"Well, Li Yi, look, look, look, does that white cloud look like a meteor?" Lin Keer asked with a little excitement.


Meteor? White clouds are like meteors? What an anecdote!
Li Yi opened her eyes and looked at the sky. That cloud is really a bit like a meteor.
"Not bad. What’s the matter?" Li Yi asked
"Li Yi, do you like me?" Lin Keer suddenly asked seriously.
"What’s the matter? Chloe, what’s wrong with you? " Li Yi said
"Li Yi, you are quick to say whether you like me or not?" Lin Keer turned around and looked at Li Yi and asked.
"Chloe, what are you doing? I’m afraid of being so serious!" Li Yi said
"Li Yi, turn around and look me in the eye and answer me," Lin Keer said.
It seems that Lin Keer is ready to be serious this time.
Li Yi turned her head and said, "Chloe, I like you."
Lin Keer was a little star in his eyes, but he still asked, "Is it true that Li Yi said it?"
"I, Li Yi, swear to the clouds like meteors today that I really like Lin Keer," Li Yi said to the clouds.
"Li Yi meowed …"
"Chloe, why are you crying again?" Li Yi is very resistant to herself. Is it just to make women cry?
"Don’t you make meowed ………….."
"Chloe, if you cry again, I will cry," Li Yi said very politely.
"Li Yi, I was so touched that I couldn’t help crying," said Lin Keer, slowing down his emotions.
"It’s okay, it’s nothing," Li Yinai said.
"Li Yi you don’t leave me for a generation" Lin Keer gawk at Li Yi.
"Chloe, don’t worry, I will never leave you." Li Yixiao said.
"Well, Li Yi, I won’t leave you either," said Lin Keer.
"Chloe, do we still have to bask in the sun?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"It’s a little cold," said Lin Keer as a gust of wind blew and tightened his clothes.
"Where is it cold?" Li Yi smiled and asked if laughter was Li Yi’s endorsement.
"My hands are a little cold," Lin Keer said.
"Then I’ll help you warm up." Li Yi smirked and said that Li Yi took out Lin Keer’s hand and put it in his pocket and held it.
"Is it warm?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Not bad," said Lin Keer, his face slightly red. He didn’t know whether it was frozen or a little shy.
"Let’s go back and it won’t be cold," Li Yixiao said.
"Well," Lin Keer nodded and said.
In this way, Lin Keer and Li Yi walked out of the Woods and walked towards the yellow hair site
"Knocked" a knock at the door.
"Who is it?" Chen picked his headphones and walked to the door and asked
"Chen Men!" Li Yi said at the door.
"Boss, you are back!" Chen said
"What time is it now?" Li Yi asked