been a shortage of crime in this world!
Mark saw it after walking through the isolation belt. It seems that he has just arrived here, George!
Went over and looked down at an irrigated cement pool …
Not from one leng!
"Get up …"
"… let go!"
"… good!"
When that worker here salvage the bodies in the cement pool which is about to solidify.
Mark and George crouched beside the body, curious to see the half-body solidified …
"George, what do you think …"
"I think my case can be closed!"
"I think so!"
Mark smiled but looked at the corner of Jack’s face in front of him and said to Debbie behind him, "Gloves …"
Mark is holding a corner of his face directly after wearing gloves for crime scene inspection!
"Tear …"
I was just curious after tearing it halfway, and I immediately ran towards the outside of the isolation belt after a sudden change in Debbie’s face and retching!
Give up the plan to lift this customized Jack mask. Mark’s throat moved.
After a while, he said to George, "Will you take it to check or let me take it back?"
George smiled slightly. "You can take it with you. Anyway, I can close the case here!"
"I think so!" Mark smiled at Maggie and said, "Tell the medical examiner to let them come and pull this Jack down in the autopsy room …"
Three days later!
"Has the background investigation of Ryosuke Tanaka come out?"
"Come out!"
Maggie got up in the meeting room and said to Mark, who was sitting in the first seat, "Ryosuke Tanaka is 29 years old! At the age of 23, he joined the army and got a green card. After retiring, he participated in the recruitment of employees in the bureau at that time! After three years as an agent at the Quantico base, he passed the examination and entered the headquarters of the Washington Bureau of Investigation. In October last year, he was transferred from Washington to new york and assigned to Franklin … "
Mark nodded and said to Debbie, "Have you made a clear investigation of your life trajectory in the past six months?"
Debbie said, "Ryosuke Tanaka lives a regular life. To be honest, he is a robot, but …"
"What do you mean?"
"According to our agents who sent people to monitor him at that time, Ryosuke Tanaka rarely went to other places in his office and apartment every day …"
"Wait …" Mark blinked and said, "How did the sister and girlfriend who found his body come out?"
Debbie and Maggie look at Qi Dan sitting opposite each other!
The latter looked up and said, "Afterwards, we looked for the girlfriend who reported the case and found that her address was fake. Even the airline company she said confirmed that there was no such person …"
"What the hell is this?" Mark said with some jokes, "Didn’t George verify the identity of a informant in advance?"
"It was only yesterday that the personnel files of the airline company really reached George," Qi Dan said!
Mark pursed his lips and couldn’t be efficient. It’s not his decision.