The two of them silently picked up their own things with their heads down, and there was no dispute. Although they were already confused about some things, they seemed to be very tacit and restrained.


In normal times, this is definitely a rare phenomenon, and it is also a very commendable thing. Unfortunately, there is no monk in the valley now, because they are both white, and they are not trying to fight, but to ease their psychological pressure.
Although the other monks did not feel the same way about the psychology of these two monks, they could generally imagine that after the initial ridicule and contempt, a group of monks who owned the number plate were successful at this time, and they all thought that the day would come soon.
They have all experienced victory and failure, but they never thought that failure here would have such an impact on their psychology. Their performance in the form gave all the monks present an impression that they might not be as calm as expected when they failed, and it was probably that they could not bear or bear the pain.
At this moment, all the monks with number plates in the valley secretly decided in their hearts to make themselves the final winner at all costs; Instead of falling into the laughingstock of heaven and man like these two people.
Besides, in a short period of psychological change, the monk said that more than a dozen monks at the bottom of the thunder and fire lake in the palace joined forces to rob the monk for the first time and won two plates. Naturally, they were all in a very good mood and their faces were filled with smiles.
If they hadn’t been alert in their hearts and knew that it might be possible here at any time, don’t eat the number plate monks, for fear that they would yell to vent their excitement, because it was too smooth and too easy for them to have success after going through thousands of difficulties.
Although everyone wants the two number plates, no one dares to draw them. Finally, the friar who initiated the discussion brushed his sleeve and sent out a potential to transfer the two number plates to a crack in the nearby stone.
He is so natural that everyone is satisfied, so at that time all kinds of goodwill and compliments rushed towards him like a tide, and his fame was like a rising tide.
He is naturally quite satisfied with this, but he is not an easy-to-satisfy person, and then he seeks more benefits. Therefore, he tries to be a host and tells everyone to restore the previous disguised order and continue to "wait for him."
It’s normal that he succeeded, although he knows very well in his heart that all the monks present outside are unruly people, and they will get the number plate. The dissolution of the alliance will certainly not be as obedient as it is now, but he doesn’t care that he cares that he owns this.
As the saying goes, there is a second time for the first time. This alone is enough for him to do the number arrangement exercise and get a lot of invisible benefits.
Not long after, influenced by the message, the number of monks holding the number plate came this time, but it was twice as many as the second time, but four. However, after they had a sudden attack on the four men, there was still no room for counterattack, so they were sent to the valley because of the "life and death risk" judgment. The same four black four-corner number plates stayed and became their battle advantage.
"It’s so easy! It seems that we won’t have to stay long to get what we need! "
The first success has a lot of luck, but the second success has its inevitability. At this moment, someone finally can’t help but get excited.
Although the rest of the monks are not the same as this monk, their brow look and nodding are a matter of doubt. They all agree with this monk’s opinion, including the initiator this time. After all, he is still far from reaching the state of not being happy or sad.
Happy to be happy, everyone’s vigilance has not been relaxed, but it has strengthened the spirit of the earth and kept shooting in all directions to identify whether there are others lurking nearby. Because they are very white, they can’t relax a bit before they get enough of the number plate. I am afraid that what they have to face will be even more crazy and killing each other.
Fortunately, they had a good fortune, and they attacked the monks in a row. They got the 16 th license plate and were not detected by others. They also had 15 people. The license plate was not only enough, but also an extra one. By this time, everyone was naturally unable to hold back their emotions and "divide the spoils."
In order to show fairness, everyone adopted a random selection method. After everyone got it, according to the suggestion of the initiating monk, their "own" should meet with each other as soon as possible, so as not to live up to the long friendship of the alliance now.
This suggestion is very good. Naturally, it has been unanimously recognized by everyone. Therefore, they did not leave here after they got a number plate, but continued to keep hunting here. Soon, more than 20 number plates fell into their hands.
After some selection, the number plates in the hands of these fifteen people are far apart. Without several rounds of fighting, they will definitely not take action. Naturally, they will not continue to go, because this kind of thing will not last for a long time, the longer it will be, the easier it will be exposed, and the most likely it will cause public outrage.
After all, it’s too easy for them to succeed, so everyone knows how to advance and retreat, so they left together. Of course, before leaving, they took all the extra number plates with them, but they were not prepared to give them to their friends, but to take them out so that they could succeed. After all, it’s really successful to be away from the palace and get into the valley. After all, there are still variables in the lake.
Chapter DiSiQiLiu Success and chaos
Chapter DiSiQiLiu Success and chaos
Fifteen robbery monks who returned from the bottom of the lake became one and rose towards the lake.
However, they are an outward alliance team in the thunder and fire lake, and they are all closer because they form a community of interests that is not just temporary. After the previous joint battle, they have already had some kind of friendship.
The world of monks is far more cruel than that of mortals, and the word friendship is relatively more precious. It is natural that they will not disintegrate easily when they finally have this karma. Moreover, they also know that their team has been very different in the past few times, and the number of people is too small. If they fight for their own escape, the result is likely to be annihilated. However, if everyone is single-minded and strategic, they may easily break through the robbery blockade.
Because they were once members of those robbing monks, they knew the specific situation there perfectly.
Fifteen people each held a large amount of information, and after a short consultation, they quickly identified a place with the weakest defense, and all of them flew in that direction without any hesitation.
Facts prove that knowing your enemy and knowing yourself is always the only magic weapon to win! When they arrived, they found that this place was as weak as they expected. This is not to say that the strength of the monks is very poor. In fact, they can come to participate in this century-old training quota competition for monks. In fact, there is not much difference between them. It depends on the specific armed situation that they have when they fight.
This place is the place where a large number of scattered monks gather. Except for a few of them, the equipment of other monks is quite different from that of other sects. Moreover, because there is no sect bond to connect scattered monks in series, the cooperation with reputation and oral Covenant is also the worst.
Although they haven’t met yet, just looking at this one eye, they have already learned about the situation of the defensive monks here. At this moment, the fifteen monks are naturally full of joy. With a series of binge drinking, the fifteen monks shake their hands and fly swords, and the multiplier is extremely strong and sword-like, and the treasure light has turned into a hurricane like a lotus flower flying towards the front.
The strong and extremely powerful mana fluctuation naturally makes a group of robbery monks who have been waiting for a long time also display their power to release jewels and glow to intercept them.
Bang bang-
After a fierce cross-talk, fifteen monks each took out their own rich number plates and tried their best to throw them at the crowd of monks who robbed the road. None of them had anything to hide because they all knew that a monk could go out with a number plate unless he gave it to his friends here. It would be futile to take any more words.
Hard to be sent away because of the randomness of retaining the number plate, I made sure that I had left a good number plate and brought a number that I didn’t want very much. In that case, I would be really trapped. They are all brilliant people, and naturally they won’t leave such a future trouble for themselves.
The dark shape of the number plate is also an ordinary quadrangle, which definitely doesn’t match the word "good-looking". However, in this thunder and fire lake, these dark colors are generally poured on the square number plate, which makes all the monks present shine at the moment when they see them robbing.
Almost without thinking, the vast majority of robbing monks can naturally play their own role and rush towards a certain number plate to grab more than enough. Naturally, it is inevitable that the situation will be avoided. When it is, it will be accompanied by a rumbling fire pinyin. The defense line of Fiona Fang Baizhang Godsworn near here collapsed and collapsed
Although there are still some people who are rational enough and sober enough, or who are too slow to rush out and compete for the monks there at the first time, their number is too small, and they have no overwhelming numerical advantage over the fifteen monks, and their hearts are not even rooted, so it is impossible to play enough synergy to intercept them before taking the initiative.
In order to be free from entanglement once and for all, the fifteen monks did not choose to fly away from those gaps, but took the initiative to rush to one of them. The sword, light and magic instruments danced towards the front of the monk and killed the past. At a glance, the great potential was enough to make the monk on the road realize how powerful and powerful he was. Where dare he just block the road and shake the tree? He immediately evaded himself as quickly as possible to let the fifteen monks rush all the way.
Afterwards, the monk seemed to be embarrassed by his previous cowardice, so he was left behind and sent several powerful attacks in succession to harass him.
It’s a pity that this meaning is not great anymore. The fifteen monks joined forces and moved very easily. They followed the attack and rushed out of the lake.
In an instant, all fifteen monks disappeared, and it was obvious that they were all successfully sent out of the palace.
They are far away from being relaxed, but staying here is a big mess. They have thrown out more than 20 plates, which can definitely be called a "bigger number". Except for a limited number of plates, they were obtained because a few people were quick at first, and the rest are still in the main state.
In this way, naturally, more and more robbery monks in the vicinity participated in the competition. In this great chaos, many monks quietly demonstrated their hidden strength, and a considerable number of monks were sent out of the palace because of the crisis of life and death.
Of course, it’s rare to do harm and benefit. This chaos is a great robbery for many robbing monks on the lake, but it is definitely a gospel for those who have searched for the number plate at the bottom of the lake and sought to break away from the monks.
This level of chaos does not require monks to inquire, so they can be aware of it by careful attention and induction. As a result, many monks with license plates, especially loners, have taken this opportunity to successfully rush out of the lake.
As a result of these loners’ intrusion, more and more monks from other places are robbed to come here to pick up bargains. This place is like a vortex, and more and more monks are swept in, and the chaos is getting bigger and bigger.
It was not until more than an hour later that the number of "fallen" monks was hundreds of thousands, and the robbery monks woke up. At this time, there were still more than a dozen main number plates at the core of the eddy current, just like a plague god. On the contrary, people dared to get close to it, because whoever got a number plate would find themselves facing the scene of looking around for their opponents.
In the number of monks besieged, which monks are confident and dare not guarantee that they will be able to break through in this environment.
The chaos gradually stopped, but none of the monks wanted to leave. After all, the rest of the number plates were still unknown, and it was a mirage, but here it was visible and tangible, and everyone was deadlocked here.
At this time, it was the peripheral monks who took advantage. Because the number plate was surrounded by many monks, they couldn’t get close to it, so they stopped and hunted while waiting in the periphery. The monks who held the number plate had the good luck and strength, and the number plate was enough. Although they didn’t get to the edge, they robbed the number plate in this waiting and left.
This situation naturally makes the monks in the core very jealous, but no one is willing to give up themselves and easily win the position because they know that if they want to go out by themselves, other monks will come in to take their place.
Some people can always put everything to fight, but once they have it, they will always try their best to keep it, which will lead to a great decline in enterprise. Every monk knows that this kind of behavior is not desirable, but when things are put aside for themselves, no one can be vulgar.
Therefore, they can also wait for another chaotic opportunity to appear. At that time, it is a good opportunity to break the current deadlock and get the number plate by themselves.
The situation in this corner of the Lake of Thunder and Fire attracted the attention of many monks, which made the rest of the place look dull. It is precisely because of this that people found that more and more monks got the number plate and rushed out of the Lake of Thunder and Fire.
Chapter DiSiQiQi Last moment
Chapter DiSiQiQi Last moment
It’s getting darker and darker, and the faint light of stars and moons is far from enough to dispel the thick darkness.
More and more monks are sent out of the palace in the valley of the battle. Of course, some of them are happy, others are worried, and naturally they are winners, while sorrow is obviously losers because they have to deal with the questions of Zongmen and relatives and friends.
After all, they all came here with great expectations. If they were defeated fair and square in the ring, it would be enough. Now they have not even set foot in the threshold, and there is not enough strong explanation. I am afraid that their spiritual career will be as smooth as before.
Wei Ji, the winner, is now very comfortable lying in his bed with him, saving his strength while waiting for the long night to pass and face the challenge of Japan.