If it weren’t for the bronze doors, which was buried in the deep cave, and was severely warned by the royal family in Daxia, the little people of the ancient stars really wanted equipment to hit the bronze doors and search it.


They are so powerful that it seems that they really regard the god-burying star as their own territory, and they are crazy about all kinds of resources, which worries many monks of the god-burying star.
In particular, the Archaean sent too many surveyors into the original mine, and they were afraid that the Archaean dwarfs would dig out something extraordinary to wake up the ancient taboo in the original mine.
"Artificial fairy god? They’re afraid they’re crazy. How is that possible? They want to build robots, right? "
Some people laugh and think that this statement is ridiculous. They bury the God Star as the most powerful source of life in the universe. A little conceited, the strong God Star is the peak of the universe at present.
It’s better than the Dragon Zuwu Mountain in Gulong Cave. It’s far from the fairy god to be surprised, talented and gorgeous, and defeated by Xue Tian.
You want to create a trance just because a group of short people talk about science? It’s ridiculous
Lu Chen got up from the table and the movement attracted some people’s attention. He turned around and went upstairs to Chuhang, where everything was ready. They were ready to meet and communicate, and then they were going to do something big.
The monks followed the man who looked at Liu Chen the most and looked at Liu Chen’s back.
"How do you feel familiar with the black knife in black? Is it a golden dragon around you?"
Someone murmured
"You don’t want to say that the man just now is Lu Chen. How is it possible that Lu Chen’s arrogance can have nothing to eat in the restaurant? You should always practice in Wushen Mountain."
Someone laughed
The wind along the Nile River blows the man’s hair. A small silver dragon is drinking water by the river. It is small and fat, and it looks funny to others.
"There you are."
Lu Chen light way then turned to look alone to ChuHang.
Chu Hang’s expression "Should I reply that I shouldn’t have come, but I came anyway?"
Liu Chen smiled. "It seems that it’s too cold for Brother Chu to read and improve your literacy."
"Well, how are you getting ready to get down to business?"
Lu Chen waved his hand and looked at Chuhang’s face. He felt that if this conversation continued, the summer wind along the river would get cold.
"It’s ready to start at any time. What about Wushan Mountain?"
Chu Hang said
"I’ve been called back. It should be the elder martial sister’s business, but it won’t affect our plan."
Liu Chen has received a letter from the elder the day before yesterday, asking him to go home as soon as nothing happens.
"The original mine from the former Liu Xiong do you want to go again? Missed the node, I am afraid that some things will be reversed in postmodernism. "
Chuhang thoughtfully after a breath, he said that he was afraid of the ancient gods outside the country and didn’t deal with them when they were behind.
"I have a clear idea of this, so I’d better finish the ancient star thing first. This is the biggest turning point of our funeral calendar."
Lu Chen shook his head and said that he was not going to go to the original mine for the time being. If he didn’t want to go there, he might not get out.
He’s not Ye Fan. He has a leading role. Every time he dies in the Jedi, he returns safely.
I can’t say for certain that once I entered the depths of the original mine, I met an ancient taboo that happened to wake up. Seeing that I was unhappy, I shot myself to death directly.
His secret blood, the bodhi old zu mark, has dissipated, and no one will sell his face.
"Then wait for news from Liu Xiong that we will meet outside the star."
Chuhang nodded and turned away from nothing.
The next battle is a long-lost battle, and the two brothers are going to turn this day over.
Stop Gefeng in half a day.
No sooner had Liu Chen stopped at Gefeng Square than he heard the voice of the elder "Come to the summit".
Lu Chen went straight through the square and stopped at the second half of Gefeng’s steps. Because Xiaojinlong has not changed back to a larger shape, the steps are too high for him to jump around.
The elder’s warning is still very effective. I dare not fly away from the heart of Xiaojin Dragon Root.
In a short time, Lu Chenxing’s secret little golden dragon jumped hard and they reached the summit of Zhige.
Liu Chengong knocked at the door and waited for the word "in" to come out before pushing the door and going in.
To Lu Chen’s surprise, there was a big elder in the wooden house, and Xue defeated the sky.
"Does the mountain master her?"
Liu Chen was a little surprised that the Lord of the mountain is not a mountain of martial arts. Did she go to Fang?
"The mountain master went to find the water. After all, it was her big brother who had to lose it."
Tianhua Lu raised my hand and motioned for Lu Chen to sit down.
He Xue defeated the day cabin is very naturally invited, just like the main house. Xiao Mu put a tea set on the table and made a pot of green tea.
"The teacher elder sister what’s going on? How can her strength be missing? "
Liu Chen doesn’t understand the present environment of heaven and earth, unless it’s the defeat of Xue Tian or the hand of a big elder, even if you encounter a strong land current in a small realm like Ao Tian, you should have hope to escape, and at the worst, you should have the opportunity to send help to Wushen Mountain.
Xue defeated Wu Shenshan, the younger brother of Tianshan Mountain, and Wu Shenshan, the chief martial sister, paid no attention to Liu Chen.
Of course, she can get in touch with the forbidden device even if it is billions of light years away.
And in the event of an accident, Wu Shenshan will definitely go to the rescue, and Xue will personally defeat the day.
"Water flow is a matter for me to go to the universe and ancient stars to investigate the artificial fairy gods."
Tianhua Lu explained that he was not upset when he looked at the tea upside down.
"The disappearance of the elder martial sister and the existence of the ancient stars?"
Lu Chen frowned, and this matter also involved artificial fairy gods, which was the same as his goal with Chuhang, and things became a little complicated.
"It’s hard to say that although she is a cosmic ancient star, there is no news before she disappeared. I think that the ability of water flow is not enough to be surrounded by cosmic ancient stars, and cosmic ancient stars don’t have the courage."
Tianhua Lu said lightly, "Anyone who knows Xue’s defeat dares to kill her brother."
Briefly describe the ultimate domineering
As Xue said that day, her cousin is a powerful umbrella.
Xue defeated the day and acted overbearing and fierce. It may not be a deep feeling for Wu Shenshan’s younger brother in this era, but according to the elder, he told Lu Chen when chatting.
When Xue was young, he was famous for justifying his faults and bullying. He once killed a school sister and three other chief brothers. Finally, the martial mountain master came forward to settle things.
In this way, people become stars, and this era is almost the strongest. Who dares to touch her brother?