After entering the Xuanxian Gate of Qing Dynasty, he familiarized himself with the story and memory of Sword Fairy, Yuan World, which made him understand the value of chaos clock more than before.


He knew that Y and N Yang chaos clock was a broken Daoqi, which showed the effect of collecting magic weapons by bearing achievement method. Even his own cave seemed to be damaged, but others did not know that once the news flowed out, people’s eyes would have two glittering characters: "Daoqi".
Zongbao in Xuanmen Town of Qing Dynasty is just a three-way instrument of "Hao Ri Xian Ding", "Yue Hua Xian Ding" and "Tai Xu Dian".
Many younger brothers of Yuehua Xianding often eat and drink, and their younger brothers lay a good foundation; Hao Ri Xian Ding condensed the elixirs such as Wanliu, Bilong Xianquan and Gankun Biyu Danliu to reward the potential grassroots brothers to enhance their strength; The Taixu Temple is mysterious. It is said that it is the core brother and elders who are qualified to make the place specialize in cultivating top combat power.
It can be said that if the great avatar of the fairyland has a Taoist device, he can immediately concentrate on the operation of the Sect for decades and completely break the original balance of power of the Taoist Sect!
Although jewels are in great demand, they don’t have a high strategic position like Daoqi. It seems that Chen Shaobai is still calm and calm, which is the default statement.
Looked at Soma purple se eyes immediately turned red. He bit his teeth and barely resisted the attack of nine flying swords. His hands twisted and sealed in the air and forced to cast spells.
Blink of an eye, dozens of mysterious handprints have been typed out, and the ghost mana in the body is also condensed and compressed with the shock.
Feeling this change, Chen Shaobai became greedy when he knew that the other party had his own jewels.
All sentient beings have the ability to cultivate immortals, and the demons are among them. Once they give birth to feelings, they almost have to stop them, and they must be smooth, otherwise they will be enslaved by thoughts, and their minds will gradually wear away and eventually become a powerful and conscious killing machine again.
So Soma would rather use the magic body to forcibly cast out the secret method he learned in the demon temple in his previous life, and lose his own mana source to kill the enemy, and he will also kill Chen Shaobai.
to conquer or to die
Gestures have been rising. Although the other party has not yet made moves, Chen Shaobai has already felt great pressure.
It’s a matter of time when the nine flying swords take turns bombing the fierce offensive and make Soma lose ground.
However, Chen Shaobai knew that he could not kill his opponent in a short time, so that the other party offered a mysterious hermetic, and it was hard to be completely turned over, but was beheaded by him.
He gritted his teeth and offered his own unskilled and strongest attack method.
The swordsmanship controls silver moon’s swordsmanship. The magical power of the streamer sun shines on the surface of the silver dragon to generate a gray flame, which twists and turns the gas, and the intense cold and hot air convects with each other to form a fierce tornado wind.
Some brothers who collapsed in the Qing Dynasty were overturned by Yu Wei, flew off the ground and fell heavily. If they were not all in good health, they would be seriously injured and vomiting blood.
In front of the gray inflammation silver dragon, a ferocious and strange monster emerged in front of Soma.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Royal sword cut spirit double soul to one
Although the appearance is human, it is golden-winged, golden-winged, starry-eyed and leopard-eyed. Compared with it, it is so wretched and small.
Dragons, tigers, leopards, lions and bears are nothing but ants to human beings.
The real height of this virtual shadow is about ten feet, and the arm can reach fifty feet. Chen Shaobai has seen some sight towers in previous lives, and the thickness is comparable to that of skyscrapers. It’s really a mountain.
If a fist of a Titan puppet is half as tall as a man, then its fist is several stories high.
Even jumping from its knees and calves can kill a big living person.
In front of him, what Kunlun slaves, Titan puppets and silver Se dragons are all as small as dwarfs.
As soon as the virtual shadow appeared, everyone fell into dementia and confusion, and they all felt incredibly suppressed, and they couldn’t breathe. If they hadn’t repaired it well, they would have suffocated for a long time.
"This is a virtual shadow! One of the hundreds of millions of souls! "
It is no exaggeration that Chen Shaobai can understand each other’s virtual shadow and be so powerful.
Dapeng Golden Wing Carving is often called the Great Sage of the Garuda Demon Family, which is equivalent to the great avatar in the fairyland. The dragon eats and drinks several powerful demon races, and it has great power to attract the rivers and seas to raise their hands and cast their feet.
Thousands of its sitting races all have unique talents. They are stronger than the leopard demon race such as Xu Yiwu that Chen Shaobai met before. Even Garuda is not worthy of carving shoes with golden wings for Dapeng. Just coming out with ten thousand branches can make the leopard race extinct.
Although the dragon in the Yuan Dynasty is an individual of the earth, it is not a great sage. However, even so, the dragon can still be arrogant and arrogant in heaven and earth, and there are few people who dare to invade it … Garuda Great Sage’s favorite food dragon is the most favored.
"This guy even had some ways to listen to the enlightenment of the Great Sage in Garuda before his death, but he can still summon the virtual shadow of the Great Sage through the secret method without losing his memory!"
Chen Shaobai’s mind was overwhelmed by the strong breath, but he could stare big eyes and observe and guess carefully.
See silver moon sword dragon with extraordinary ferocity oncoming Soma although mana exhausted any effort but sneer at more than.
Most of silver moon’s sword is of the earth. Rowen blocked the enemy’s mana, and the silver dragon rushed to kill the enemy. That Rowen even others can fight hard to cope with the virtual shadow of the Great Sage. That’s a ghost!
Garuda, a pair of beautiful and noble silver dragons with golden wings slightly shook their bodies violently, and suddenly turned into a gray-headed and gray-faced little loach, struggling desperately to escape from the hunter’s capture, but being swallowed up by the compressed figure a little.
See silver moon sword failed to block a cliff will be forcibly swallowed Chen Shaobai see each other is out of the trick.
He is not afraid.
"The virtual shadow in front of me is just a ray of distraction from the Great Sage of Garuda, and there is not even a billion-dollar strength. It is impossible to rely on Soma’s mana and soul support for too long. I am not willing to take some risks!"
Flint Chen Shaobai’s eyes flashed a struggle, but soon he was determined to "let it be! Sooner or later, this problem will have to be faced. It is better to end it as soon as possible! "
The mind is condensed, and suddenly a dark body seems to be immersed in a warm ocean. Two basketball-sized light groups stick together and breed a metaphysical J and jīng divine power. Although they share the same life, they have been interfering with each other all the time.
Often two j and jīng divine powers collide with each other, leaving one behind.
Chen Shaobai urgent tooth heart a malicious will j and jīng divine power condensed into a sword towards two soul ball mercilessly slay the past.
"The imperial sword and the soul are one!"
Instead of imaginary pain, it is a vivid picture.