She asked Lu Ying, "Can you invite me to dinner?"


Lu Ying found the haunted house’s sleep trial workshop a long time ago, but they tried to sleep for 3 thousand yuan a night. She couldn’t pay it out and put it on hold. It happened that Grandma Wang next door was a warm-hearted woman. She was soft-hearted and left Lu Ying to sleep at her home. She has been living like that, but she is also sorry to disturb others.
Taotao is willing to try to sleep for free. Lu Ying is very happy to agree to come.
She didn’t have much savings, so she invited Taotao to eat because the restaurant outside the alley added an extra portion of beef to Taotao.
Taotao sucked her face and asked the girl, "Who do you usually contact?"
Lu Ying thought for a moment, "No one got up early in the street to buy some rice cakes for breakfast and went to study. Some teachers and classmates in the school went to the art museum to do part-time jobs for three days every week. When they came back early, they chose vegetables and cooked with Wang Popo, and they all met neighbors in the alley."
Taotao bit off his mouth and said, "Call the relative who sold your house and ask him about it."
"I asked when I bought a house," Lu Ying said. "He said that the owner of this room was an old man in his nineties and died naturally in the room. The old man’s death was a funeral, not a haunted house. His daughter was anxious and sold it at a low price. Did anything happen in the former owner’s front room? My relatives don’t know."
"Is it an old man?" Taotao pondered for a while, "It shouldn’t be."
If the house is really haunted, the old man has lived in it for so many years, and he has lived to his nineties, but something happened when Lu Ying moved in?
Taotao looked at Lu Ying. She was beautiful, but there was a touch of light and it was hard to detect the pallor in the place where the eyebrow eye was the most vigorous.
There must be something wrong with that room, but the problem is not as simple as ghosts.
Taotao did not move. "Give me the key. I’ll go to your house later and remember this. Don’t tell anyone or say you know me."
After dinner, Lu Ying packed a vegetarian meal for Wang Popo and went back.
Taotao is quietly sucking a branch of snow gall in his hand on the street lamp surface.
Night is the busiest time. People come and go and the whole street is bathed in the smell of moonlight oil smoke.
Wealth flies from the sky and falls on her head. The pole spreads its wings.
Taotao smoked a branch of snow gall, spit out a cold fog and turned into a women’s clothing store.
Ten minutes later, she changed her robe, wore plain jeans and a white shirt, and came out with Zhou Yu’s mask back.
She goes to Luying’s residence.
The moon climbed the tall buildings in the city and cast a few weak glimmers in the narrow alleys.
Taotao took a stack of trash cans in her hand and stuffed them into the door of a single supermarket.
Living in the alley, cooking, mostly with the door open for ventilation, I saw that she ignored her and shouted to her not to plug it any more.
Taotao’s face, which is so ordinary that people forget it when they see it, shows a humble look. Haha, I went to plug another one.
At the end of the corridor, a family opened the door, and an old lady with gray hair was cooking Chinese medicine on the stove at the door, and the smell of Chinese medicine floated everywhere in the corridor.
Lu Ying came out of the room and took the chopsticks from the old lady’s hand. "I’ll come and have dinner."
This is Lu Ying staying at Wang Po’s husband’s house.
Wang Popo looks 70 years old and looks even older because of poor maintenance. Not only is her hair white, but even her eyebrows are very long. It’s a bit weird that they are almost connected together.
Her lips are dry and peeling, and she pushes the cherry blossoms away. "You’ve hit an evil spirit. I’ll cook you some Chinese medicine to soothe your nerves."
Lu Ying hugged her arm affectionately and smiled, "You are still the best for me."
Who wouldn’t like such a sweet girl coquetry?
Taotao studied the old woman Wang Popo’s lips bent, but her eyes were calm when staring at the medicine jar.
Taotao walked quickly to Wang Po’s husband’s family to open the door and want to put the bill into the door.
The old man who was cooking medicine by the door quickly grasped her arm. "What?"
Taotao looked into Wang Popo’s eyes and made a scared look. "Supermarket coupons …"
Wang Popo drew a slip from her hand, "Give it to me"
Taotao handed her the list and turned away.
She heard the sound of a road cherry behind her. "You scared her."
Grandma Wang said, "I don’t like people coming into my house. Of course, little sister, you can stay here as long as you want. Don’t leave in a hurry."
Taotao left the alley, and it was already dark. She found the neighborhood committee in charge of this area.
The community workers have all gone to work. This is a bungalow, and the doors and windows are locked.
Taotao is too lazy to read the unlocking spell for dozens of minutes, and it is not good to break into houses directly in the city.
She waved to Fugui on the roof behind her and flew in along the window security net after listening to her whisper a few words.
A few minutes later, it took out a paper book, which was registered in the alley where Lu Ying lived.
The lines of the old city are twisted together to separate the dark days from pieces of crows and stop on the surface, screaming noisily.
Taotao asked Fugui to put the book back in place. She took advantage of the night to go to Luying’s house.
Lu Ying has lived in this room for several months. Although the room is small, it is very warm.
There is no living room in the house, but there is a bedroom. It is already ten o’clock in the evening when the peach key opens the door and enters the house.
She took out her pocket and tried to sleep in the workshop. According to the requirements, she checked all corners of the hygiene, bed bottom, wardrobe and balcony, and then sat at the table and filled out the paper inspection report.
The employees in the sleep trial workshop are ordinary people who are trying to sleep in the haunted house. The main purpose is to help the owner find out the reasons for strange things happening in the house, such as movement, mice entering the house, strange smell, nightmares of dead animals, and seeing something unclean, which may be caused by something hallucinating at home.
Taotao first checked that there were no abnormalities, and searched every corner of the psychic method again, and there were no pathogens.
If there really is a ghost, Sakura is not at home, is it from outside?
Taotao turned on the lamp and lay on the bed of Sakura Road.
I can’t sleep tonight. She took the mysterious soul flower out of the stone.
I put it into the stone before because I was afraid that it would be smoked by the dirty air on the city road, and the air in this room was not bad enough to let it breathe.
The flower snow-white peach scratched its stem and watched it tremble gently with satisfaction.
Only at this time did she have a feeling that the soul of Nangong Dust was still at ease.
It’s been a long night, Taotao, and it’s not that he didn’t spend the night.
Usually, she is full of energy when she has something to do, but she fell asleep after lying for a while tonight.