Wei Chengqi firmly put pen to paper, followed by Zhu Yinqi. The original noisy hall was quiet. Everyone paid attention to Wei Chengqi and Zhu Yinqi. They couldn’t see the chessboard fight clearly, but they could see Zhu Yinqi and Wei Chengqi’s eyes.


It seems to outsiders that this is the case. Looking at Zhu Yinqi, there is no secret of love and tenderness in his eyes, and Zhu Yinqi’s expression changes from alienation to surprise, then to appreciation, and finally to sincere smile.
A cup of tea is no more or less.
"Miss Wei is a good chess player!" When I put pen to paper, Zhu Yinqi said this softly, but I didn’t hide my appreciation.
"The temple goes to praise! I lost my heart! " Wei Yu’s face is a little red, and her beautiful eyes are getting brighter and brighter.
Zhu Yinqi cast a deep glance, and Wei Chengou returned to his seat, while Wei Chengou carefully put the rice paper into his arms.
Zhu Yiting’s face is smiling deeply, and Wei Yi actually recruited Zhu Yinqi, who deserves to be her daughter!
"Empress, it seems that we can prepare for their marriage." Zhu Pingting looked at Empress Ji and smiled with great satisfaction.
Queen Ji’s eyes flashed but did not refute that "pro-Canada pro-emperor must be happy"
Ji Wenhua around Queen Ji heard this sentence, and her eyes suddenly sank and she twisted her hands involuntarily. Gong Pa Zhu Yinqi said that his toffee would be left to her … But just Zhu Yinqi’s look in her eyes greatly caused Ji Wenhua’s anxiety.
Zhu Yinqi doesn’t hate his own cognition, which makes the second lieutenant in the year jump for joy. Compared with the end of the palace banquet, Zhu Yiting goes to say goodbye to the queen and others. Wei Chengqi is alone in the gazebo not far away, and the two of them are playing chess and rice paper, and they are as tightly protected as a baby.
No one knows who won or lost the game, and no one knows the secret of Xuan paper, except Wei Yi himself or Zhu Yinqi. The chess game was carefully designed by Wei Yi and did not compete with chess skills to express his mind.
The seemingly mundane chess game actually hides a secret. At the end of the game, the black and white arrangement skillfully spelled out the pattern of heart-to-heart. Zhu Yinqi put the pen because he understood the secret and the careful thoughts of Wei Wei.
This is doomed to be a game without winning or losing! Because Weiwei always pressed him step by step, and then deliberately put a gap in her head, Zhu Yinqi-she was self-effacing, and later she learned that Weiwei was deliberately guiding herself to paint.
This kind of chess is a very fresh experience for Zhu Yinqi. He never knew that chess could be so beautiful as a painting. Finally, he saw those two hearts. Frankly speaking, Zhu Yinqi was very shocked.
This is a confession to yourself! So bold, so original, Zhu Yinqi’s heart instantly softened, and a twelve-year-old boy let Zhu Yinqi remember her when he finished loving her ignorant age.
Wei Yu was full of thoughts about Zhu Yin Qilian, and she didn’t find a pair of plain hands to push her into the water with early warning.
When I fell into the water in a panic, I saw the beautiful image dressed in pink palace clothes and quickly left.
The rescued captain cried like a lost child, so she was frightened, but she didn’t know that she was crying because her bosom was painted with soulmate rice paper, which became waste paper.
It is natural to investigate such an important event as the prime minister’s daughter falling into the water, but the murderer can be found everywhere in the pink palace, and it is not so easy to catch and find the maid-in-waiting, and it is not necessarily possible to catch up with the murderer behind the scenes.
After all, today, the captain is too conspicuous, and a jealous official’s daughter may become a suspect, and things will not end in the end.
But Weiwei is not stupid. She has always had a suspect in her heart. Ji Wenhua wore the same pink palace dress at the banquet that day.
The target of suspicion is Ji Wenhua, not because she is paranoid, but because she heard her pusher say, Don’t even think about it. You will never get Yin Qi’s love.
Dare to openly say that Zhu Yinqi Yinqi, the grand palace, besides Dezong and Empress Ji, has Ji Wenhua, who reached out and Zhu Yinqi fell in love with childhood.
However, Wei Wei did not tell this story and did not hold Ji Wenhua accountable, which would make Zhu Yinqi recognize that she was deliberately planted.
Ji Wenhua also told her several times that you will never get Yin Qi’s love.
A word into a prophecy! Ji Wenhua, this sentence is a curse to the captain!
In the long years, whenever Zhu Yinqi moves closer to the captain, Ji Wenhua will jump out and stand between them. They will never get into Zhu Yinqi’s heart because there is always a Ji Wenhua in front of her!
That’s a solution to the curse. Even if Ji Wenhua dies, he still can’t get it right. Wei Ji Wenhua will always be defeated! Always will be!
Look at this time, Zhu Yinqi finally took a step towards her and Ji Wenhua came back!