Damn it! ?


Major General Robert Jr. stared at the high-speed approach. Figure 22. The bomber fleet turned pale like a frosted wax gourd, with a bit of artistic sense. He decisively made the "Tomcat Squadron Horse Show intercept, even if people and planes collided together, they could not approach the fleet!"
"Take off another squadron to prepare for the second interception!"
"Stop launching cruise missiles!"
"Ma reports this situation to the Pentagon!"
By the time these orders were finished, the ghostly bombers were about to hit the f14 head-on. At that speed, every pilot in charge of intercepting the ship saw sweat on his forehead and shouted in his heart, "Mercy and mercy, my Lord Satan, bless you!" What will happen if you really hit Figure 22? I don’t know. Anyway, f14 has no slag left. Can you be afraid?
Robert Jr. and the captain looked at each other in astonishment and saw each other’s faces as shocked, confused and worried as they were.
Is the Soviet Union really going to Baba Sheep? If that’s the case, the White House and the Pentagon have made painstaking plans, fearing that they will have to pay half the water and half the flowers. It has been proved more than once that polar bears are not good helpers, but they are the most powerful ones. If they don’t send out their dung sticks, they will make you chicken feathers and duck blood! Damn it, the United States of Africa was beaten up by polar bears and pandas. Is the nightmare going to happen again?
Chapter DiYiSiEr Indian Ocean eagle (3)
The ambassador of the Soviet Union suddenly found that the sense of the United Nations had never been high. The Soviet Union suddenly became more red than the monkey’s ass. Since stepping into the imperial cemetery in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union has never been so red. It’s not just overnight. What is too slow? He can’t figure out when it is red. Anyway, as soon as his old man entered the United Nations conference hall, hundreds of eyes came together. The kind of attention, the kind of enthusiasm, really made the three big and five thick polar bears feel confused and sighed in their hearts. "What is this game?" Look at Shao Jianhui again. Fortunately, this buddy is still normal. He squints at a 45-degree angle, purses his mouth and whistles without showing the general expression of anthomaniac. Otherwise, he is really finished-he will be disgusted to death! It’s a neighbor’s cousin after all. Although it’s usually annoying, it’s still reassuring at the key moment
The polar bear United Nations is very poor. No one will like this simple-minded, well-developed, rude and greedy animal. Although a small mouth is as sweet as honey, even his wife lets him sleep and buys one for free and one or two little aunts, but it is full of energy to dig something out of his pocket. Polar bears know this. Of course, they know that they have to give a few little aunts and wives who have slept with others. Otherwise, how can they be the boss? He is my brother Panda United Nations is not much better. This product is too aggressive. The countries that are called military powers in the world have almost asked him to greet them one by one, spanking them, whipping them, dripping wax oil, and beating their cheeks red and swollen. Chrysanthemum bleeding is naturally not much better. It is estimated that there are not many pandas. The cover of the magazine looks quite silly and cute. The panda is carrying a machine gun and wrapped around seven rounds of bullet chains with a combat knife in his mouth. The title is "This beast is extremely dangerous to eat people!" …… Polar bears pull a group of poor buddies to fight the sky. Panda takes a group of poor buddies to play with mud and rely on he is my brother. With this, Shao Jianhui becomes the most normal one in the eyes of cognitive ambassadors.
Somehow, the Chinese ambassador was going to ask if Mars was going to hit the earth or a nuclear war was going to break out. It was urgent to call him here. Ambassador Mao Indra came over with grief and tears. "What did Mr. Pavlov want to betray us?" What have we done to you? "
The Soviet ambassador was horrified by the dissatisfied housewife’s general eyes and tone, and the goose bumps fell all over the floor. He quickly played three meters away and was cold and inexplicable. His simple mind is now a mess. "We betrayed you? We betrayed you? Where does this start? "
This sentence hasn’t come out yet. Ambassador York pushed the Indra dissatisfied housewife aside. The wind was strong and rough, and the flames were sprayed directly from his eyes to make Ambassador Indra dare to be angry and dare not speak. This made Pakistan
Ambassador Pavlov’s impression of the capitalist ambassador has improved, but Ambassador York’s tone is as angry as eating three kilograms of RDX. It is not difficult to judge that this guy is about to explode. "Mr. Pavlov, what the hell is going on? You must give us an explanation! "
Ambassador Pavlov was at a loss. "What’s going on? What do you mean? "
Mr. York is furious. "What is it? What would you not know? Narcissus don’t spend-what the fuck are you packing garlic! "
Pavlov said, "How do I know what you mean?"
Mr. York: "What else could it be?"
Pavlov: "What the hell was that?"
Mr. York: "I also want to ask you what happened!" "
Pavlov "Mo Miao! Now you tell me clearly what you said was going on! Your mother, why are you fierce? You have neither seduced your wife nor raped your sister. Why are you fierce? "
Mr. York "this is a fucking war, right? Come and fight! One-on-one hit group fight, you can choose one-on-one hit, you pick us up, we beat you up! "
Pavlov "Don’t you dare touch me! See if I don’t kick your ass! "
Mr. York "…"
Pavlov "…"
I have to say that the power of example is huge, and the power of bad example is even poorer. These diplomats have made Shao Jianhui such a bad example that he always swears and brandishes an iron fist. If you don’t stop talking, you will have to fight, which will make everyone feel too hurt and harmonious. Shao Jianhui is a little depressed while watching with relish. These are my lines, okay? ? Respect me! ?
The result of the noisy red face was that after spraying for twenty minutes, everyone found that they still didn’t make things clear. An angry man was eating people, and a confused monk was puzzled.
"You Soviets are cowards who dare to pretend and dare to do it!"
"You this white pig besides scold people like a bitch, what will you order? If you don’t make things clear today, you won’t come up with this door! "
"What’s clear? Things are just there, I am still waiting for you to explain clearly! "
"Explain your sister! As soon as we didn’t blow up the White House, we didn’t sink your aircraft carrier. Why did you dance at me? "
The word "aircraft carrier" is a big taboo for Mr. York. This guy, Zhang Xiaobai, is so angry that his face is purple with sauce.
Aircraft carriers are not doing well, and several ships have been sunk by others one after another. The most deadly thing is that they are not superpowers like the Soviet Union, but it is recognized that the first army of the Army has less combat effectiveness than the three countries, which makes the double-headed eagle feel embarrassed. I haven’t seen that the theory of aircraft carrier is all the rage these days, and the aircraft carrier service has become the most dangerous job. A double-headed eagle has to hook the aircraft carrier with a mushroom bomb. Who dares to touch our aircraft carrier and invite ya to eat poached eggs? But even so, some people dare to move their aircraft carrier, and they still have a few balls left to deploy the Lincoln! It’s natural to be furious when someone steps on your feet. Mr. York is about to lose his temper, and the polar bear is still at a loss. If you go like this, you will die!
The British ambassador resolutely came out and asked, "Mr. Pavlov, what happened when your country sent long-range bombers to the Indian Ocean to threaten the aircraft carrier battle group of the United States?" Is your country going to violate its previous commitment not to interfere in the situation in Pakistan? "
A word awakens the dreamer, and the two of us are as fierce as red-eyed cocks, and turn our heads together to stare at the old man. Mr. York is a little relieved that our younger brother A knows when to speak for the boss! Pavlov, on the other hand, pointed to his garlic nose with a cannibalistic attitude, and his tone was incredible: "We, out, bombers, threats, Lincoln, aircraft carrier battle group!" ?”
The French ambassador said, "According to the report of the Lincoln, the fighter model figure 22 backfired." That expression was, don’t pretend. We even figured out the fighter model, and you didn’t pretend!
Pavlov turned his head and saw that the representatives of NATO countries were heartbroken. The representatives of Warsaw Pact countries were amazed and admired-the boss was mighty! It’s not NATO, it’s not the representative of the Warsaw Pact countries, and it’s interesting to see the situation with relish. The truth is so complicated and confusing. This simple-minded man can’t help screaming at the sky. "What the fuck is going on! ! !”
A roar rocked the ceiling.
"What the hell is going on! ! !”
The same roar was pronounced a little earlier, and the place was changed to the Pentagon, and the growler was replaced by the defense minister of Citigroup. This man was even more angry than a polar bear, and roared like a thunderbolt, and the ground was exposed to the abyss of hell. Many coffee cups were cracked. No one complained that the defense minister’s voice was too high, making too much noise, which seriously endangered the health of colleagues. Everyone stared at the screen and looked as gloomy as night or as blue as a few glasses of arsenic.
Several demon fighters on the screen are as fast as lightning, and it is not difficult to see the picture slowly and then slowly.
This product backfired with the Soviet union’s figure 22, which is simply a die print! The same ugly appearance, the same evil pneumatic layout, the same frightening speed and flying height, the same arrogant style … If this is not Figure 22, dozens of generals, experts, intelligence chiefs and toilet cleaners will eat these planes!
Fig. 22 backfire is not easy to provoke. It can not only carry out a devastating nuclear attack on the enemy country but also carry out strategic bombing. The amazing speed and good maneuverability of the frontline troops make it have a terrible penetration ability. It will spread the flame of death to every surface ship and turn these powerful warships into floating coffins. This backfire smells of death and makes the whole NATO uneasy. No country can prevent it-even Citigroup can’t prevent it. If it is not too far away from the Soviet Union, it will be afraid to follow each other. Like NATO member countries, they have been visited by Figure 22 every so often. In recent years, NATO’s Warsaw Pact nuclear disarmament talks have been going on round after round. Figure 22 backfire is the focus of nuclear disarmament negotiations. NATO believes that this product is so terrible that it threatens world peace and must be included in the list of reduction and destruction. The Soviet Union insists that this is not a strategic bomber’s full capacity, but the strike range of medium-range bombers is only six or seven thousand kilometers. The speed is generally less than Mach 3. The amount of bombs is just so-so, which is only about 12 tons-far from the level of strategic long-range bombers. There is no need to cut them. Even its creator, the tupolev Design Bureau, declared that this is a round of negotiations in the tactical category of medium-range bombers. Thus, Figure 22 has not been cut or destroyed, but a large number of equipment has become more and more prosperous!
Now the United States has tasted this "tactical" bomber.
Six pictures 22 were divided into three groups, and the ship intercepted and warned from three directions. The Tomcat Squadron was unable to cope with these demons, and the fire formation could not be washed away instantly. This made everyone look very ugly and made them look even uglier. It was that these demons actually took off from the Pakistani military base! What does this mean? This means that the polar bear can’t hold back and finally wants to shoot! Surely the polar bear must be justified at this moment. You b52 and b2 can both declare war on the Pakistani army. Why don’t you let me move? I’ll touch you. What can you do to me?
Chapter DiYiSiSan Indian Ocean Eagle (4)
Major-General Robert Jr. watched six Figure22 planes roaring through the blockade of the ship, and his heart swelled with anger. Damn polar bears, can’t they stop? They want to fight a world war! ? It is abhorrent to provoke the United States so boldly, but he can’t do anything about them!
You can’t move those few backfires before the head speaks. Suddenly, the head is afraid of being out of control. It’s a bit hard for them to come up with ideas for dozens of seconds. It seems that they can rely on themselves!
Fig. 22. The fleet continues to dash forward after the first line of defense of the ship collision machine, with a distance of 120 kilometers and approaching at high speed! Major General Robert Jr. roared "Rev. Interference! The defense system is ready to launch! The ship’s plane fired a missile at their long plane and could not let them continue to approach! "
One aircraft still clung to Figure 22 and snapped the launch button. An immortal bird missile slipped from the pylon and ignited and flew towards the fleet of Figure 22. After all, it was deliberately a little off-target. After all, it was impossible to really shoot down Little Robert in Figure 22. The purpose was just to let the polar bear retreat and not push too hard. However, Figure 22 seemed to be determined not to leave a little bit of face for the double-headed eagle. Incredible situation. Figure 22 The engine suddenly shook and the air around the fuselage gave off bursts of detonation, and the speed soared from Mach 2. At Mach 2.7, an unusually spectacular ring-shaped milky white sonic boom cloud was pulled out. It was as powerful as the ai54 undead bird’s tail chase. If you want to hit such a horrible fighter plane, you also have the heart to try your best to catch it. The distance is getting bigger and bigger, and eventually you lose it. Every pilot in the sea eagle squadron looks ugly to the extreme. The warning shot turned into self-humiliation. This anger made them bite their lips!
Just after breaking through the defense line of the sea eagle squadron, six planes crashed into the invisible and intangible magnetic storm. Every instrument pointer turned wildly. Every screen was covered with snowflakes and garbled. The double-headed eagle technology was no joke. The huge aircraft carrier battle group just disappeared from the screen, but in Figure 22, the fleet didn’t worry at all. At the same time, it slowed down. At the same time, the wings of the long plane turned sideways and fanned several other five horses gathered together. Among the six fighters, they were arranged in a tyrannical and overbearing diamond-shaped formation. Dozens of small umbrellas popped up and floated like dandelions. Later, This is a big joke. The radar screen of every warship and fighter in the aircraft carrier battle group is full of flashing light spots. The computer tries to remove the false signals and then remove them, but there are still dozens of light spots-that, that is likely to be a huge fleet! These six planes
Figure 22 is the lead, and the main force is behind. The polar bear is likely to want to kill the aircraft carrier battle group Lincoln!
Little Robert is going crazy. "What is this … what is this? What is this! ! !”
A staff member was sweating profusely and said, "France is sure it may be a huge fleet!" "
Robert Jr. grabbed the staff officer with one hand and pushed him to the steel wall and roared, "Is it possible? Is it possible to be so vague about such a serious matter as the life and death of the whole fleet? How do you become a staff officer? If that’s the Soviet fleet, where did it come from? If not, what is it? Answer me! "
The staff officer was strangled and almost suffocated. Fortunately, the captain saved him. "Now is not the time to investigate the responsibility! The Soviet interference is really too great. We have judged whether it is a real fleet or not. Let’s just pretend it is true for the sake of caution! "
Robert Jr. angrily let the staff officer look grim and shouted, "Whatever it is, let the sea eagle squadron kill them!" "
The staff member who was almost strangled exclaimed, "This will lead to war!"
Robert Jr. is simply growling. It’s rare to be so rude. "Damn war has broken out! Send another squadron to stop the Soviet fleet! "
You can’t find me, I can’t find you, but at this time, the take-off fighter plane suspected to tell the Soviets the exact location of the aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier battle group of Lincoln has lost first, but what if it doesn’t take off? Figure 22 and the big fleet behind them came straight to the high school, and then let them approach some, afraid that the fleet can be found without radar vision! One or two hundred meters long guy, but the sea is quite conspicuous! Your mother wants to fight, right? Then have a good fight!
At the same time, another squadron was released as quickly as possible. At the same time, the sea eagle squadron also locked the flickering light spot dozens of kilometers away with fire control radar. The ferocious undead birds jumped with anger. In less than a minute, less than forty undead birds were launched, screaming and drawing a series of death tracks. All the ship pilots stared at the screen without blinking, praying that the fleet that came out of nowhere was beaten. However, it was unbelievable that dozens of missiles hit the fleet. The light spot didn’t represent the fighter signal at all. What about the flashing missiles? Straight across the whole fleet, I don’t know where it flew!
This … this is impossible! The squadron leader lost his temper and shouted, "My God, what is this?"
Everyone was shocked. This scene was incredible to them! Immortal bird missile power
They know very well that it can be called a massacre in the Iran-Iraq war. They have created a missile to kill three or four MIG terrorist records many times-poor Iraqi army. Its range, accuracy and maneuverability are unparalleled, and it can intercept high-speed cruise missiles! Today, however, this dead bird is possessed and becomes restless. Liu Hui passed by such a dense fleet, but she refused to fight without touching a leaf in the evergreen forest! One piece and two pieces can also explain dozens of pieces of technical failure, so it can be explained by the devil! Is it possible that the polar bear has developed a super fighter that can detect and hide with infrared/radar dual-mode missiles, or is there any laser weapon that can instantly blind all missiles? If that’s the case, there’s no need to continue this contest. This is zenith star technology. In addition to a wry smile, the United States can also dip a broom in two barrels of ink and write a word of 20 square meters. But is it possible? I’m afraid this chance is not much bigger than an elephant giving birth to a donkey!
If Chinese people encounter this situation, they will probably say, "Damn it!" However, the two-headed eagle is different. It is unlikely to know, but the flagship island bridge is still silent. Everyone has a cold sweat and there is no way. Who told them to go? It is the technology flow that insists on the theory of technological victory? When they encounter such a horrible and incredible situation, the first thing they think of is that the polar bear is plugged in again. What technology should be used to counter it? This group that can’t be beaten and crashed is shocking to them. Figure 22 The tearing length is terrible because these elites are speechless. Fortunately, the speed of this group is slowing down-the key is that they are slow and finally have a chance to bite them hard! Robert Jr. angrily made his voice sound relaxed and confident. "The fire in the sea eagle squadron and the sea eagle squadron knocked out that fleet. Forget those damn backfires!" After reaching this order, Robert Jr. was full of bitterness, and the enemy’s strength was so terrible. The two squadrons didn’t know that there were still a few fighter planes coming back alive. They didn’t know how many warships they had to lose to survive the thunder, but he didn’t choose Figure 22. Although it was horrible, he didn’t have the ability to kill the aircraft carrier battle group. Most destroyers and frigates can always protect the Lincoln, but if the group that can’t crash comes over, dozens of fighters are afraid that there will be no slag left in the aircraft carrier battle group!
The boss was finally merciful, and the command was simple: "Keep the Lincoln at all costs!"
Save the Lincoln at all costs, which means that the success or failure of this battle is secondary. The key is to save the Lincoln-there are few active aircraft carriers in the United States. Everyone watched the two squadrons turn their backs and kill that one.
Whether it is quantity or quality, it is far superior to f14. The mysterious fleet is almost out of breath. Can it stop this fleet? I don’t know. Anyway, after World War I, few fighters of these two squadrons will be lucky to come back and few pilots will come back alive. Figure 22: The fleet is adjusting its formation, which gives them a little time to enjoy the bravery and fear of naval aviation soldiers.
The sea eagle squadron fired the last batch of missiles, and the sea eagle squadron also fired no less than 30 missiles at one breath. Every enemy plane had to face a cross attack of 1.5 missiles, and the firepower was dense and spectacular. However, as in the first time, every missile passed through the enemy plane from the fleet! It’s not hard to imagine that the navy airmen hesitated for two seconds in shock and despair at this moment. The two mid-team leaders took the lead in rushing towards the fleet that was beyond their knowledge level. Then all the fighters threw away their farts and the undead missiles roared and rushed over! You Soviet fighters are so powerful that you can’t even hit missiles, but I don’t believe you can also move tanks and armor to fighters. It always works to shoot armor-piercing bullets at you, right? Your sister! It’s enough to fight this battle. Many officers have painfully closed their eyes. They seem to see the evil Soviet Union pilots playing with cats and mice, laughing cruelly, gently pressing the button, and the missiles darting out like snakes, and rushing to f14 like moths to a flame. Maybe if they don’t wear an oxygen mask, Robert Jr. will be heartbroken, glaring and glaring. These enemies are still the elite of the United States navy! Seeing them die generously, how can he not be heartbroken as a commander? How can you not be angry?
Fortunately, he didn’t close his eyes to see the whole process clearly. More than 20 f14s rushed to the mysterious fleet with a bitter murderous look. Surprisingly, the Soviet fleet didn’t launch missiles. f14 came at me like a bloody piranha, and then f14 didn’t launch an attack. The line was as silent as death. The mausoleum was much more lively than here. Robert Jr. rubbed his eyes hard. Yes, F14 didn’t attack those devils and went straight through that terrorist fleet.
What the fuck is going on here?
Robert Jr. shouted into the microphone, "Why didn’t the sea eagle attack?"
The two mid-team leaders seem to have been strongly stimulated to speak a little breathlessly. "Report to the general that we have launched an attack on the enemy plane!"
Little Robert blurted out, "What’s the matter?"
Seahawk mid-team leader roared, "our Chinese machine gun hit a big triangle less than one square meter!" ! !”