"Come on!"


One game after another, lunch is ordered in the billiard hall. Lu Ting is like a toy child holding Song Shifeng to death.
At first, the second generation was high, and everything became a bubble.
"Don’t play, don’t play, I have to go." Song Shifeng took a look at the eye table and closed the stand.
"It’s not dark yet. What’s your hurry?" Lu ting is addicted to drugs and keeps people at his mouth.
"I can’t do it if I don’t go to the Forestry Bureau dinner in the evening."
"Do you have a dime for a coal digger with the Forestry Bureau?"
"Is there anyone who can’t afford to offend?"
"Then come back tomorrow."
"I have to go to the mine. I haven’t been there for several days. Besides, are you not working?"
"I said it was late."
"Dinner of Mining Bureau in the evening"
"the day after tomorrow"
"tax bureau dinner"
"It’s very rewarding." Lu Ting was unhappy and stood on the cue and asked directly, "When will it come?"
"I said this really doesn’t count." Song Shifeng wore a coat and looked nai. "I’ve had one’s fingers itch these days. I didn’t work during the day, but the wine bureau didn’t stop at night. Anyway, it’s impossible to ask people to come. We have to accompany the small mine mouth. No one can afford to offend anyone. It’s hard to drink every day."
Lu ting listened to his words, the more he frowned, the more nervous he became. He just wanted to say something and suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked at him to see what he had to say.
Song Shifeng was getting more and more embarrassed by him, and he kept all his preparations in his stomach. My heart suddenly became nervous. Am I showing too much? Simple and profound?
"Why don’t you say it?"
Song Shifeng glanced at him and then at him. He simply gritted his teeth and said, "I just want to be close to you."
"Don’t beat around the bush?" It’s not stupid for Lu Ting to ask anyone lightly, especially for people like them who use various means to gain more money in front of him. At first, they didn’t pay attention to it. When Song Shifeng just said something, he knew that all this might be a game, or that the old man was in charge of that altruism, which was surprising and indeed entered his eyes, but he hated being calculated.
"It’s not that I want to turn, there is really no channel to know you."
"Not if it sells badly. I didn’t listen."
"I don’t have time to sell it either," Song Shifeng said. "Simply put, I want to lend you the prestige town villain, which won’t bring you trouble and loss."
"Then what?"
"It’s really gone," he said quickly. "I’ll treat you to a few meals if you don’t always do it."
"My name is not so easy to borrow."
"conditions you open"
"What can you do but play ball with me?" Lu ting suddenly criticised him. He had to beg for an old man himself. If so, he wouldn’t care. I didn’t expect that he knew how to measure himself. He borrowed this fame.
You have something to say.
Ask for a collection. The ship really needs a collection. Just order it if you like. Thank you for bowing!
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Catch early rather than catch late Song Shifeng invited Lu Ting to the banquet table of the Forestry Bureau that night. That call for a turn-over serf to do nothing to sing meant that the gang changed from being high above the old man to being cautious. Kannika nimtragol was very measured in toasting. He finally ate hot food at the wine table.
It’s a bitter tear to think about it.
In fact, those people are really nothing. At best, the immortal is a face-to-face official. Some of wannabe are not formal workers, but he still wants to live in peace and dig coal to earn money. He just can’t offend the so-called county magistrate. It’s better to be in charge now.
But when they saw Lu Ting, it was that the mouse saw the cat. It was wrong and inaccurate. It should have been hit by the drop in dimension. I didn’t dare to drink too much. I didn’t dare to say whether I thought Pakistan was enough or not. Although I was eating at a table, the class was there. People gave me a real eye, leaving Song Shifeng the most comfortable and laughing.
Tell him to keep it, okay Hehe, that’s not flexible. It’s a good quality. If he bends for too long, he should stretch now! Even if he pulls a tiger skin that is not so reliable, he will be arrogant.
Lu ting altogether joined him in this wine shop. Once again, he deliberately chose to pay taxes when he was eating with Lu ting. Then the gang suddenly didn’t come.
That’s how it works
For him, there is no need for Lu Ting to talk about anything that is a terrible headache. Everyone knows that this mine has a background and is not so easy to bully.
Pulling somebody else’s tiger skin, of course, can’t help but say that Song Shifeng promised to practice sparring for a month.
Fortunately, there is still some humanity in the backstage, and he finally let him catch a break without a horse.
This time, he was really busy. The key was that he was tired for a long time without holding the club, and his hands were born. After playing for a few days, it hurt everywhere, not to mention the black and white rotation, which exhausted him.
I finally settled these terrible things. Song Shifeng slept late, and the sun rose high before slowly getting up.
There is rhubarb in the yard, and a dog is lounging in the sun. The owner of the dog doesn’t know what to do, and he hasn’t seen anyone.
As soon as he saw the dog hurting his leg, he thought of doing something good, turned around and grabbed a handful of beef jerky and put it in the dog bowl with a kind face.
After feeding the dog, I feel less guilty. Song Shifeng is ready to go out in a black T-shirt coat and a cowboy coat. Take another look at the mirror. This scalp is shaved. If it weren’t for his face, he would be regarded as just released from the inside! Grab a cowboy hat and buckle your head. The hand is better than a cowboy in the American film.
I just went out and bumped into Yan Dong walking back, carrying a basket with the dishes I just bought in it, which was so home-like.
"I can’t see that billiards masters are hidden." Yan Dong met him for the first time and looked back and forth. "Let’s practice another day?"
"I’m afraid you’ll cry." Song Shifeng didn’t good the spirit said that he couldn’t listen to anything with billiards now, and it hurt all over.
"You just don’t cry." Yan Dong stopped this topic. "Don’t eat at home at half noon?"
"If I don’t eat, I have to go to the mine to see the fruits of my labor!" When Song Shifeng talked about this, he was very happy and couldn’t wait.