Look at that!


My daughter is going to grow crooked to Crest!
Lai Lisi looked at the door again and blinked, then gently said to the wardrobe, "He’s gone …"
With little movement coming from the closet, the closet door was directly pushed from the inside by a lux chihuahua.
Then the chihuahua fell directly to the ground, got up from the ground, poof-pooped and said, "Ah, adult breath or …"
Cerberus, a three-headed dog transformed into Chihuahua Hell, was directly hugged by Lilith and put on the table before she finished sighing!
Leslie stared at the short-legged Chihuahua without blinking!
"What does she think great Cerberus can’t perceive!"
"Stupid dog, this is the daughter of a female adult in the underworld. It’s strange that you can feel it!"
"Shut up, Burroughs. Great Cerberus. No, you stupid dogs blaspheme!"
"… stupid dog!"
If it weren’t for considering the symbiosis between Cerberus and Burroughs and Bellows, Bellows and Burroughs would have joined forces to directly suppress this second-class atmosphere in Cerberus …
A long time!
Lailisi looked at the information searched out in the brain, looked at the red-haired Chihuahua in front of her, closed the door and said in a low voice, "Are you a three-headed dog?"
"… ouch!" Chihuahua is very human and nodded his head, then held the dog’s head high as if he were proud of his identity!
Lailisi, holding herself up, couldn’t help but think of the scene when the dog in the basement suddenly stopped her not long after he left Xavier College …
At first, Leslie was afraid.
But this stupid dog is rubbing directly at the leg of Lailisi’s trousers. What is lick the shoes?
After thinking about it for a while.
Lilith decided to take this stupid dog home!
"Then why did you run out of hell!" Lai Lisi is also a big heart and asks directly!
Chihuahua paused and then blurted out in English, "We sneaked out from the underworld."
"Isn’t the underworld all the same?" Lilith frowns!
"Ow … different!" Chihuahua directly sat on the desktop and stuck out his tongue and said, "The underworld is the lowest!"
“LOW?” Lai Lisi blinked some stupid circle.
Is this word something that can only be learned in college? She feels that she doesn’t know what this word means!
Chihuahua is a serious nodded and said, "That’s right. This sentence is still taught by adults to think that when we followed adults in hell, we brought them into our underworld dimension. At that time, our adults were in high spirits, in their prime, ashamed of flowers in the blue moon, looking at flowers, and it was a pity that we met our queen …"
Chihuahua who looks more and more crooked and recalls the past eventful years and drools on the desktop.
With a look of disgust, Lilith directly put the Chihuahua on the ground, pulled out a dozen tissues directly, wiped the saliva off, and then went shopping with Julia once. Julia bought her perfume and sprayed it with a …
A long time!
Lailisi looked at the Chihuahua and asked curiously, "Then you snuck out. Won’t the adult in your mouth take you back?"
Chihuahua shook his head violently when he was just about to speak.
Directly spit a mouthful of ice inflammation to the head of Cerberus dog, Bellows, and said, "Stupid dog, don’t forget that purple potato essence was left behind by adults five thousand years ago and is still looking for traces of adults."
Cerberus shook the dog’s head and spit out one mouthful magma directly, dismissively saying, "Bellows, you timid dog, just a purple potato essence adult can crush it with one hand."
"Shut up, you stupid dog. Your memory hasn’t awakened yet. Do you want to know about the queen’s black furry pet?"
"Queen Ho Ho is forbidden to go out of the underworld because of certain rules."
"Silly dog, if the queen knows what the adults are doing, do you think the queen will not come out …"
"… oh, no one is in danger!"
Chihuahua blinked and looked at Lailisi. She was still very cute and blinked!
Lai Lisi "…"
Chapter 164 Deputy Director Arrival
The next day!
Mark hummed a ditty, sang a song and cooked breakfast.
Two cups of hot milk and two fried eggs!
It’s still that Mark has wronged himself to dress up and go to a cooking class since Lailisi lived here.
Knock, knock, knock
Mark glanced at coming down the stairs with a baseball cap, a yellow shirt and a backpack. Leslie said, "Good morning!" "
Lailisi looked up at a suit, and Mark froze slightly. "You got up early today!" "
Mark smiled. "Breakfast is specially prepared for my daughter!"
Lailisi cocked her head and thought for a while, pointed to the bell ringing at the door and said, "… thank you, but I have an appointment with Skye and Gwen to go to the library today!"
With that, Lilith smiled and waved to Mark, said goodbye and rushed out of the door with her bag on her back.
Mark "…"
Shrugged his shoulders, Mark looked down at the freshly baked brown poached eggs and hesitated for a moment. The expression behind him threw the two failures directly into the trash can …
Back to the federal building!
Mark just poured himself a glass of breakfast, and Bo slid directly to the floor-to-ceiling window with his chair to watch the beautiful scenery of Manhattan in the morning.
Meimei took a sip of Shoubo!
Oh, emperor!
This is delicious!
Mark looked down at Bo and felt every cell in his body give a joyful shout …
Knock, knock, knock