He always remembers his parents’ words clearly and remembers his identity. She is different.


Even Fang Zhou and Jane went straight to find Liu Jia when they entered the city.
Even Fangzhou has to buy more land today.
Shitouping is a wasteland near there. According to Liu Jia, there are always 7 thousand mu.
The base is flat, with occasional small ups and downs. Even Fangzhou has seen and bought it for a long time, and it is connected with the original more than 1,000 mu, that is, more than 11,000 mu. In the future, good cotton will be developed.
In addition, if there are other convenient transportation, you can buy some more wasteland.
In addition, she also wants to find a place with mountains, water and valleys, which is not too big. Three or four thousand mu, five or six thousand mu all make it necessary to cultivate fruit gardens and raise chickens by the way. In the valley, four or five large fish ponds can be dug along the water to raise fish and ducks.
Fertile land is supposed to buy some, and it is best to have a ready-made grange with three or four hundred acres of fertile land.
The most important thing is that she wants to buy more than 100 acres of land in the suburbs of the county to build a cotton mill, and she will have a place to make quilts and cotton cloth in the future.
Liu Jia listened to her and was dumbfounded. "Lian girl, have you made a fortune?"
Lian Fangzhou smiled and said, "Don’t you know that I have a richest cousin in Shuangliu County?" Cousin, it’s really good to be able to pull another ready-made excuse for this banner!
Liujia zheng ha ha smiled.
It’s really hard for him to get to the bottom of it when she talks to Sue’s family.
But what does it matter? He’s just curious. That’s just one more question. Do you know if he has it?
If there is a business door, he can do it!
Liu Jia thought for a moment and then laughed. "Stone Ping, where the wasteland horse can get the title deed, the price is still the same as before. Hehe, even if the girl buys so much, I can help her talk about how cheap it is!" Where there are mountains and Shui Gu slopes, it’s gentle and not too partial. I’ll have to look for it! Well, it’s still early for Zhuang! Even girls know that no one will sell paddy fields and granges unless it is very special! Always have to wait two months to see the suburbs … I wonder how many acres the girl is going to ask for? Hehe, the more detailed the girl said, the more convenient it will be for me to see the time. Chapter 389 Buy land again.
"I was negligent!" Even Fang Zhou thought about it and smiled, "One hundred and twenty, one hundred and forty-five can be even more."
Anyway, there will always be a show there in the future.
"ok!" Liu Jia was very happy and said with a smile, "Shitouping can measure the suburbs in the past day. I think if there is no problem, it will be good tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and thanked Jane and left.
The two went to Renya again and said that they would buy a dozen more young pages with clever hands and feet and loyal sex. It would be better if they had done manual work! Let people get the price no matter where it comes from. It’s faster to say that it matters.
People’s teeth are very happy and agreed
There is also the hiring of personnel who also paid a visit once when Zhao Liu said that the conditions were similar to those of important people.
Picking cotton is a more dexterous job for women, and it is best for women who are 34 years old to even order it in Fangzhou.
Zhao Liu smiled as soon as he heard that he wanted to pick cotton and laughed. "Even the girl is relieved! When the autumn harvest is over, the women are idle at home, and there is nothing important to do. Many people just pick at random! Everyone who has a way to make money is eager to earn more subsidies! I will definitely pick honesty for you then! "
"Then I thanked Brother Zhao first!" Even Fang Zhou smiled and added, "If Li Qing and Wu Xiaomao are willing to go, let them go!"! I’m willing to be honest with their daughter-in-law, but if I’m ugly, please ask Brother Zhao to help me with a sentence. If I have dirty hands and feet, I’m also heartless when I work! "
"Don’t worry about this!" Zhao six laughed. "Even the girl is kind-hearted and the first one thinks of taking care of them when she has a job! They would be ashamed if their families did such a thing! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled.
Of course, she also understands this truth. Li Qing and their dozens are really kind people, but who knows what their families are like?
Besides, she is used to saying things first.
It’s already halfway through the application from Zhao Liu.
In early autumn, the sun is still dazzling, but it has lost its burning feeling. At this time, walking in the shadow of that huge building has already felt a little cold.
Seeing that it was not early, the two went to a carpenter’s shop separately to book and make various tool parts.
By the time they meet and get ready to go home, the sun has already set west.
The sun sets fast in autumn, and it seems that it was hanging high above the head a moment ago, and it will sink behind the western hills in a blink of an eye.
"I don’t know if I can still hire a car!" Even Fang Zhou smiled at Jane.
Now there are two more donkey carts in the family, but both of them are going to transport cotton. Today, Zhang Xiaojun sent Lian Fangzhou and Jane to the city, and Lian Fangzhou let him go back.
Jane laughed. "It doesn’t matter if you can’t hire it. I’ll walk slowly with you."
Even Fang Zhou gave him a knowing smile in his heart.
With him, Angen doesn’t need to consider this. Even Fangzhou is still at ease.
Jane leaned slightly closer to her again. xiao qing laughed. "If you are tired, I can carry you."
He suddenly has a little yearning. Yeah, he can carry her!
So he kindly suggested, "I think there is really no car at this time. Let’s hurry!"
When did this fellow become so brazen? He was not like this before!