In a word, Mr. Charles can’t beat his distant cousin, Mr. Jack and Xu Taotao, who have complained about many incidents, big and small, in which Mr. Charles insisted on proving his luck since he was a child.


From a broken arm to a broken leg, it is directly a vegetative state lying in the hospital for a year.
Xu Taotao heard the first reaction at that time. God is fair. The second reaction was that she wanted Mr. Charles to feel what it was like to be lucky.
The soldiers attacked the city.
Mr. Charles, get ready to accept this gift specially prepared for you!
Everyone hasn’t spoken since Xu Taotao glanced at the lottery ticket, and his expression is still’ unusual’
Mr. Charles’ distant cousin, Mr. Jack, jumped with anxiety with his 2000 yuan shopping voucher.
The tall man shouted, "What is the lottery result of Deputy Director Xu? Just say it directly!"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Decline God krypton transshipment
Vice Minister Jiang wants to say that Jamlom is not that kind of petty person.
But how dare she cheat Mr. Charles? Many people think it’s because they broke up together. She has a personal vendetta.
Li Zhu also feels that the incident is very serious. When the time comes, Mr. Charles will be angry. China is not to be taunted, but it is unnecessary.
He said to Vice Minister Jiang, "Go and ask Jamlom to change the process quickly."
Don’t say that Mr. Charles would be angry if he were humiliated in public.
This young comrade still doesn’t understand the consequences!
Director Feng was weaker than weak gas and put in "I’m afraid Mr. Charles won the lottery."
Looking up at the meeting expression, Mr. Charles really calmly took the lottery ticket.
Li Zhu sighed, "Even if he knew that he was humiliated, Mr. Charles was willing to take over the lottery generals."
Vice Minister Jiang Kelian covered his chest.
Xu Taotao noticed that people around her were nervous and resistant. She smiled and urged, "Mr. Charles, open it quickly and tell everyone about your lucky draw."
Taiwanese have never seen such a rush to die.
Charles’s heavy breathing has his own knowledge, and he doesn’t understand why he cares so much about a simple lottery.
Such a simple stage, noisy environment, a bunch of messy people
Damn it!
It must be that this woman is too good at exaggerating the atmosphere, and his indifference has also been affected!
Charles held the lottery ticket in one hand and the perfume bottle in his trouser pocket in the other.
That’s the perfume given to him by his mother. Although it has never been worn, he wants it to work today for the first time.
Damn it!
He shouldn’t have taken part in this lucky draw!
You shouldn’t be seduced by the woman next to you!
You shouldn’t have a lottery!
He’s going to lose face. He’s going to lose face today!
Losing face in front of so many hands!
Mr. Charles’s face is calm and calm, and his heart is sad, bitter and desperate
Then everyone saw him as if he had a deep hatred, and he took the lottery ticket in his hand to his eyes with a life-and-death refusal
This damn Chinese woman!
For a moment, his pupil earthquake expression was out of control.
He shouted "Oh,n,n,n,n,n! Oh,yes,yes,yes!”
The scene was once in chaos.
Mr. Charles, who has always been indifferent and arrogant, suddenly jumped three feet as if he had lost his mind. He kissed the lottery ticket in his hand and waved it around the stage, shouting, jumping and jumping.
"He won."
His distant cousin, Mr. Jack, was jealous and spoke to the red-haired woman next to him
"Did you see his ugly cock crow? Charles must have won the prize, and I’m sure it’s the ultimate luxury prize, otherwise he wouldn’t be happy like an idiot!"
The word idiot is too accurate for Mr. Charles now.
Because he is really happy and going crazy.
He actually won the lottery!
His’ magic luck’ actually failed today!
Charles has never felt so fresh as he does today, and the Chinese people are so lovely!