Frankly speaking, Mark is not optimistic about the former possibility.


There is a huge difference between the population base of mutants and that of ordinary people.
This alone is enough for the mutant to win the legal advantage forever.
Even Professor Charles once speculated that there would be more and more awakening gene mutants with time …
There will be no change.
Can’t help it!
It’s been a bad start since the mutant showed the first wave of growth trend.
Smash, burn and rob!
From then on, except for the four-eyed boy, Mark was enough to see clearly the impression of mutants in the minds of ordinary people at present!
Not to mention ordinary people, there are more people hiding in dark corners, and scientific research institutions are eyeing mutants.
Because of the particularity of mutants, even if it is reported to the police, it is perfunctory …
No, no, but the general trend is inevitable
"You still remember Mia, Mark!"
"… my mother brought Mia back from the hospital when I left Fox."
Sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a pillow on her face, Anne said with brown eyes blinking, "It should be when Mia was ten years old, probably one night. I don’t know exactly. Anyway, when I got up in the middle of the night, I slept next to the bed. Mia’s bed glittered with colorful light. I used to take a look and guess what I saw …"
Mark felt a little dull after a while, even though his hand was mellow and delicious.
Quietly looked at his selling sister and shrugged!
"Well …" Annie spread her hand and hugged her pillow and said, "Mia has become a diamond."
"Wait …" Mark blinked. How did he feel that the whole ability sounded so familiar?
Annie glanced at Mark and said, "Anyway, that’s it. If we weren’t in Fox Town Indian Autonomous Region, Mia would have been taken away by the military who didn’t know where to hear the news."
"What …"
Mark couldn’t help frowning at this. "Which army?"
Annie rolled her eyes and turned back. "I heard that when Billy confronted them, it seemed that he was following the orders of a general named Stryker."
Billy is about the same age as Mark, and he is the chief of the Indian Autonomous Region in Fox Town!
But it should have inherited the position of chieftain by now!
"William Stryker?" After packing, Kate came out of the kitchen and said to Mark, "The current Secretary of Defense is William Stryker. I remember last year or something. He gave the president a report on mutants!"
Mark looked vacillating for a moment. "You mean he sent someone to catch Mia now?"
"No!" Annie glanced at Kate and seemed curious about Kate’s identity and said to Mark, "It was nine years ago that Billy and the townspeople finally forced him out of Fox …"
Mark smiled!
As he said, all the small towns are exclusive, especially Fox, and more than half of the territory is the Anwerewolf Autonomous Region of India …
Mark didn’t believe that the current Secretary of Defense would give up like this.
Very obvious!
Must have been threatened by the Billy Wolf Terran …
Chapter 2 Fox History
This is also the address of the residents of Fox, but the real Fox should be called Fox City!
However, due to its geographical location, some Indian autonomous regions are added.
Saying it is a city is simply insulting the word municipal!
The logging owners in Fox Town have abundant rainfall and heavy fog for many years!
It is even more remote and sparsely populated, and it is cloudy and wet all the year round.