You have no future, Zhu qie. I didn’t want to kill you in a hurry when you were a grindstone. Now look at you. Do you still need me to start work?


Leitian Zhu qie put his hand on the hilt of Qingfeng sword and pulled out his wrist to sting it. The Qingfeng sword did not move in its scabbard. Zhu qie realized that he was no longer a gas refiner. The French soldier could not move at all.
Angry and angry, Zhu qie sprayed one mouthful blood on the magic mirror of the day, and the mirror immediately pulled him in with a few big hands.
I told you, I don’t need to start the magic mirror myself, and then close the star chess world and drive the water to escape this magic mirror. Zhu Qi’s soul will not be destroyed, but he will gradually become a demon and lose me in the magic. He has broken the abdomen and there is no way to escape this fate.
Hong didn’t play the green silk sword until now, and he no longer used the sword to dodge the road, so that Leitian dodged the light and took her to swim rapidly.
Well, I nodded in vain.
This kind of thing is decided immediately.
It was the teacher elder sister Leitian who listened. I knew Zhu Qi was trying to plot a lamella gun. When I first met that bloody evil spirit, I would start work.
It’s impossible for Yu Qie to leave a shadow in his heart. He is naturally optimistic and calculated carefully. Zhu Qie’s personality can’t let others share this secret.
Zhu Qien doesn’t know that Leitian is a demon race, otherwise he wouldn’t think so. The difference between the demon race and the Terran is still quite big. Most of the demon races are sloppy, although cautious, but they still take risks. It seems contradictory at all, but it is always important to take more risks. Compared with the barbarian Terran, the proportion of premature death is more than one or two times.
Teacher younger brother, you can’t let go of this matter later, regardless of Hong’s rare nagging and white smile.
When Zhu Qi wanted to start work, he had already killed his sword. Actually, when he started work, he would blame Leitian for killing his sword in Zhu Qi’s soul, and he didn’t worry about it. His biggest mistake was not knowing what Zhu Qi hated himself.
The only danger is that Zhu Qie will leak the lamella gun.
The water fled quickly and went to a dilapidated Chu temple on the bank of the river for more than 100 miles. Now in the scanning of Leitian’s mind, he directly showed the chess world and wrapped the Chu temple in it.
There is no demon god stationed in the Chu Jiangwang statue in this Chu Temple, and the residual divine power is not much. Leitian did not move the Chu Jiangwang decree this time, but pulled out a lamella gun and pierced the chest of the Chu Jiangwang statue. The lamella gun sucked the divine power into the lamella gun and honestly returned 20% of the green and golden breath to Leitian. Leitian pulled out the gun and collapsed from that Chu Temple and then continued westward with Hong.
There will always be a Chu Temple all the way or a hundred miles or sixty or seventy miles. This Chu Jiangwang can rely on the majestic power from its nest, North Jinling City. Otherwise, a demon god with millions of demon soldiers will exhaust himself for nothing. Wherever he goes, he will isolate the Chu Temple from the outside world and then extract the power from the statue of Chu Jiangwang with a lamella gun.
Along the way, the green and golden flavor of the white body is extremely rich, and a flake-shaped crystal is condensed in the three dantian fields. Suddenly, it turns white. This is a flake gun. I am trying to repair these flake-shaped crystals. In the end, I will replenish the flake gun and re-create the fairy.
Although slowly finally hope.
When Bai Qihong and his wife came to the source of the Chu River, the huge turning point in the middle reaches of the Chu River and a Yunmeng Zongzhen brother had already gathered in one place.
Brother Chu is already the second place. Isn’t that Qing Yan Hong already a young Taoist to Chu Qin Dao?
Chu Qin’s face is not very good. All the way, they arranged before and after to interfere with Leitian, but they didn’t find any trace of Leitian. It’s not that they didn’t want to move to the middle reaches before Leitian’s meeting.
However, one of the other three people is still in the gasification stage, and it will be quite slow for the gas refiner to destroy the Chu Temple with the help of three people.
However, in the face of this collapsed mountain peak, everyone was shocked. Although the rock powder was washed away by the river, these true brothers could still see the clues and the earth-shattering sword at the beginning.
Such a powerful force doesn’t want to get any benefits and kill it all the way. This time, it was won by the purple eyebrow reality.
Let’s look forward a hundred miles and then meet. Chu and Qin decided to show other ways and put their hands in it to fly away.
Once again, the team was divided into Chu and Qin, followed by Wu Fenglai, followed by Red Lake. These two true brothers didn’t want to blend in, but Red Lake occupied the most mountains, and Master let them listen to Chu and Qin’s disposal.
Two young gas refiners simply fell behind and were not in a hurry to hurry. Twenty of their younger brothers fought all the way, which damaged three of the outer door gas refiners’ younger brothers.
It’s not just the purple eyebrow who gave his disciples life-saving equipment. Li Xinling controls the Red Lake. He also has six fellow teachers and seven brothers. His real brother is good at operators in this Red Lake. In addition to receiving the required operators, Li Xinling also gave them road-level equipment.
If this road is released, it will be powerful, which is not comparable to that in the world of leitian chess.
Two people are more than a hundred miles behind, and the fog rises on the wide river. Two true brothers of red lakes fly to the right bank without thinking. They come not far from the bank, and the distance is tens of feet on weekdays.
This time, the two real brothers bumped into the thick fog.
Don’t panic and find yourself in the enemy’s trap. These two true brothers took their time to show another method. This time, each true brother has a method in his hand to isolate the Chu King’s shrine hand.
This statue of the King of Chu is full of vitality to guard the demon god of the King of Chu, and it is also a good material for refining. This time, Yun Mengzong made a big fuss about the hand of the King of Chu, and he got the news that the praying power in the King of Chu has been taken for a long time.
Chu Jiangwang must be something. This is a good time to attack, so as to expand its power to the Chu River and speed up the expansion of sects. This is decided unanimously by the elders in the door.
These two true brothers are also surnamed Li Li Xinling, but they have no relatives
Brother Li Zhen, a younger brother, Li Helun, is not the top true brother in Honghu, but he also teaches be adept at and has participated in several sects to walk outside and has experience.
I found that when I was ambushed, two people immediately let my younger brother and my younger brother form a large array together. The two of them also brought more than 100 people. Although my younger brother’s mana was weak, his experience in fighting was more abundant. After a command, this hundred younger brothers immediately took a good position to form a cloud dream Sect entry array, and the door was trapped in the fairy array.
The door-trapped fairy array is arranged quickly and simply. The attack power may be slightly weak, but the defense power is amazing.