"You still refuse to look back like that …"


Looking at the plane taking off gradually, the Oriental Shadow’s eyes were dark and the corners of his mouth spread slightly bitter.
The third volume is more exciting, please note ~
The fourth watch is here, so Zhuxi’s birthday is Wednesday. Zhuxi is thinking about whether to add a little celebration on his birthday ~ ≧▽≦/~
? 1 heartless
Ten hours later, I finally returned to the familiar land, and after two hours’ drive, Xingtianmo was already half asleep and half awake, in a state of exhaustion, and I didn’t know how many times I woke up all the way.
Star Leng Yu and Yue Xuan Yi are very energetic. There are several times when Xing Tianmo vaguely sleeps, he vaguely hears them talking about something lightly …
"Moer’s home" came a gentle call.
"Well …" Xingtian Foam weakly replied and fell asleep again.
I got home, but I was too tired to fall apart. Xingtianmo didn’t remember that her predecessor was so weak that she didn’t want to move her body.
"Well …" Suddenly my lips felt cold …
This star day foam is completely awake!
When I open my eyes, I see that I am satisfied with my smile after cheating on her.
"You two … forget it." Star Lengyu nai shook his head at them and walked home alone, but I could feel that he was forced to stay.
Xingtianmo and Yuexuanyi walked slowly in the garden to enjoy the moonlight and the breeze, but in fact Xingtianmo was still in a state of half sleep and half awake.
I walked to the door and looked at the brightly lit room. There was a burst of laughter from time to time, but I always felt that this laughter was mixed with a strange rhythm.
"Damn heartless one by one, I haven’t called for a month, and now I’m still so worried. Have you forgotten me?" Xingtianmo lamented discontentedly.
Yue Xuanyi couldn’t help but slow down when she heard the words of Xingtianmo …
"One thousand MoEr know I cut purple words how to do …" Someone guiltily thinking.
Xing Tianmo looked at Yue Xuanyi, evasive and erratic, and inexplicably asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Don’t hurry in," said Yue Xuanyi after a pause.
People are in a state of unconsciousness, so it was good to fool Xingtianmo and went into the room without asking again.
I walked in and saw the scene in front of me, complaining that my anger was burning
A group of people sat around the table and ate a table of delicious food happily; Looking at the food, I gently called for two …
They talked and laughed and didn’t even notice her!
The fifth watch is here!
Zhuxi has gone to make up his career and cried …
Zhuxi still hopes that parents can leave more messages, otherwise Zhuxi always feels that it is a sad person …
11 Meng NV Jia Dao
"I’m back" Xingtianmo said coldly.
The hall was instantly silent.
And the line of sight of a group of people turned to Xingtian Moshen.
"Moer!" They cried in unison, obviously frightened …
However, they forgot that she was coming back today?
"Tremella lotus soup is coming!" A sweet voice suddenly came out of the kitchen when the atmosphere in the main hall was stiff.
A pretty figure came out of the kitchen, and she put her things on the table before she looked up and saw Xingtianmo and Yuexuan Yi.
For a moment, a special surprise flashed across her face, but it disappeared in a flash, and her cute little face changed into a sweet smile.
"Who is this? The new nanny? " Star day foam puzzling thinking and don’t like.
"This is?" Star day foam eyebrow lightly asked
"Ou Menger came to take care of us these days … but don’t, she’s a nanny. She’s here to find Xuan Yi, but you just don’t care. She’ll stay here," said Green to Xingtianmo.
"She just came back from Europe," Orange added.
"Looking for me?" Month Xuan Yi leng said and looked at a Ou Menger.
"Yes, after my aunt went to our house the next month and asked me if I would like to come and play sometimes, I promised, so I will come this time." Ou Menger spat out her tongue.
Her light brown hair is tied into two cute braids, and her round face is as clear as black pearls, and her eyes are very cute, just like Barbie doll, which is really a cute girl.
"You heartless people have forgotten me, haven’t you?" Xingtianmo yawned wearily as she sat on the sofa and said discontentedly.
"Not a word …"