When he said this, he was condescending and didn’t consider other people’s feelings at all. Obviously, this person is used to talking to people in a condescending position. When he speaks, he is in a commanding tone, and he never thinks about other people’s feelings or whether others will agree.


Maybe in his opinion, if he wants to speak, no one can refuse Ye Guchen, even though he doesn’t even know whether the person in front of him is a route or a strength, but one thing he knows is that no one can refuse himself in this Izumo country except Izumo God.
"Sea of clouds cliff? Royal? " After hearing this, Ye Guchen sneered and said that the corners of his mouth unconsciously took a hint of disdain. Don’t say that Ye Guchen is a late-stage fixer of then. Even when he was still in this cloud continent, he never put the royal family in his eyes. The cloud continent is much bigger than this cloud country, not to mention that now people are rich and powerful. In the eyes of the fixer, the root is that clouds are not worth it, and Ye Guchen can’t see it and doesn’t bother to see it.
"Now that I know, there is still so much nonsense?" This speech is not a sea of clouds cliff, but a hand beside the sea of clouds cliff. However, the sea of clouds cliff seems to have seen Ye Guchen’s mouth inadvertently revealing such a trace of disdain. Suddenly, some of the joy of heart sank and the smile gradually disappeared.
In the life of Yunhai Cliff, few people can refuse him, and those who refuse others are no longer in this world now. So Yunhai Cliff is very arrogant and overbearing, and no one is allowed to disobey him, even if Liu Yutan is a rare expert.
There are many masters in this world, one more, one less, one less, and one less. If it weren’t for adding a few points to the goat’s treasure house, he wouldn’t condescend to come to this rural mountain village to invite a so-called master, but now that everything has been said, this little guy dares to have such an expression, which makes Yunhai Cliff very angry and the consequences are naturally serious.
"The old seven people will talk nonsense to him if they don’t give him a face. Since they are not one of their own, they will be killed by the enemy!" The cliff of the sea of clouds is cold, without the slightest hesitation, and it doesn’t give Ye Guchen anything, just because an expression actually wants to kill people.
His main character follows those individuals. Hearing this, he didn’t say anything. Recently, he was called the old seven by the sea of clouds cliff. He rushed out directly with a jump. A pair of Wu Gou pulled out from the waist and went straight to Ye Guchen.
This old seven-to-no-weakness is an innate master in this cloud country, which is also famous. He was gathered by this sea of clouds cliff several years ago and has been working beside it. It is also quite effective and has a high opinion of himself. If it weren’t for Liu Yutan’s saying that Ye Guchen’s strength is so great that he is afraid that he won’t be able to make weapons.
"Just wait and see here. If you are afraid of entering the house, no one can grasp how" patted Fluttershy’s little face, Ye Guchen, who was frightened and turned white, and said with a smile that a few jumps came to your face with a pair of Wu Gou rushing towards him, and he didn’t even bother to take a look.
Fluttershy consciousness nodded and then saw the old seven with a pair of Wu Gou coming from behind towards Ye Guchen. His face changed and he was just about to go out, only to find that Ye Guchen had turned around and turned his left hand to listen to "jingle"-that Wu Gou should be broken.
"~ How is it possible ~" Old Seven was horrified to think that he had realized that people in front of him had even practiced this external skill in an unimaginable situation. He was so young in appearance but so amazing in strength. He was afraid that it was not because he was so young, but that he had reached the realm of rejuvenation. Thought of this, Old Seven was horrified and just wanted to retreat, only to find that it was too late.
"Want to go?" Ye Guchen sneered at a light and said that when he spoke, his right hand changed his shape and rushed out. His body seemed to move and his roots didn’t move. No one saw it clearly, but he didn’t know that the old seven bodies seemed to be under a magical spell and flew out of it.
Fly out of tens of meters and smash it in front of this sea of clouds cliff. Just now, an innate master has become a pool of mud. If you don’t get close, you can find that the old seven bones have been smashed by the Ministry of Human Resources, and the whole person has come to life.
Simple single-handedly shocked everyone around Yunhai Cliff. Those hands, including Yunhai Cliff, retreated a few steps to stop their shape. Being able to be in a high position, Yunhai Cliff is naturally not stupid. Being in the royal family is used to intrigue and fighting. Although Yunhai Cliff is eccentric and overbearing, it is a genius in his bones, and his hands can put martial arts to this point. Who is stupid? Everyone can see that Ye Guchen’s strength is even beyond their imagination.
Seeing the horror of the old seven and Ye Guchen’s face proudly and disdainfully, the sea of clouds cliff suddenly felt that he had just done a big stupid thing and didn’t find that the young man was terrible. Now he can completely offend the other party and don’t know what to do.
However, Yunhai Cliff is a Yunhai Cliff after all. Whether Yunhai Cliff is a royal or not is to achieve great things, no matter how overbearing he is at ordinary times, but after all, he is a person who does great things. Embarrassment is a temporary panic. For a moment, he recovered as if nothing had happened. He said to Ye Guchen, "I didn’t know how to offend you just now. Don’t mind if I don’t know the rules."
The sea of clouds cliff looks like nothing has happened, and the feeling seems to be that you really want to make friends with Ye Guchen, but then you still carry out your identity as the Regent Regent of Yunguo. This official position is really not low. In any country, it is a shame to carry out this identity as one person and ten thousand people. At the same time, Yuzryha Guchen cares about one thing or two
Yu said that the old seven sea of clouds cliff lying in front of this sea of clouds cliff was completely ignored, as if his hand were the same as his life and death. It was like a worn-out garment that could be discarded casually. Now that it has died, it has lost its value for him. Ye Guchen has no affection for such a person.
"Ha ha how not to start work just now? Now you want to be brothers? Regent? It’s a big official position, but I don’t see it in my eyes. In my opinion, once a person makes a mistake, he must bear the consequences of the mistake. No one is exceptional. It’s the same whether it’s an emperor or a civilian. Since you dared to attack me just now, you must be killed by me. Don’t you think it’s a little late to say this now? " After hearing this, Ye Guchen smiled faintly. Although his face was smiling, the murderous look occasionally revealed in the deep pupil was that everyone could feel unconscious. A group of people on the cliff of clouds felt as if they were falling into an ice cave and it was difficult to breathe.
At this time, Liu Yutan said with regret that he had nothing to do to find another job for himself. Why didn’t you come to see this Ye Guchen? What’s wrong with this guy? Just because you can kill yourself with one hand is no different from crushing an ant. Why do you make trouble with your own master? Now I’m so happy, even now I can’t leave anyone.
A congenital master should first have the corresponding vision, but obviously Liu Yutan still has a certain vision. He can tell that Ye Guchen’s strength is roughly at a level and he can easily extinguish himself.
Ye Guchen doesn’t like unnecessary nonsense. Sometimes one word is enough. Ye Guchen is ready to start work without saying too much. He wants to leave an eternal and indelible memory for these people and let them know that not everyone can look down upon or provoke them. Of course, maybe they will all disappear from this world after this horrible memory.
Ye Guchen body move a body directly blunt come over, didn’t go to kill sent in front of the sea of clouds cliff, but directly attack the sea of clouds cliff next to a congenital dacheng master Ye Guchen speed is naturally don’t say his speed, for these so-called Wulin master roots don’t need to make magic weapon, these things make these roots are waves Ye Guchen speed, even if Wu Daodao broken virtual master is afraid, you can’t see his rules of movement is that he came to the so-called Izumo five masters without saying anything in front of the master congenital dacheng master. When someone said that they didn’t react, they held each other’s neck and listened to "click". The clavicle of the master was pinched off by Ye Guchen, and there was almost no response and struggle, so they should fall to the ground and die.
"How come!" Everyone couldn’t believe what they saw in front of them, but then they didn’t even have a chance to think about it, because Ye Guchen didn’t want to let them go. That’s how Ye Guchen learned to be ruthless in the Royal Guards. It’s called extermination. No one is more white than him. Since he started, there is absolutely no possibility of stopping now.
Even if Ye Guchen stops now, he doesn’t believe that he and the sea of clouds cliff can just forget it. In this case, it is better to solve the problem of leaving their department here at once and get into unnecessary trouble for this linhai village.
Ye Gu Chen turned around and a deep and remote blue light appeared in Ye Gu Chen’s hands, forming hundreds of deep and remote blue ghost claws, which instantly rushed out and dispersed around. "Bang ~" Ghost claws dispersed around, and those masters vomited one mouthful blood one by one and never got up.
The sea of clouds cliff never thought that he was proud of himself. Those masters who were famous for shaking the clouds didn’t even blink for a glass of water. The department just died in the hands of Ye Guchen. At this moment, the sea of clouds cliff looked at Ye Guchen, and his eyes were full of fear. He never feared a person, even if his strong eldest brother was once the king of Yunguo or now his nephew who hung the title of king didn’t let himself be so afraid. But now the sea of clouds cliff is afraid. I’m really afraid. I’ve never felt so close to death like this moment.
"No ~ Don’t kill me ~ Don’t kill me ~" Looked at Ye Guchen in front of Yunhai Cliff and said with fear that he couldn’t stop retreating and wanted to find someone to help himself, but he was startled to find that there were hundreds of fishermen in the village just now, and they had long since disappeared. Everyone closed their doors and no one could ask for help.
"Ha ha? Scared? But now it seems late "Ye Guchen light say with smile.
"Don’t don’t kill me! I’ll tell you where the goat’s treasure house is! There’s our once richest goat in Izumo country. You can get all that wealth. You can be the richest man in the 20 countries of the Stars and Seas! I want you not to kill me! I tell you! " Fear on the cliff of the sea of clouds said that he felt Ye Guchen’s murderous look. He was really scared. In the face of death, he felt that what he had been pursuing all his life had become doubtful. Now he is desperate to save his life. He is willing to pay any price.
"Do you think worldly wealth is meaningful to me? How can I get something if I want it? " Ye Guchen disdained to say that, as he said, if he was attached to worldly wealth, he wouldn’t have resolutely stepped into this central Tianyang Mountain and sought enlightenment there for three years, and he wouldn’t have given up his commanding position in the Royal Guards. He would have got it if he wanted, not to mention a mere starry sea, a mere 20 countries. At the beginning, the famous empire was his, and the whole mainland was his.
"I ~ ~ I ~ ~ You can’t kill me, or the god of words will kill you!" A long time ago, the sea of clouds cliff didn’t know what to say, but suddenly he really wanted to find a lifeline and took out a green jade operator and said to Ye Guchen in front of him nervously
After seeing the green jade operator in front of you, Ye Guchen felt that there was a real force in the face, but it was a little different. The color of light and energy emitted from that thing, Ye Guchen, can be concluded that this thing does not belong to the orthodox fix true boundary, but should belong to the demon family product.
There are four categories in the realm of repairing the true, namely, repairing the demon, repairing the Buddha, repairing the immortal and repairing the demon. It is said that there are other things, but Ye Guchen doesn’t know that it belongs to the secret, in which the energy of repairing the Buddha is golden, neutral and purdue, while the energy of repairing the demon is mixed with a kind of crazy destruction, while the energy of repairing the immortal has a floating smell outside the demon. That is to say, the energy of repairing the demon is green, which means that there is always a kind of evil energy.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three The essence of mountains
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three The essence of mountains
However, it is somewhat different from the energy of ordinary demon cultivators. Although this jade charm is attached with a faint green demon, it is not as fierce and brutal as the energy of ordinary demon cultivators. It is not that the owner of this energy is not a killer, not that he has never killed anyone, but that he is a peace-loving person who does not like excessive war and absolutely does not kill people like some demon families.
"A cloud god? Hehe, can you please move the cloud god? " Ye Guchen naturally knows that Izumo God is a creature and wants to see it. Although his main purpose is to return to the Tang Dynasty and he doesn’t want to make trouble, one thing he can be sure of is that since there are people who fix the truth or the demon, it’s impossible for him to leave here without disturbing them. It’s better to get to know them first, so it’s a bit of friendship, and no one knows how to return to the Tang Dynasty except them.
"Of course I can, my Lord. Don’t kill me. A cloud god has a bad temper, and I don’t want to make enemies with you. This matter stops here. I promise that I won’t remember this matter from now on, okay? Your honor, you should know that I belong to the royal family of Izumo. In those days, Izumo God gave Izumo a gift, that is, my ancestor once gave a jade charm, and once he was in danger, he would rush to help us. Although this thing has always been the king’s portrait, I, the Regent, this jade charm, fell into my hands several years ago. I don’t think you want to have a hard time with Izumo God, my honor? There are many words in the wrong novel network. "There is some fear in the sea of ? ? clouds cliff. Of course, there are weaknesses and threats in this discourse. Jade operators make opportunities. Once it was obvious that he didn’t want waves here. This thing is where he relied for his life. Today, he has lost most of his friends here, and his arms are broken. If even this jade operator is crushed, even if Ye Guchen kills him, it will be a day of eternal turning over.
You know, there are many people who want to deal with him in this cloud sea cliff, but no one has dared to start work. It is because this cloud sea cliff is full of talented people, and secondly, it is the cloud sea cliff that holds the cloud god ofuda. You know, the cloud god is not a mythical figure, but it is alive in the sacred mountain every winter, and there will be a hundred years of light flashing, and the cloud god will resume. Every time there is a thousand years, there will be a god war, and everyone will fear the cloud god, but that is from the ancestors in the bones. It is said by the Izumo Great God that it is no secret that the Izumo Great God’s ofuda is in the hands of the cliff of the sea of clouds, so no one dares to deal with him. After all, no one wants to die. When Izumo Great God gave ofuda to the royal family, it was not a secret in everyone’s ears. People have the opportunity to ask Izumo Great God for help once.
Although once, this time is enough to scare several people. After all, no one wants to die, right? If you really want to push this sea of clouds cliff, please come out as a cloud god. Then whoever wants to be his enemy is almost certain to die. This is also the reason why the cloud family is still safe and sick in this cloud country for so many years.
"Hey ~ then please ask him out, otherwise I’m afraid you’ll have a dead end." Ye Guchen sneered and disdained that he was about to meet this so-called Izumo God to see how bad this Izumo God was.
Frankly speaking, Ye Guchen was still a little scared when he did it. After all, he didn’t know the strength of the other party, but if he turned to it, he wouldn’t be too strong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be huddled in this small island country. If his strength is really tough, then the Tang Dynasty fix true boundary should be his best stage. Of course, there is also a possibility that the other party has high strength but is unwilling to go to that mixed water and likes to be at home overseas.
However, no matter what has been said, it has never changed. Maybe Ye Guchen is like this. People do things like this, even if they really regret it, but once they have done it, they will never look back. That’s what men should do when they are alive. They should face the storm bravely instead of fleeing in haste, so that talents can achieve great things. Otherwise, their lives are doomed to be mediocre, and they can only succeed if they dare to take risks. This is the experience summarized by dozens of generations.
However, Ye Guchen is not a fool, because he feels that the energy of this jade symbol is not earth. He infers that the strength of the cloud god should not be very high, so he dares to say this. Otherwise, he will not say that he is gambling when he is killed, but gambling should have a certain basis, not blind speculation. If he blindly guesses with his own feelings and has no basis, then he is not brave, decisive or adventurous, but a complete madman.
"Pa ~" stimulated the nervous sea of clouds cliff in Ye Guchen, and finally could not help but crush the jade symbol. A flash of light flashed through the void for a second.
And Ye Guchen killed the sea of clouds cliff in front of him almost at the same time, and killed the sea of clouds cliff at the moment when the time rushed to the sky.
"Well ~ Everybody come out and clean up a body. I want to meet the cloud god here!" After solving the sea of clouds cliff, Ye Guchen ignored those who had been completely shocked by Ye Guchen’s words in their own house. The simple villagers simply said this and walked towards their bamboo house, afraid of seeing the killing scene. Fluttershy just couldn’t help hiding in the house after confirming Ye Guchen’s words.
Regent? That’s everyday, these small people who live by the sea can look up to the Izumo God in their hearts, which is their belief. Now the Regent actually died in this small Linhai Village, and Ye Guchen also threatened to meet the Izumo God. No one can believe that it took a long time for everyone to react. They hurriedly walked out of the door and cleaned up the dead body on the ground. This time, the dead person is better than the dead population in Linhai Village for decades. While cleaning up the ground body, Ye Guchen’s status has been rising in the hearts of the villagers in this coastal area. Unconsciously, it has climbed from a powerful fighter adult to the level with Iz
"Dad ~ you say Lord Ye is a person? It’s so bad. It’s the Regent. There are so many masters who killed me in a blink of an eye. I didn’t see clearly how he was a man. It’s really bad. "An age of about seventeen years old, all the young people sighed and said that they looked at the bodies on the ground, and they were horrified and inexplicable."
"Shut up small two leaf adult things that you can comment? Work honestly for me and I’ll break your dog’s leg if I hear you talking nonsense again! " The young father, a forty-year-old fisherman, was furious at this and scolded angrily
I’m not too bold and I don’t know how little I am. Lord Ye, who is that? Listen to what I just said. I’m not even afraid to come, even if it’s not the fairy middleman. It’s not far away. Can this character be judged by him at random?
"Alas, at the beginning, we still looked down on Lord Ye’s true sin ~ ~ or somebody else’s Fluttershy had a vision to save Lord Ye when he came back. It’s not a fear that Fluttershy’s parents will enjoy themselves." A woman sighed while cleaning up the blood and said that when she said this, several women around her nodded. Obviously, they all agreed with this, and at the same time, they felt a little regret at the beginning. Why didn’t her daughter save Lord Ye? Now they even can get lucky.
However, no one will know what they are talking about, and no one will go to the heart. Ye Guchen has already entered this bamboo house. Fluttershy’s face is white at the moment, sitting in the house, and the bright green bamboo chair seems to be in shock. Even Ye Guchen came in and didn’t find his face a little demented. Looking at the bamboo chair in front of him, a slightly worn but spotless kettle.
"What happened to Fluttershy?" Ye Guchen came to this Fluttershy side and patted Fluttershy’s soft shoulder and then sat down with a gentle smile. He looked at Fluttershy in front of him. He can understand that Fluttershy must be in a bad mood now. When he first saw someone killing, he was stunned for a long time. When he first saw a bloody massacre, his heart was full of fear, not to mention a gentle and pure girl like Fluttershy. It is normal to see such a scene and be afraid.
"Brother Ye, I’m afraid ~" Fluttershy paused for a moment and then returned to absolute being and said with tears in his eyes. The petite body unconsciously trembled in this leaf solitary arms.
"No ~ no fear, the past is the past, and everything is over. I don’t want to be afraid ~" Ye Guchen is not a person who is very good at comforting others. After listening to Fluttershy’s words, she gently held her in her arms and said softly.
"Boo hoo ~" Fluttershy didn’t say much, but he kept crying. He couldn’t stand the ups and downs. Yuzryha was slightly sour in his heart, but he didn’t say much, but he gently stroked Fluttershy’s shoulder to comfort Fluttershy.
I don’t know how long it took before Fluttershy stopped crying and opened his eyes, which were greatly covered with water mist. He looked at Ye Guchen with a hazy face and his lips wriggled. He bit his teeth as if he had decided to go out of the day and said to Ye Guchen softly, "Ye Dage ~ I ~ ~ I also want to learn martial arts."
"Xuewu? ?” Ye Guchen was a little stunned for a while. To tell the truth, this matter is not Fluttershy. Ye Guchen also plans to find a time to tell Fluttershy that those who learn martial arts and fix the truth must experience martial arts. Of course, more people who fix the truth do not take this road, but it is convenient and time-saving, but it may cause instability in the later stage. Ye Guchen does not want Fluttershy to give Fluttershy martial arts first.
You know, it’s impossible for Ye Guchen to let Fluttershy go alone in this situation. Ye Guchen is not a fickle and widowed righteous man. He can’t let him let Fluttershy go, and it’s inevitable to leave an indelible scar in Ye Guchen’s heart. It’s not a good thing for Ye Guchen in the future. Ye Guchen was already considering giving Fluttershy a martial arts as early as a month or two, so he can defend himself and get ready for the future. Since it’s impossible to divide, then he can live together. This is the right way.
Ye Guchen used to be a command of the Royal Guards, so that the Royal Guards mastered a large number of martial arts secrets. Although Ye Guchen didn’t fix the true secrets in his hands, there were hundreds of martial arts secrets scattered. It was not difficult for him to find a suitable Fluttershy from them. After all, it was cruel to let Fluttershy leave this small fishing village for more than ten years and go with him. Moreover, he knew about Fluttershy. Fluttershy should not like these knives and guns, but he didn’t say much. Now Fluttershy is waiting for an opportunity to come out by himself. It is somewhat unexpected.
"I, I don’t want to be always protected by you as a burden to you ~" Fluttershy bit his teeth and lowered his head and said softly that it was true that Fluttershy didn’t want to be a burden to Ye Guchen. She had this idea in Liu Hui, but it was not true. But this time, when Ye Guchen turned himself around to resist the Wu Gou, Fluttershy’s heart was more sure of this idea than it was just after thinking for a long time in the bamboo house.
"Okay, that’s no problem. I have here a" Refreshing Mind Tactics "which is a cold attribute achievement method that is suitable for you. I’ll write it to you to guide you to carry out preliminary cultivation." Ye Guchen agreed without too much hesitation to let Fluttershy find paper money and write the formula of "Refreshing Mind Decision" in his heart. This is a monohydrate attribute achievement method, and practitioners will get rid of distractions in their hearts and become more smart and simple, which is suitable for Fluttershy’s cultivation. After all, this achievement method is consistent with her personality and it takes a long time to find out this.