That’s it. It won’t be the latest model for homeless people.


Are you blind?
But still that sentence.
It’s easy for anyone to know.
This one in front of you is no good.
Mark is asking for something this time.
not forget
Mark touched his nose or defended himself and said, "Anna, you told me that suits and red ties will never go out of fashion."
"It also depends on the weather," Anna said, taking off her sunglasses and pointing to the weather outside in one hand. "Should you wear this red in weather like this? Have you forgotten what I taught you before? "
Mark was speechless.
I met this so-called fashion devil, after Mark graduated from the Federal College of Quantico.
Just arrived in new york at that time.
A small intern agent was poorly paid and could pay six or seven letters at that time. Carmack had no choice, and most normal people would make a choice.
Part time job …
But it’s not the same as others choosing private bodyguards
Mark ingeniously chose to apply to VG magazine department, a male model who was recruiting magazines at that time.
After all, in addition to the black and gray industries, the modeling industry can make money quickly by doing good things.
But …
Things didn’t go as Mark hoped.
Mark became Anna’s personal bodyguard for a while.
Mark didn’t want to at first
But looking at the salary, I still chose to promise.
After all, there are two credit cards coming to the repayment date.
However, part-time jobs don’t last for a month.
But Mark felt as if it had been ten years.
This month.
From Mark’s hairstyle, clothes, ties, shoes and socks, he was mercilessly attacked by Anna.
The final result directly led to Mark’s anger and threw the clothes department in his closet into the trash can.
Mark asked Anna if she could give her some advice on how to dress when she took the trainee title for a month.
Anna said the first sentence.
Although Anna is a little bitter, Mark still thinks that this month’s part-time job is very effective for him.
Clothes make the man.
Mark thought that if he had been wear flip-flops and vest.
Can you reach an agreement as soon as you meet someone with that nostril facing the sky for the first time?
Or that sentence?
It’s grading
Whether you want to admit it or not.
Mark accepted the devil’s criticism with an open mind and said that he would change this coquettish red tie into sky blue when he went back.
Anna paused for a long time when she heard this
Shook his head.
Look at Mark like a piece of rotten wood.
Mark doesn’t mind at all.
Go straight to the window and insert the bouquet into the bottle mouth.
Mark sits opposite the devil wears Prada.
Took out a stack of wedding dress design drawings from the bag and handed it to the devil wears Prada.
"What is this?" The devil wears Prada grabbed a collar wedding dress design frowned and asked.
Mark said, "My fiancee set up …"