Realizing that the imaginary world has become a reality and has to be implemented, but that is only a small part, and the rocking body has also been officially come out and named


The so-called rocking body is another kind of soul. They will give real meaning to the imaginary world. They are not only in …
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"The medical woman explodes the evil little princess/person: Lou Xing Yin"
"Status: Finished"
My parents’ new loss, my second uncle, took over the magpie’s nest and forced Tang Zujiayin’s wet nurse to kill the enemy’s knife! She will report that the poisonous girl crossed into a cliff, and the little orphan girl turned against the sky. She wants to take back everything that belongs to her for the original owner! Other nights [details]]
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Chapter start
1 Chapter 1 Keep your eyes open!
Tong Lincheng, Jingning Prefecture, south of the northern powerful country of Wuyi mainland.
Tonglincheng is very hot in summer, and it is extremely hot in nearby surrounding towns and villages.
The southeast bully of Tonglin City occupies nearly a thousand acres of land and luxury houses, which is the most famous Tangjiabao in Tonglin City.
When it comes to Tong Lincheng, people don’t know Tangjiabao.
Tangjiabao is definitely the most famous Dan medicine founder of the local tyrant in the martial arts mainland, and Tang Tian was born in Tangjiabao.
On this day, Tangjiabao was covered with white silk flowers everywhere.
At this time, a few carriages came in the distance and stopped at the entrance of Tangjiabao. Dozens of people came from the carriage, one by one, with swords and devils gathered at the entrance of Tangjiabao.
A middle-aged man with a big belly and an oily intestine came out of the first exquisite carriage. He was tall and tall.
He jumped and the carriage was cool and touched his head. He had no hair and was bald.
"Master Tang, do you want to rush in now?"
"Idiot! Keep your eyes open and see who this is. Do I need you to rush in? "
Tang Hui didn’t good the spirit sprayed the thin man with a mouthful of water, but his heart was crossed. Eldest brother is finally dead, and this Tang Jiabao horse belongs to him!
In a big mood, I waved my hand and motioned for dozens of domestic servants to "go with me!"
It’s a long walk from Tangjiabao gate to the main hall.
It was only after a cup of tea that their party arrived at the main hall.
The atmosphere in the main hall is decorated with two coffins lying horizontally in the middle.
One of them is Tang Yan, the current owner of Tangjiabao; The other one is Tang Yan’s wife Zhuang Qingyu.
Both bodies were carried back to Tangjiabao yesterday, and the bodies were packed and placed in coffins today. The mourning hall is scheduled to be buried today.
Kneeling in front of the coffin, the futon was a seven-year-old girl crying and crying.
Aside, Mammy knelt beside her and spoke to comfort her, saying, "Miss, you’d better eat something. You’ve been dripping since your mistress died yesterday. I beg you to have some ginseng soup to pad your stomach!"
Tang Luoling watched as she grew up taking care of herself. Mammy Du couldn’t help crying even more sadly. Tears could not stop. "Mammy Du wants her parents to come back to life. Parents promised to accompany her to have a birthday next month. Mammy Du, they are joking with her. Is it true that she wants them to wake up? She wants them to die … Blare …"
Tang Hui saw this scene when he came in.
"Lorraine, people can’t come back to life after death. You’d better take care of your parents’ funeral affairs. It’s just that the second uncle came here today to ask you for something!"
At this time, Tang Hui’s face was heavy, but his heart was so cool that he had to be accompanied by wine and beautiful women immediately to tell his joy!
Tang Luoling a listen to this sound immediately sad meaning all scattered staring eyes staring at the middle-aged man look out of the guard to hide in du mammy’s arms.
Mammy Du is an old man in Tangjiabao. I knew that the second master of the house was at odds with each other, and took a look at those dozens of gangsters outside the door. They are all famous gangsters in Tonglin City.
Dark sigh in my heart is not good. It’s only been a night since the news of the master’s death. The second master came with his troops early this morning. It’s just that things don’t go well. Chapter III has a care, right?
"Second master, what do you want the young lady to say?"
Mammy Du bowed her head and asked.
Tang Hui frowned. Mammy Du is a loyal eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law.
It’s just an old handmaiden. It’s natural for her to let her live. If she doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t mind sending her to the Buddha in the west to stay!
"Luo Ling, my second uncle came to see you. I really have something to talk to you about. You also know that eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law died suddenly yesterday. Many things have not been explained. And you see that your second uncle is also a clown. Don’t kill others. Now you are a little girl. Can you keep this Tang Jiabao? Sec. Uncle thought about it, or move your aunts and cousins back to this Tang fortress together, so that they can take care of each other, right? "
Mammy Du sneered that it was his idea! To protect the bosom big miss is distressed.
In addition to the householder, Tang Hui has such a close younger brother as Tang Hui, who is not an academic gambler, a flower house and a wine shop. He is everywhere to eat, drink and be merry. That’s why Tang Yan had a big fight in his room last month to expel Tang Hui and left Tang Jiabao. At that time, Tang Hui cursed at the gate of Tang Jiabao and insisted that Tang Yan die a natural death!
Only half a month later, Mrs. Tang Yan died together. The second master’s suspicion is that the biggest thing is to suffer from the slightest evidence and let the Tang elders come out to uphold justice
"Second Master, thank you for your kindness. Although the old slaves will die loyally, the mistress of the house will support the big lady when she grows up. It won’t be hard for her to be in charge of the safety of the big lady of the Tang Family in the future. Second Master is worried that the mistress of the house will arrive soon, and the old slave needs to arrange someone to walk her coffin out. Does second master want to see her off?"
Mammy Du respectfully refused Tang Hui’s proposal that she should live for one day and never let the second master succeed!