Before being waved out by General Mather, the adjutant ran over and said a few words to Mather in a low voice.


very simple
They can’t get into the laboratory gate of Vanke’s father’s office at all.
"… what?"
Mercer was not surprised when he heard the news, and then he couldn’t help but look at Mark.
Mark gave himself sunglasses and stretched himself.
The sun is nice
It’s time to go home
Mark looked back at Messer and said lightly, "It seems that I can’t see your drama here. It’s time to go home with the illegal immigrants."
Mercer’s face is very ugly.
Mark looked directly at Messer and woke up to Ross in good faith. "General, I need to wake up. You have more than one video."
with this
Mark waved to Debbie and strode towards the Hummer they borrowed.
Mark never interferes with others’ choices.
How general Ross chooses is his business.
The only thing Mark, an ally and friend, can do is to wake up General Ross at the right time.
The hearing for Tony stark is said to have entered the final process.
By that time,
Just because they can beat Justin Hammer doesn’t mean they can beat Tony Stark.
Or that sentence?
Tony, playing is the rule.
Justin Yu? It’s a charity for a thief to make him play the law …
Base laboratory building
"You can’t go in there."
Mark and Debbie just got ready to walk into the lab and take away Vanke’s father who entered the country illegally. A lieutenant directly stopped them and said coldly at the same time
Mark is not angry either.
General Mather can’t stop him from taking Vanke’s father today unless General Mather intends to imprison or kill Mark and Debbie.
But is this realistic?
Mark watched a Hummer coming from behind, and Roddy issued an ultimatum directly, "Give you 30 seconds. If I can’t get in, what happened here will be known to the Washington media immediately."
What else is Roddy going to say?
But Mark shook his head sadly. "Roddy Tony has prepared a steel suit for you, and you are indifferent to it when someone steals Tony?" Won’t your conscience hurt? "
Roddy has something to say
Roddy silently pulled out his walkie-talkie …
Chapter 764 More and more strange piano
Thirty seconds later
James Roddy, a military academy, let go and waved to the soldiers who stopped the lab.
The two soldiers at the door nodded and walked towards the laboratory.
Mark laughed.
Roddy put away his cell phone and looked at Mark with a wry smile. "You offended all the people in Langley. Do you want to offend all the people in the military?"
Mark shrugged and smiled.
The job of the FBI is to offend people and live several times. Mark’s career is either to get promoted or to prepare for it.
It’s not that there is no pleasing job.
Or that sentence?
Why would that delightful job fall into your hands?
If the lovable job could fall to Mark, it is estimated that Mark will still play the law instead of playing the rules …
A little while
I couldn’t figure out what was going on with a stupid face. Vanke’s father was taken out of the laboratory by two soldiers.
Mark nodded at Debbie.
Debbie knowingly took out two pieces of silver handcuffs and said "Miranda warning" and walked towards Vanke’s father.