"Hum" Oriental shadow cold hum a really turned away.


Hello … The fact that Xingtianmo wanted to call him just held back.
Xingtianmo simply waits for the Oriental Shadow to come back in situ.
"Well, he’ll come back. He won’t leave."
Xing Tianmo doesn’t know anything. Is she so sure that she knows him so well?
4 … 4 I haven’t finished counting the Oriental Shadows, but I really came back.
The face so black came back.
Xingtianmo just wanted to smile at Oriental Shadow, but he squatted down without saying anything. He pulled Xingtianmo to his back and quickly got up.
You!’ Starry sky and foam struggle
"Don’t move, I don’t care if it falls later!" Oriental shadow threatened
Xingtianmo is good at giving up the struggle and obediently lying on the Oriental Shadow’s back. Her foot is still hurting.
"It’s said that his back is quite generous and comfortable …" Xingtian foam gently leaned against the surface and thought.
"MoEr …"
"Moer … you won’t fall asleep, will you?"
Today is also the third night g; l;
14 evil wind bursts
"Oh,no." A soft audio and video of Xingtianmo threw a stone into the lake of Oriental Shadow Heart, and ripples appeared in circles.
"Will I be heavy?" Star day foam suddenly asked
It seems that she has never cared about this question. She always feels healthy in all aspects …
Oriental shadow footsteps a meal
I was asked by the sudden little girl question of Xingtianmo.
Is it heavy? He doesn’t think it’s a delicate body. His back gives him a warm and sweet feeling.
Besides, this is the girl he loves to the bone …
"It’s heavy!" Oriental shadow corners of the mouth raise a bit of evil drama smile.
"ah? Really? " Star day foam suddenly some can’t accept his answer.
Will she be heavy?
"Boil" Oriental shadow Li head replied.
Do not cook = =
Star day foam leng for a while to cook …?
Well, she didn’t react, so she was still obsessed with whether she was heavy or not.
"I’m very serious. Oriental Shadow should be sweating after walking so far …"
Xingtianmo thought of reaching out and touching the forehead of Oriental Shadow to see if Oriental Shadow was sweating.
When Xingtianmo’s hand just touched Oriental Shadow’s smooth forehead, she felt Oriental Shadow’s whole body tremble.
The oriental shadow was frightened at the time, and the soft feeling floated into his heart.
"Hey you didn’t sweat that I’m not heavy! You lied to me! " It is rare for Xingtianmo to play a childish temper.
"Oh … oh …" Oriental shadow haven’t just return to absolute being from the foam touch just now.
What’s the point of this small language?
After walking for a while, Xingtianmo suddenly felt cold behind him.
"Hey … Dongfang Ying, where have we gone?"