"Why don’t you think that you are my foster mother, and you should take on the responsibility of foster mother?"


Middle-aged women looked up and didn’t speak!
"But don’t you worry that you won’t be my surrogate mother until the day after tomorrow," said Lilith, waving her hand tightly around her bathrobe.
"What do you mean?"
I mean, I’m fourteen years old, I’m independent, and I’m leaving this hellhole …
The middle-aged woman looked at it and walked towards the house. Leslie said simply, "Don’t you promise not to keep your promise …"
"Fakeyou!" Lailisi, raise your right finger high!
In three hours!
New york Children’s Family Foster Center Office!
"Lelix, you know you can’t be independent until you are sixteen."
Sitting behind the desk, Ilnai, a worker, watched Lailisi walk into his office again.
Earl is in charge of social work for Lelix.
Wearing a chiffon hat and blonde hair, Leslie sipped and said, "Yes, but if my biological parents announce that I will be raised, I will be independent and I don’t need those foster families."
Il rubbed his eyebrows and said naively, "Lai Lisi believes that if I can get these two autographs, I will definitely go."
"But you’ve never been there."
"Listen, you’re not the only one in the Lailisi foster care center. We are a public welfare organization with very few people here …"
"Il will!"
"I’m coming!" Il smiled at a colleague who pushed the door and immediately said to Leslie sitting opposite, "If you don’t think this one is suitable, I can help you change it."
Then he walked directly to the office door and said, "You stay here for a while and I’ll be right back!"
Wait until il will sit in the chair after the office door is reopened. Leslie’s beautiful eyebrows are tightly wrinkly …
She was given to this foster care center in Brooklyn by her biological parents since she was born.
It is reasonable to say that a little girl like Leslie will be adopted by some families who want to have children almost soon.
But lilith didn’t!
He was born with a congenital heart disease and a perforated heart …
Although it is a girl!
However, it is obviously not a good selling point for the adopted family that a baby girl often has to undergo various operations as a child …
For this reason, Leslie has been to seven foster homes in the past 13 years.
In foster families?
Don’t be ridiculous. Generally, foster families give foster care money to the government every month.
The family feeling that Yu Lailisi needs is a fable …
To be honest, it’s all thanks to all kinds of juvenile protection laws that cover the age of 14 and stack up nearly a kilometer …
Sit chair lilith sipped her lips.
It’s impossible to go back to that voyeuristic family after killing her.
Although this family is much better than a foster father who wants to molest her!
I have been looking forward to my fourteenth birthday since I was six years old.
At the age of fourteen, she will be asked to pass her application for independence by the court, so that she can rent a house, study and work independently …
In the family!
By the time she moved to the third foster home, Leslie was already white, but that was just something she could never do.
Although she doesn’t understand why her biological parents don’t want her, why should she be born …
A long time!
Lailisi turned to look at the closed office door.
Go to the position where Il just sat and find out the foster care records that I have seen hundreds of times in the filing cabinet.
After typing, I quickly searched for the document with my own foster care report!
Anyway, it is impossible for her to stay in that family for ten minutes.
Since Earl doesn’t have time, Leslie feels it necessary to do it herself!
Ask her biological parents for an autograph.
So that the independent hearing can pass this week and Friday …
"Claire … No!"
"Toby … no!"
"Gaston … No!"
"Leslie …!"
Leslie excitedly raised her little face and looked at the still closed office door.
Quickly took out his own foster care file from the file bag …
Ten minutes later!
Il pushed the office door again and looked at the swinging office.