What an outsider! It broke Qin’s heart.


"Hey, hey, it’s the best for my husband." Heng Xuexiao deliberately asked Yexie to repair her husband, and then smiled happily and held her arm and head, and innocent girl miraculously put it on his shoulder.
"Honey, we’re going back to class soon." Night evil repair cooperated to touch the snow and laugh at the head. The two of them went back to the classroom like conjoined babies.
64 evil dramas in human world
The original LUN Yu Xiao and Heng Xue Xiao are not in the same class, and Xia Chun needs to be transferred to the LUN Yu Xiao class by the LUN Yu Xiao Protection Institute now.
In the course of class, Heng Xuexiao and Ye Xiexiu formed a sleeping duo, lying on the desk and sleeping motionless like a dead man.
Heng Xue smiled at the window with her eyes wide open, contemplating a series of things.
Qin undressed and finally appeared. In her sight, she must never give up a good opportunity for revenge.
But is it enough to rely on your own strength? Can you kill a vampire?
When I was in class, I couldn’t help but ask the night evil to fix a sentence.
"Night evil repair if I die, will you help me revenge? Kill the man who killed me. "
Night evil repair looked at Heng Xue strangely and looked at her anxiously. "Why do you ask Heng Er? What are you thinking? "
Heng Xue smiled and shook his head. "I want to know how important I am in your heart."
Night evil fix zheng, then laughs cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation "Heng son is so stupid, I still think you are crooked."
Night evil finished laughing and put on a serious expression and replied seriously, "But I can definitely answer you that I will and I won’t live alone after I avenge you."
When I heard the answer to the night evil repair, I laughed at the snow and my heart was always rough and calm.
She doesn’t want to practice evil at night, because she died too …
Heng Xuexiao flung himself into Ye Xiexiu’s arms and put his hands tightly around his waist with a shallow cry, "Don’t die."
Night evil repair his hands and smiled back at the snow and said, "Then you should live well, so I won’t die."
"I will, I will live strongly …" I will live because I love you.
After school, Xia Chun and Heng Xuexiao made an appointment to go to a sweet shop to eat ice cream together, so that two big men would not follow Xia Chun to get a Heng Xuexiao car as soon as school was over.
"Hey, hey, look at the front, beautiful sister." Xia Chun suddenly became very excited when he was sitting in the car, pulling his hand and laughing at Xue’s arm in a hurry.
Heng Xue smiled and looked down Xia Chun’s finger. Not far away, it was Qin Luoyi.
"What’s the matter?" Heng snow smile asked curiously.
"Gnome male-"Good chance for revenge? "Xia Chun snickered with a smile, and his mouth chirped near Heng Xue’s smiling ears, wondering what he was planning.
After listening to Xia Chun’s words, Heng Xue smiled and gave me a smirk. She patted Xia Chun on the shoulder with one hand, and her voice was distorted. "Hey, hey, Xiaochun, you are good."
Say, smile and speed up the throttle. The car flies out like a left arrow.
The wheels drove through a pool of dirty water, which accurately raped Qin Luoyi.
"Wow, beautiful sister, your timing is really accurate!"
Heng Xuexiao also felt glad that the dirty water was just in front of Qin Luoyi, and Qin Luoyi was walking again.
You should also control your own speed, the walking speed and the direction of dirty water.
Heng Xuexiao and Xia Chun clearly saw in the rearview mirror that Qin left his clothes in place and stamped his feet with anger. Both of them were laughing.
65 karma in the human world?
"Xiao Chunchun, I say we should apologize or it’s our turn to bully people around us."
Just looking at this literally seems to be a sincere apology, but her bad smile has betrayed her.
Well said, apologizing is actually to add frost to Qin Luoyi’s clothes, mix the bad guys and play the good guys. Students around will think that they are not careful, but some Qin Luoyi know that they are demonstrating.
"Yes, the beautiful sister is right. Teachers and parents have taught me to admit my mistakes when I do something wrong. What’s the saying?" Xia Chun, with her head in her head, stared at the outside and thought about an ancient saying.
"Alas, it’s’ making mistakes can improve a lot.’" I didn’t expect anyone to have worse grades than Heng Xuexiao, who patted Xia Chun on the shoulder with great relief.
"Oh ~ ~ ~ yeah yeah! This is the sentence! " Xia Chun jumped up from his seat when he got excited.
Fruit …
If you hit the roof, you will be embarrassed.
"Ow-"Xia Chun eats painfully clutching his head and his delicate facial features are crowded together.
"Alas, why are you always impatient in Mao Mao?" Heng Xue said with a smile and opened the door.