I saw a middle-aged Taoist priest rushing out of the Taoist temple in anger, and his eyes were red. He looked here and showed that he was in a state of rage. It was the first time I saw him so angry for many years. The spewing anger seemed to ignite the whole mountain forest.


"I haven’t seen you for a long time. Isn’t it time for Taoist Jinguang to call you the Hundred Eyes Devil?" Liu Yuyun light wind smiled and said
The hundred-eyed demon king looked at the scene that suddenly flashed in Lu Yu’s mind many years ago and couldn’t help calling out, "It’s you, Lu Yu!"
There is no calmness in the voice before, and there is a faint weakness, which means that others can’t hear it, but the Taoist who has served him for many years can hear it clearly
"Lu Yu!" He chewed the name carefully and always felt as if he had heard it somewhere.
Suddenly, there was a flash in my mind of the back of the man who was once in the sky, and now the blue student is perfectly integrated. He can’t help mumbling, "It was Cha Sheng."
At this moment, there was a strong hope in his heart. He hoped that Cha Sheng could expel this terrible devil and set himself free so that he would no longer wear a thick mask and live in fear every day.
At this time, he was vaguely reminded that the hundred-eyed demon king was afraid that the Terran sage would knock on the door after seeing Cha Sheng’s achievements as a sage.
"It’s me, you and I haven’t seen each other for hundreds of years, right? It’s time for cause and effect to be liquidated." Liu Yu gently said a pair of eyes but kept staring at the hundred-eyed demon king, with Lei Guang coming out from his eyes generate.
"It’s cruel to insult others. If you recognize the achievements of the sage, you will eat me. At the beginning, you ruined my good deeds and took my treasures. Now you have the face to find me to settle the cause and effect. Is it true that the magic prince is a soft persimmon?" The hundred-eyed magic prince roared in disgust
At this time, he can no longer maintain the image of the former sage like type and go on the rampage with a ferocious look on his face.
"Cut the crap and watch the sword!" A cold firm but gentle light shines across the other of the hundred-eyed demon king.
The hundred-eyed demon king raised his cassock as if a barrier appeared to block Liu Yu’s sharp shock wave.
He smiled proudly, "I know how you can’t be unprepared for your powerful xianjian." For so many years, Liu Yu has been haunting his mind like a nightmare, which has been difficult to understand for many years. Now every means he uses is aimed at Liu Yu.
This colorful cassock is made of special spider silk mixed with a lot of exotic materials. He also produced this spider silk, and seven spider spirits became brothers and sisters, which is to resist the sword.
Liu Yu glanced at the hundred-eyed demon king’s body shining with colorful light robes, and instantly understood its efficacy. It seems that he can naturally restrain all things, and raised a smile at the corners of his mouth, saying, "It’s hard for you to prepare such a magic weapon."
With that, he gently breathed forward, and the flames spewed out of his mouth and went straight for the Lord of Hundred Eyes.
The hundred-eyed demon king was surprised to see this. Although this treasure coat is strong, it is made of spider silk and is afraid of fire by nature.
Chapter four hundred and forty-six Poison
Hurriedly put away the treasure clothes to prevent them from being burned by Liu Yu’s true fire, but he said not to be outdone, "I didn’t expect you to practice such a fire method for so many years."
Lu Yu raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth and didn’t talk, but his hand was more and more happy. The firm but gentle wave flooded into the hundred-eyed demon king like a tide, making him tired of coping.
Even if the hundred-eyed demon king tried his best to stop Liu Yu’s firm but gentle, he was scratched and there was bright red blood oozing out of his mouth for a long time.
As soon as the blood met the gas, it turned into dark green, and suddenly a very foul smell was raised in the gas. Liu Yu felt dizzy and was surprised when he smelled this smell.
"Haha, how does it feel?" The words of the hundred-eyed demon king reached Lu Yu’s ears. At this time, his eyes were blurred, and the figure of the hundred-eyed demon king turned into several swaying.
"I haven’t been idle for a day since I learned that you have achieved the position of sage. I don’t know how much energy it took to make this poison." The hundred-eyed demon king said interminably that it seemed that he would vomit all the fear and hard work during this period. Of course, another reason was that the poison went deep into Liu Yu’s bone marrow.
"Then you really worked hard!" Lu Yu sighed gently and said that he could hear the injustice and bitterness from the words of the hundred-eyed demon king, but he had no sympathy.
The ghosts of those who died are still in the mountains, and the strong resentment is about to rush to Lu Yu’s eyes. This is his special ability after he achieved the Terran Sage. His eyes are like a light bulb with strong light.
Liu Yu said this to see his body gently flash, and the whole person seemed to become illusory. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his body, and at the same time, his heart was secretly reminding himself that it seemed a little too comfortable and proud.
At the moment he saw the blood changes of Baimu Devil, he should have called out the Aquarius protector, but now he is calmly spreading by toxins.
He cast a deep glance at the hundred-eyed demon king, and he was able to leave a name on the westward journey. Every monster is good at dealing with this hundred-eyed demon king’s poison, and there are signs of its own.
If he hadn’t seen the river of time and destiny, combined with his own practice of water law, realized the magical power of the mirror and the moon and extended it, and had the ability to replace the virtual shadow of time, he would have capsized in the gutter this time.
The hundred-eyed demon king also discovered the change of Lu Yu. Although I don’t know how he did it, I can clearly feel the strange disappearance of Lu Yu’s toxin.
"How did you do that?" At this moment, the hundred-eyed demon king is full of doubts about this poison, but he has carefully prepared it, and he doesn’t know how many poisonous insects he has selected or how many times he has changed the system to get this bone-eating poison. Once he enters the human body, it will spread rapidly and invade the bones, and a person’s mana will be expelled.
Therefore, after seeing Lu Yu’s trick, the hundred-eyed demon king is full of confidence. He has already fantasized that after killing Lu Yu, his name will be as crazy as in the Three Realms. During the cautious period, he also wants words to delay and ask for toxins to successfully penetrate into the bones.
The situation is also what he expected. Generally, in a short time, Lu Yu’s face has already shown a bluish-black syndrome toxin that has penetrated into the bone marrow, and Lu Yu’s performance has also announced this.
I never thought that strange blue light flashed across Liu Yu, but it was weird. The hundred-eyed demon king didn’t even know where his poison had gone, as if he had disappeared
"It’s a secret," said Liu Yu with a narrow smile on her face. "How can you tell him this way?"
"Damn it!" The hundred-eyed demon king roared, and the green poison gas poured out constantly, which immediately enveloped the whole Taoist temple. When the trees around him came into contact with this poison gas, they instantly turned into fly ash, which shows that it is highly toxic.
Lu Yu won’t underestimate him again this time. He has already summoned the Avenue Aquarius to hang a golden screen over his head.
Green poison gas hit the golden barrier like stormy waves, but it finally broke through. Although the surface of the barrier made a sizzling sound, it could not be seen that the barrier was weak at all.
This is the combination of Lu Yu’s merits and virtues and Bao Guang, which is naturally invulnerable to fire, water and poison.
"It’s my turn when your tricks are over!" Liu Yu said gently
The sword raised a bright sword light across the sky and went straight to the Lord of Hundred Eyes.
The hundred-eyed demon king is good at poison, but his physique is generally good. Seeing this cold sword, he hurriedly put on his cassock, and the colorful brilliance flashed through the shock wave. The outside of the treasure coat failed to hurt him.
However, his face didn’t look happy at all, because Lu Yu’s fire method was followed by fierce fire dragons, and his mouth was wide open and he came at him.
The hundred-eyed demon king read a spell and saw the earth roll. Soon several huge poisonous insects rushed out from the ground.
They are huge, bloated and colorful, and they are ticking all over. The mucus looks disgusting. Those mucus drops, and the bluestones make a sizzling sound. There is light smoke floating, and the thick bluestones are easily corroded out of a hole.
These are all the achievements of the Hundred Eyes Devil over the years, and they are all excellent species selected and hybridized by all kinds of poisonous insects, and strengthening the refining method is all his poison takers.