Although the former Lin Chengfu said that the time has already made him feel happy, there are still some other ideas in his heart. For example, he has come to this position and just chose a few others to stay in the guard. What’s the big deal?


He has no parents and these brothers, and these brothers are still a little worse than them. People can also enter the escort. Why can’t his brothers?
He’s not selfish, but from a practical point of view, he didn’t do anything wrong, and he didn’t choose the wrong person to join the guard.
Don’t be like this now
But after that?
He used to be a gangster himself, even after he entered Tian Jiacun, he did something wrong and was replaced by someone else for a few days. He would definitely not have a chance to get up.
But now he is a member with a considerable status in Tian Jiacun. He relies on himself instead of others.
Lin Chengfu apologized to him several times and felt that the prejudice against him was inappropriate, so he should not be admitted to the office first.
Now he hasn’t reached the end yet. He just has some status at this time, which doesn’t mean that he can stay in this position all the time.
"God made me wrong, my Lord. This time, I really know that I was wrong. I will take good care of this manual and the choice of the rear guard will be strictly followed. After all, we are from Tianjiacun." Li Erzhu looked up and his eyes were full of pride.
Tian Tang smiled "hmm"
When I walked again this time, Li Erzhu’s temperament seemed to be a little different.
He used to be disliked as a gangster, and he did many wrong things, but now he is no longer once. His idea is that he has been trying hard and insulting him all this time.
This time, the number of panel guards after Li Erzhu left Tiantian began to increase regularly.
In fact, the overall change is not great for Tian Jiacun. After all, Tian Jiacun is in a remote place, and most people will not come here. Adding a blue barrier to protect the villagers will rarely care about security.
But for Fengshou Town, the changes during this period are actually very obvious.
From the prisoners to the harvest town, the whole town is in a chaotic situation, so there are not many clerks who need to take care of not only the construction of the city wall, but also these prisoners.
In many days, the harvest town, whether the people are in a good mood or the overall environment of the town, feels bad.
But now some people in Fengshou Town are going to Tian Jiacun one after another, and the population pressure in the town has suddenly dropped.
The establishment of this guard also gave Fengshou Town a new order.
These guards are all villagers in Tian Jiacun who take turns every 35 days to go to Fengshou Town from Tian Jiacun to do things and then return to Tian Jiacun later.
At this time, the communication between Tian Jiacun and Fengshou Town is not as troublesome as before. The main reason is that the completion of rammed earth road has reduced a lot of pressure for villagers to walk. Although it takes a long time to go back and forth, there is still a fixed salary for going out, which is also a fixed income for villagers
In just a few days, the number of Tian Jiacun guards has risen.
Lu Ying and Danian joined late, and both Li Erzhu and Lin Chengfu were wary of them before they dared to join the guard.
Fortunately, these two people are a little capable of helping a lot after joining the guard, and they will soon integrate into this environment and truly become a member of the guard.
By this time, Tian Tang is no longer worried about whether this can be completed.
Five days before the countdown is completed, the guard gap is 64 people, and the goal can be achieved by joining more than one person every day on average. With the original prisoners and soldiers really entering Tian Jiacun, this number can not only be achieved as soon as possible, but also achieve the goal with high standards.
I don’t worry about Tian Tang for the time being and watch the village center upgrade.
By this time, she will be more anxious when it will be completed. She will look at the situation in the village center every day.
At present, there are 118 villagers in Tian Jiacun, and 36 garment workshops and shoe workshops have been completed.
The number of villagers is required to be 11, and there are still 8 short of houses, and there are still 4 short of houses.
The number of villagers needs to wait until the villagers in Tian Jiacun are integrated and then a group of people can come.
At present, there are two communities, wooden houses, and each community has 16 rows and 16 buildings, and the remaining houses are made of bungalows …
Tian Tang Dian kai design drawings
The front log cabin is a two-story building, while the bungalow is a single-story building, but the overall area inside is almost the same. There are two rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the second floor. The first floor is the living room and the kitchen, and the second floor is two bedrooms.
The bungalow structure is similar to a rectangle with four partitions, two in front of the living room and two in the back of the kitchen.
Generally speaking, bungalows and wooden houses have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Tian Tang points out the map of the security zone
There are already two rows of houses in the original wooden house area, so it is not enough to build them outside. After all, many villagers filled in the second residential area before, and it seems inappropriate to build bungalows now.
Tian Tang found the original Tian Jiacun area on the map, which is really not suitable for rebuilding dense houses. Secondly, it will bring some inconvenience if there are too many people in that area.
After looking for a circle, she decided to build a new bungalow in the outer circle.
The first batch of four bungalows are located near the entrance of the village, mainly because the place is large enough to accommodate more houses, and the whole will not be cramped.
Take the game of life to the ancient section 76
The cost of bungalows is the same as that of wooden houses, and the rental price and sale price of these bungalows are also consistent with the price of wooden houses.
Tian Tang also specially asked Li Erzhu to show people around the outer circle of Tian Jiacun. If he meets other villagers, he will directly bring people to Tian Jiacun. If not, he will make a mark, and there will be no big problem when Tian Jiacun’s security zone expands again.
Tian Tang has begun to consider the establishment of a first-class town.
At present, there are 7 square kilometers in her hand, and the security zone has been developed. The security zone has 4 square kilometers, but these two security zones alone can cover Tian Jiacun and Fengshou Town.
The requirement of a first-class town is 1 square kilometer, which is equivalent to covering the whole harvest town.
This Fengshou Town refers to not only the place called Fengshou Town, but all the villages at the bottom of Fengshou Town. This size has almost reached the size of some small county towns seen in the past Tian Tang.
After the expansion of the security zone, some people may notice Tian Jiacun in the future.
Although Tian Jiacun’s physical safety can be guaranteed to some extent, it needs to be prepared before.
For example, this three-person escort may be to prepare for the possible risks after the establishment of a small town in Tian Jiacun.
Tian Tang never looked down upon giving a reward system. Many rewards have certain implications and will be adjusted according to the actual situation.
[Congratulations to the players for opening [Education for Prospering the Nation and Primary Education] [Taoli Mantian] When the first-grade primary school students reach 1 person, they will be rewarded with the first-grade primary school class *1 Admission notice *1 Primary school *1 Please continue to work hard]
The first grade of primary school! ! !
Tian Tang took a long breath and finally started a primary school class!
No students have entered her new school for many days, but this time there will finally be students.
Chapter 19 Level villages
The new school was built when Grade 7 was completed, and it is the latest school drawing rather than the school drawing.
The school drawing has a total of six classrooms on each floor.
Although the school is also made of wood, it has three floors as a whole. It is a monolithic house with a main entrance, three classrooms on each side after entering from the front, plus seven classrooms on the first floor of the innermost classroom.
Compared with the modern school, the whole school is still a little backward, but at this time, it is not bad. Although the school has been built for a while, many people come to see it with curiosity every day.
At present, there is a total of one school plus four schools in Tian Jiacun. The main students in the schools are "kindergarten" students, including thousands of villagers in Tianjia Village.
It is reasonable to say that the number of schools in Tian Jiacun actually far exceeds the number that a village should have.
Normal and regular schools, whether modern or ancient, mainly enroll children.