I don’t know who started clapping and the atmosphere began to warm up. Comparatively speaking, the students of the United States Military Academy are still objective. They just came to buy tickets to watch a wonderful game.


Of course, there are also many people calling for Hailmann to come on. Lin Yan looked back and looked at the soldiers. It’s crazy, too.
It’s not surprising that Hailmann was caught with his spiking. It’s an accident that Shen Baozhu, a girl who doesn’t have any impression on herself, yan lin sat there and didn’t show up. Maybe it was replaced by this girl?
In the first game, China women’s volleyball team made a good start and scored the first point, which made Yuan Chengmin’s face slightly smile. If Deng Zengtao were here, he would definitely whisper, "It seems that our targeted training is still effective. If it doesn’t work, then recruit more sparring partners so that they can smash and practice their defense to have a chance to fight back."
It is very important for world-class strong teams such as Japan and the United States to attack in the front row of women’s volleyball teams, but defense is equally important. yan lin is most touched by this point. Who let it be the era of scoring system instead of scoring system for each ball in a few decades?
However, this is just the beginning, and Hailmann is not in a hurry. Zhang Fang continues to serve steadily.
She hooked the ball and let Vivian, who was in shock, almost fly it. Fortunately, Celine was an excellent second-hand player, but she picked it up for Miranda.
The third position is short, flat and fast!
It’s hard to catch this ball. It’s always on the sixth position and then goes straight. This is Miranda’s specialty.
However, the ball didn’t go as expected, and Cheng Yaqiong blocked the ball directly back to the American women’s volleyball court.
Her blocking height is not as high as yan lin’s, but Miranda’s short, flat and fast hitting point is low, and she has no advantage except for her quick spike. For Hailmann Cheng Yaqiong, she doesn’t intend to try her best to block, and Miranda is the key point for her to guard against Celine’s shot. She just made a judgment.
The ball was stopped straight back. Vivian didn’t expect Miranda to be stopped by the China women’s volleyball team. It was a complete shock. Don’t say that she was in the back row to meet Worcester and Carol, the No.1 attacker. Which one didn’t forget to defend after being shocked?
China, the girls get one point again.
"Good shot!" Lin Yan couldn’t help shouting, and she knew that all her teammates were good.
This time, Jiang Ying didn’t say that yan lin was happier than anyone else. From the time she played volleyball, Jiang Ying knew that this was a group. Although she couldn’t play, she was also the representative of the players!
After losing two points in succession, coach Green frowned slightly and took a notebook to perform the simulation operation again. He was actually a little lucky, but now he knows the strength of China women’s volleyball team. If he arrives at the World Championships, he will know the real strength of China women’s volleyball team, but it will be too late to say anything.
It was he who looked at the bench outside the left field and was excited to cheer for his teammates. No.6 was not too white. Why should he give this gold medal blocker to the snow? Is he still hiding something?
China’s women’s volleyball team played smoothly at the beginning, and the United States’ women’s volleyball team was also strong. Hailmann quickly adjusted her mood and finally helped the team to serve with her own storm.
However, China women’s volleyball team is not sitting still, Feng Lang’s high point stormed Miranda, and it is also difficult to stop the frequent rotation of service, but both teams failed to score another point until Feng Lang and Hailmann both went to the back row and re-buckled the front row net.
The future military officers in the audience were dumbfounded. They couldn’t imagine that China girl, who was a few centimeters shorter than their No.7 player, had such great strength that she was almost as formidable as Hailmann.
When Zhang Fang and Shen Baozhu attacked in the front row, the American women’s volleyball team was slightly relieved.
China’s two attackers are not tall enough to block them, but it is much simpler than Feng Lang’s. It is proved that this is a very wrong idea.
Zhang Fang is used to pulling open the spiking, but her spiking route is never fixed, and her teammates can only judge her spiking route according to Zhang Fang’s subtle movements, so as to block the ball. However, Zhang Fang will change the spiking direction by turning his wrist when he touches the volleyball in his right hand. She and yan lin both have a hobby, and they are good at hitting that kind of thug out of bounds, which makes the other blockers sick.
But this is that competitive sports is not only about being strong against each other, but also about thinking. Otherwise, it’s easier to look at the fight directly, which is simple and rude.
However, there are still some differences between yan lin and Zhang Fang, probably because there are some differences in views. Zhang Fang still tends to smash, while Lin Yan is much more simple and rude-how to score and how to get it is even more difficult for her to prevent. It is also this time that coach Green once organized the players to focus on the strategic arrangement after receiving the news from Yuan Chengmin and decided to focus on the defenders.
However, coach Green did not expect that Lin Yangen would not start! On the contrary, it is the defense of China women’s volleyball team that makes American girls very tired.
In fact, this is just coach Green’s personal feeling. The girls of China women’s volleyball team are not easy to play, at least compared with Peru’s women’s volleyball team. Except for Er Celine, the American team is on the high road for large athletes. Even Carol is not tall, but she has excellent jumping ability.
Shen Baozhu knows that her spike is more likely to be stopped, but more likely to be a drop shot.
At that time, she specially practiced with yan lin. At that time, yan lin wanted to practice two to make up for her own ball deficiency, while Shen Baozhu practiced the drop shot. She knew where her spike defect was and tried her best to make up for it.
When Sun Jin is also cooperating with Shen Baozhu to practice spiking, she usually gives her some far tennis balls so that she won’t be stopped by the other side. Shen Baozhu, who is tall and close to the tennis ball, must be stopped now.
But it is very suitable for her to give the ball. It is surprising that Shen Baozhu’s shot was actually a drop ball. Then I went to see that the drop ball was directly pressed against the back line of the three-meter line. When the players in the front row and the back row were coming or not, even Sun Jin was also impressed with Shen Baozhu.
"Is it really near Zhu Zhechi?" Jiang Ying suddenly said something when she realized that she was sitting next to yan lin. She quickly covered her mouth as if she didn’t say that.
"Why aren’t you angry?" Zhang Yunjie looked at yan lin and stared at Jiang Ying. He couldn’t help laughing and joking with yan lin.
"Of course," Lin said solemnly, "This is called wit. Do you understand?"
"What wit? I think it’s more like cunning."
Chapter 15 15 Small
"No, it’s not." It’s almost not so flattering to be cunning and slippery.
"An old fox with a little fox tut tut, our team is almost a fox’s nest" Zhang Yunjie sighed with emotion.
Yan lin suddenly hugged her. "Sister Yun, are you a fox?"
She said solemnly, "the fox is a thousand-year-old fox, so don’t listen to that misinterpreted meaning. I’m praising you."
From little girls to old ladies, women like to be praised by others. Zhang Yunjie naturally knows that yan lin is not secretly mocking himself. yan lin is not like that. He is …
"Is Sister Lin as flattering as you?" Jiang Ying weak 1 spoke Zhang Yunjie mind.
"Watch the ball" yan lin changed the subject and couldn’t tell a cold joke. "Good shot!"
The way they stared at her was that her acting was grandiose, but it was true that everyone was quickly attracted by the game.
Shen Baozhu’s lob just now was absolutely amazing. At first, the American women’s volleyball team was lucky enough to score by lob, but when Shen Baozhu helped China win the score again and again with three identical lobs, the American women’s volleyball team began to face up to the little China team.
Shen Baozhu is still smiling like an optimist.
Is a few people think that it is probably the same age as yan lin, and they often play together. Shen Baozhu’s playing style is somewhat Lin Yanying’s mood is relaxed when she sees such a clown as her teammates are present.
The bigger the ball, the better.
The former Feng Lang and Cheng Yaqiong were the front row of China women’s volleyball team, and the two "little guys" Zhang Fang and Shen Baozhu gave them a meaningful lesson. After they were rotated to the front row, they became the strong wheel of China women’s volleyball team.
In fact, Yuan Chengmin was quite surprised at this point. Now, the front block is no good, there is no absolute repression, such as yan lin, and the second best is Cheng Yaqiong. However, the back row defense is in place to withstand the pressure of the American women’s volleyball spike. Zhang Fang and Shen Baozhu stayed in the front row until the first game
Fifteen to seven!
"Great!" The players are also very excited. This score is really inspiring. After all, it is not the last day of the World Cup that the American women’s volleyball team gave up on itself because it didn’t hope to win the championship, so it didn’t play seriously.
Their advantage at home was hard work, but they were beaten to a big score and lost the first game. How can China girls not be happy?
In the future, military officers are also whistling. Probably, the whole world lost the first game. Some people cheered in the American women’s volleyball team, while others booed, probably because they felt it was too shameful to lose.
It’s not too much for local Chinese to watch the game. colorado springs is not a city where Chinese gather, and it’s the first day of the team competition between the two countries, and the attention is naturally a little small
"It’s great that we have a girl in Yuan’s family." Yang Xi boasted that Shen Baozhu’s lobs made the defensive line of the American women’s volleyball team collapse and Zhang Fang’s spike paved the way, which made the second half of the game one-sided.
It’s true that Shen Baozhu has strength, that is, pressing the sideline and even pressing the outside line is particularly easy to make people make mistakes in judgment.
The first drop shot was unexpected. The American women’s volleyball team didn’t come to be saved, and Shen Baozhu scored a point.
The second lob is that the American women’s volleyball team is suspected of being out of bounds. It is not rare to save the fruit. The China women’s volleyball team scored another point
And the third drop shot is to let the front row players and the back row players of the American women’s volleyball team touch together, which is quite a bit like a dead egg. Shen Baozhu scored three points in succession.