He held my hand tightly and said "go home"


"Go home?" My tears fell again "No, I can’t go home"
He looked at me in surprise.
I smiled sadly. "My home is far away. There is no emperor, no marriage, and no damn three wives and four concubines!"
"Who are you?" He approached me and asked
"I don’t know who I am. Is it NiuHu Lu? Hey? Chen Wei? Or is it just a wisp of a lonely soul … "I palpitation to answer his words.
You!’ He got angry and pinched my jaw. "Is it really such a big blow?"
I looked at him blankly.
"Are you really so sad that the old fourteen was married by Emperor Amar? You! " His strength increased and his eyes were secretly amazing.
"Sad?" I asked, "shouldn’t I be sad?"
"You are his fourth sister-in-law," he said, his face getting more and more gloomy.
"Sisao?" I sneer at "what a sisao! But did you ask me? What about your family and royal family these days? Decided my life at will. You fight for your profits and have to involve me? I’m telling you, I don’t want to be a fourth sister-in-law or a side Fujin! I don’t want it! "
"You are already," he said coldly, as if to suppress his anger.
"But my lover is Yin Gui!" I blurted out, "I love Yin Chan! I love him!"
You!’ He moved his hand to my neck and tightened it. "Do you know what you said?"
"yes! I know! I said I hate you. I hate you, Aisingiorro? Yin Zhen! You ruined my happiness! If it weren’t for you, would I be here again? I want to kill you! "
He didn’t speak and tightened his fingers. I felt short of breath.
Good. So … So it’s over, isn’t it … So I can go home? Go back to my house …
Mom, I’m back. Your daughter is back …
My mouth slowly burst into a smile and tears slipped.
Breathing became more and more difficult. I looked at him and said, "Yin Zhen … Goodbye …"
And i’m sorry …
I’m sorry, I know it’s not your fault, and you can’t help it.
I’m sorry I married you but I love your own brother.
I’m sorry that you wrapped me up and I angered you again and again.
I’m sorry I was stupid enough to hurt you.
Sorry …
The darkness came and I lost consciousness.
Finally … but I can go home …
Chapter 12 Fanwai Dongying Articles
My name is Dong Ying, and I’m a girl in Master Ling Zhu’s house.
It has been six years since I was arranged to be a personal maid beside Xiao Gege, who is only seven years old.
"Dong Ying, can you write?" Xiaogege cocked his head and asked me
I shook my head and said, "I can’t talk back to Gege."
"won’t it?" Xiao Gege’s face showed a very distressed expression. "My mother just told me that’ female talent is virtue’. Do you think so?"
I’m depressed and right.
"If I don’t understand the four elder brothers, I won’t let him seize the opportunity." Little Gege angrily said.
I was stupefied. It turned out that Xiao Gege insisted on learning Chinese characters regardless of Fujin’s dissuasion since she was five years old.
"Hum is well written, and sooner or later I will write as well as him! ….. not even better than him! "
I can look at Gege’s post at her desk and take a closer look. I feel that posting words is more beautiful than flowing freely in one go, but I don’t know what face writing is.
Xiao Gege looked at me and smiled at the post. "Does Dong Ying want to learn calligraphy, too?"
I am a surprised busy pie head way "no … handmaiden dare not …"
"Dare?" Xiao Gege took my sleeve and said, "It’s okay. I’ll teach you secretly and never tell my mother!"
I was hesitating when Xiao Gege gave me some copybooks, saying, "I didn’t steal much from Yin Gui’s fourth brother … But these are the faces that Amar gave me."
I looked at Gege in surprise. "Gege, you … steal?"
After listening to my words, she blushed and tossed her head. "No, I asked Yin Gui to steal it for me."
"Gege you … 14 May, he will let you" I sighed.
Xiaogege has always been stronger. Fourteen elder brothers take care of her in every way, and take her everywhere for a long time. Xiaogege becomes more and more dependent on fourteen elder brothers, but in the end, fourteen elder brothers and four elder brothers will argue if they don’t meet.
I remember that one year, Xiao Gege sneaked out to find May 14th, and happened to meet May to walk the horse. At that time, I accompanied her, and she looked at me piteously. I promised to let her walk the horse with May.