It is precisely because of their own few roots that there is nothing worthy of others to calculate the place, and Xiong Meng did not think much about it. However, he was still a little worried that this quiet girl would suddenly leave one day.


It’s finished. Everyone will return after ten days’ rest in the cave at will.
On the way back, Jing girl will also stop from time to time to master the control of the thin monk.
Now, the thin monk in the middle period of the Emperor of God is not only awake, but also able to communicate with everyone. However, since his former memory has been cleared, everything in his memory is given to him by Jing Girl, so he is naturally more loyal to Jing Girl.
Now the thin friar reminds Xiao Lingyu of Shine, and the things in Shine’s mind came from Xiao Lingyu’s grant.
The memory of the thin friar has been erased by Jing Girl, but she has carefully examined her before erasing. Naturally, it is very beneficial for those memories to keep the thin friar from revealing himself when he returns.
The thin monk is constantly repeating that he should explain to his family and deal with his nephew when he goes back.
Static girl will also instill the practice achievement method before the thin monk into his memory again so that he can continue to practice.
"We can ask him to come out and help us do it later. How about this idea that we can come to those monster beasts in the monarch period to make more magic stones after the departure of such a strong man in the middle of the monarch?" Zhang Haide tunnel
"Not so good. We should rely on our own strength step by step instead of always relying on the help of outsiders. Only when we are strong can we be truly strong," Xiong Meng flatly denied.
"This is that you are too pedantic. This guy has been controlled by our quiet girl. Naturally, he is one of our own. How can you call an outsider?" Zhang Hai retorted angrily.
"How dare you be stubborn with me?" Xiong Meng seized Zhang Hai ear hate tunnel
"Boss, I dare not let go quickly. It hurts!" Zhang Hai begged for mercy miserably.
"I have a bet plan."
Static girl is suddenly mouth stay Xiong Meng put zhang hai when everyone listen to the letter, she then says "they really just set up a mercenary group at home and that is, he and his nephew are in charge. Now he has been controlled by me, so we can join the mercenary group and then …"
"Then Lee will control this guy and let their entire mercenary group help us do it. Haha, this plan is really better!" Zhang hai is a tunnel
"Congcong!" Xiong Meng slapped Zhang Hai on the back of the head again.
"It’s too cheap for them to let their mercenary group do it for us. Why don’t we control the mercenary group directly? Don’t we want to develop a mercenary group comparable to Tianchi Armored Group? This is a chance for us to grow rapidly, but it will be a bit risky." Static girl said later.
"It shouldn’t be too dangerous for him to always obey and not show the clues, should it?" Ma Chunyan said
"Ha ha, after all, we don’t have the emperor period in a few of us, but this guy is not the only one in their mercenary group. He is just a nominal head and can’t decide everything." Static girl first shook her head and smiled and then explained.
"If something unexpected happens in one thousand, we may face the siege of a large number of masters in the imperial period and the strong in the divine period. This guy is even difficult to protect us. If we have another emperor in the week, we will have a chance to kill even in the face of danger." Xiong Meng nods.
Words here everyone looked at Xiao Lingyu.
This meaning is very obvious, and Xiao Lingyu is the strong one in the period of the monarch, and seems to be good with them.
But Xiao Lingyu is skimming the pie mouth. "I don’t think Jing Girl’s means is worse than that of Shen Jun’s master. She is sure to take care of your week."
Xiong Meng nodded his head and said, "Static girl is some powerful means, but it would be better if Xiao’s predecessors could join us."
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "My ambition is not here."
"Let’s not talk about this. Let’s go to Duhucheng and get the commission first." Static girl then said.
It’s been more than three years since I went back to Duhucheng, but I didn’t encounter any accident when I got the commission. According to the previous agreement, Xiao Lingyu got 40 thousand magic stones.
And Jing girl also gave Xiao Lingyu half of the magic stone in the thin ring.
Even if it’s half, there are nearly two million pieces of magic stone, and if it’s cashed into a great magic stone, there are twenty thousand pieces, which is a rich income.
Before entering the city, Jing girl asked the thin monk to go to the city first and let him go back to the housekeeper’s mercenary group to deal with a fat tube.
"This is a great harvest. I propose to go to the VIP building to celebrate one more time!" Zhang hai excited tunnel
"Maybe someone else will check us out," chimed in Ma Chun.
"How can there be so many good things?" Xiong Meng took a white Ma Chun and said
"Xiao Xiong really isn’t going to continue to go with us?" Static girl asked 1 at this time.
"I like to be free and restrained" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and answered.
What he will do with these monks is actually to get more information about Jiang’s family from Jing girl. However, after going out and coming back this time, Lu Jing girl should have said everything, and Xiao Lingyu knows a lot. It is of no practical significance to continue to be with them.
"That this jade brand Xiao Xiong and put it away can help me fulfill that promise." Static girl also took out a piece of moist jade and gave it to Xiao Lingyu while saying.
Xiao Lingyu wanted to think or pick up the jade piece.
Zhang Hai and others didn’t hear about Xiao Lingyu’s voice, and they didn’t know about Xiao Lingyu’s appointment. It was puzzling for them to see Xiao Lingyu’s jade pieces sent by Jing Girl.
But then Zhang Hai seemed to think of something bad and said with a smile, "It won’t be a token of love, will it?"
"Then Xiao Mou said goodbye to you and good luck."
Xiao Lingyu fuels and salutes everyone, then turns away holding the jade piece.
"Let’s go to the VIP building!"
Static girl to Xiong Meng several people call way
Xiong Meng several people want to persuade Xiao Lingyu again, but they can hear Jing girl call them to immediately dispel their thoughts and squeeze into the crowd with Jing girl.
After walking a few streets, Xiao Lingyu hesitated for a long time, but still took out the message bead and sent a message to Yueru.
The moon will reply in a few minutes.
Yueru Kuncheng’s family came to Duhu City by flying artifacts together, which was decades earlier than Xiao Lingyu’s.
Maybe I think Yueru is a well-qualified pharmacist, and her family is kind to Yueru and carefully cultivates her eyes. Yueru has settled in Qijia and has not been implicated in Xiao Lingyu’s killing of Qi Hongli.
After briefly introducing himself, Yueru asked about Xiao Lingyu’s situation.
Xiao Lingyu means that she is also in Duhu City, and everything has been fine recently. She didn’t say too much, but she confessed and wished some time and was ready to end this conversation.
But Yueru sent a message asking where Xiao Lingyu was, and she wanted to see her.
There are no other things in the eye. Now that everything has arrived in Duhucheng, Xiao Lingyu feels that it is also appropriate to meet and agree on the meeting place.
When Yueru replied, she said that the Qi family in the city had many eyes and ears, so it was not appropriate to meet in the city. She asked Xiao Lingyu to meet at the bridge outside the city.