"Yang Lingya what is this mountain? There is no road at the root! "


"Come on, you! I’ve tried my best to help you choose the mountain climbing, but you can’t keep up with them one by one. What losers! Let’s just say that no one is allowed to help anyone! Whoever needs help is a puppy! Yeah! Oh! Yeah. "
"Don’t be so proud. I grew up in the mountains and was beautiful. Sometimes being a cute puppy can’t be considered a loss to Weiyao. Come on by yourself!" Chenyang cooperated with Lingya once in a beautiful way.
"Yang Lingya you murdered her husband! I won’t ask you for help if I die! "
It’s hard to climb the mountain. It hurts again. You can see the "Tianya Haijiao" beach without overlooking this high slope. The beauty is still so mysterious that it can be a memory in his heart. It seems that there is still her beautiful figure in the habitat of waterfowl.
"hey! Don’t look, I know you have been to that place, but don’t be too rude! Xiao Chenyang is still beautiful! "
"This is not during the? Don’t make a fuss about my bubble spirit hot spring! Can you let us have a barbecue? " Wei Yao knew that he couldn’t escape Lingya’s eyes, so he deliberately changed the subject.
"I said Mr. Zhong, why don’t you learn well? Fine. If you steal that material, we can bake it. "
"Are you? Where is it? " His interest is really up. Lingya pointed to a vegetable field with malicious intent. Weiyao pulled Chenyang straight to the past and quickly ran back awkwardly.
"Yang Lingya, why didn’t you tell me that dogs here are so responsible?"
"This can blame me? You didn’t ask! Is your * * * supply didn’t let me Ann information! Who let your surname be Zhong instead of Dog! "
"You? ! Too much! " Weiyao was so angry that his eyes almost popped out.
"Well, two don’t confrontation where there is nobody tube sweet potato? Even without a dog! " Chenyang’s interest is not shallow.
"Srry, you should know that there are no dogs in the white suburbs."
"Then how on earth can we get it?"
"This is simple. Can someone just talk to the dog brothers?"
"You mean someone take the initiative to sacrifice? !”
“YES!” Lingya nodded, everyone pushed around and waited for a long time, but there was no hero, and everyone returned angrily.
Chapter 43 Lend me your boyfriend for a few days
When Chen Yanggang arrived at school, he talked to himself with a photo of Chen Nuo.
"how about it? Did you have a good day? Very good, right! "
"Xiao Chenyang! Will you stop being so neurotic? She didn’t go with us! "
"She can feel our happiness!" Then I continued to wipe the photos.
"Medicine can be saved! What’s the matter with you? " I saw Wei Yao’s face. "You don’t want to be an idiot with photos, do you? Could you please stop talking like this? " She suddenly felt a little jealous and heartbroken
"The world of mortals has its own infatuation. Don’t laugh, infatuation is too crazy." I can’t help but think that Meimei has come up with a sentence of bitterness. Looking at each one is so silly, Lingya’s anger suddenly gets bigger. Meimei and Chenyang are also excusable. Didn’t Zhong Weiyao curse them with her? Why do you still follow the blind booing?
"hey! Mr. Zhong Weiyao, can I discuss something with you? "
"Son, just say what you want to say!"
"roll! Don’t act like my uncle. "
"Yang Lingya! If you have something to say, just say it! "
"Don’t be so fierce! I just want to borrow you as my boyfriend for a few days! "
"ah? ? ◎_◎? ? ○_○? ?  ̄_ ̄? ?” Wei Yao was so scared that his flowers turned pale.
I want you to be my boyfriend! Yang Lingya repeat what she said.
"You? Didn’t you just say that we are all crazy? Are you stupid, too I am Zhong Weiyao, not your king. "
"I want you!" Lingya impatiently high volume.
"I have a bad heart, and I can’t stand your heavy blow. You’d better find another beauty." Wei Yao’s harsh words made her angry, and her tricks once again hit her forehead.
"Don’t be so fierce refused to refuse! Come and help me with the words. "Lingya put the words in the past and Wei Yao inexplicably picked them up.
"ah! Somebody! Robbery! Indecent assault! " Lingya hugged Yao Yao and shouted before he could react.
"Are you fucking sick? Inexplicable! " Wei Yao pushed her inexplicably, which was really indecent.
“! Ah, help, don’t! " Lingya is getting more and more real.
"Stop yelling. What the hell do you want?" Wei Yaoshi can’t stand her nonsense.
"good! Zhong Weiyao listens to orders. From this moment on, you officially become my slave! Slaves must have absolutely no freedom and benefit from slave owners! "
"ah? ? ○_○?” His eyebrows tightened and his face turned pale. It seems that he is not generally angry. God knows how he knows such a female hooligan! In order not to make herself a puzzling focus, I gritted my teeth and promised to come. When Lingya was proud of her own fighting interests, she skipped over to watch the fun.
"What do you do?"
You!’ Wei Yao wishes this joke girl would disappear quickly.