Long Bai smiled wickedly and teased, "Well, Xiao Hou seems to be a friend. At first, I invited you to form a team and refused to die. I didn’t expect that women’s charm was so great. Hehe, if there is an afterlife, I will be a mother even if I am an ant." Long Bai can tell me these words, which means that he regards me as a true friend.


"Long Bai, don’t say that. If you have met Lin Mu, how can I refuse her? Hehe, I will let you meet her and add my friend another day. Now I’m going to train while I’m in a drunken mood. The outside world is too big to see you in the novice village!"
"Goodbye!" Long Bai looked at my leaving back and murmured, "His speech doesn’t match his face at all. Why should he choose so cool?" I really don’t understand what young people are thinking now? "
Chapter 13 Doubts abound
Because the work at hand has been completed, I can have a good time during the day, just in case I buy blood medicine from the money department this time, I will never go. It’s not that I’m afraid of death, but I’m afraid of trouble. I’d rather fight Xiaoqiang in the trial forest than touch those things that are poisonous.
But this time, I didn’t try to practice the forest, but went to the West Ghost King Cave to practice. I took out the snake egg in my bag on the way, and I couldn’t see what the white snake king wanted me to hatch this egg. I didn’t know how to hatch it. I cut the rotten leather armor and made it into a nest, and then I put it in. Whether it can be hatched depends on its own creation. I won’t tuck it in my arms or put it at the bottom of PP.
It’s too dark in the cave to see clearly, so I can spend money to buy pine branches. When I buy pine branches, I don’t know what money there is in the game, and there is a penny for the smallest unit of pine branches. Players who can’t play magic always sneer at this, but that’s all. They are not brave enough to play pk with us knives and swords. The reason is that their life value will never be too high, and they will have a chance to lose at the same level. Most of them are not us.
It’s cloudy in the Ghost King Cave. Coming here in summer is sure to make you feel colder than the tune. There are still some players practicing in this cave. Now my level has been reserved, and there are still nine people. If there is anything to speed up, I will kill the monster once. Any world is the same. The strong will always be king, but I still don’t want to stay in a crowded place, so I went deep into the cave.
The deeper the place, the more mysterious the monster will be. Sure enough, the more I go in, the fewer players there will be. I am cold in the game. This evil wind is nothing to me. Actually, it is still the problem. Once I want to go into battle, I can’t fight the monster with one hand and one hand. But is there any other way to see things besides magic? Night vision? Can you see your prey clearly in the night like an owl? Or do you learn a skill like some novels, and then you can enjoy night vision?
I was thinking that several ghosts were brushed out in front of me, and those guys were all swinging around with a big knife, and they wanted players to get close to them, just like flies biting blood. When it was really a ghost, I was not afraid of them because I had a broken sword at my hand, and it was precisely because the ghost wouldn’t poison me that I killed it so easily. Seeing that I was so desperate, several players next to me got rid of these new brushes, which was pitiful and tight. If it weren’t for poverty, I would have lost a penny. I have to pick it up. Now those players are looking at me with a very contemptuous eye to pick up the money. Fortunately, I was born cold and like to be alone. Others’ eyes and saliva have nothing to do with me.
It’s too much trouble to hold a pine branch in one hand and a sword in the other. Anyway, we must solve the problem. When I think of it, I can’t help but think of Lin Mulai. If she were here, she might be able to shine for hours. Today seems to be the weekend. Maybe she will be strange and always respect the principle of independence. Why do I feel that my beliefs are not reliable when I think of Lin Mu? It seems that an old man should be right to say that many hands make light work.
I picked up the broken sword and kept walking inside. Those players thought I was crazy, because they thought that I, a nine-level swordsman, was not crazy but also an idiot. I didn’t know there was a boss waiting for me in the cave. Anyway, I had medicine in my bag and a sword in my hand. What was I afraid of? Even if you die, it’s just a level drop. Most of the level 2 players are on the security level, and no matter who lives or dies, they will try their best to upgrade first.
"Friend line, do you receive friend communication?" The system rings in the ear "Please put it through"
"Xiao Hou, where are you now?" It’s Lin Muyin
"I’m in the ghost king cave. I should be able to see the ghost king now. Hehe, I specialize in picking up bad hands. Do you want to come over? I think you’d better come here, even if you help me hold the pine branch photo. "
"Well, you can wait for me." I was thinking that it should not be dawn now. Why did Lin Mu get up so early? She leaves me a message every morning, noon and evening for fear that I can’t see it. It seems that I will be online as soon as I see it today. There is a 2% experience bonus for teaming up. Many people in the institute are keen on teaming up, and they are free to team up. Who will Lin Mu team up with these ten days?
I don’t want to wait to keep going in. Lin Muzhen entered the cave not long after, but she has been looking for me for a long time, but she hasn’t found it. The reason is that I don’t know. Anyway, as soon as I entered this cave, all communication functions were blocked. It is stipulated in the game that escape is not allowed in the battle, that is to say, I can’t come in without entering the line. I can’t help but feel a lot cold when I think about the situation in the snake king cave. What kind of boos guy has this function? Is boss also paying attention to the morality of the rivers and lakes to have a one-on-one fight? It’s really a ghost who knows
"Ah, ha, ha, ha, someone dares to step into the king’s territory at level 20. Ah, ha, ha, ha, good, good, and finally can exercise a muscle." What’s wrong with this game when I listen to this sepulchral sound? What, I just played and touched two talking boss? Weak light A tall skeleton frame appeared in front of us. It is estimated that giants only have this kind of skeleton skull. A pair of dark eyes keep emitting green light and green light? Why does this boss guy like green so much? Seeing green in the dark and seeing green in the sun are two kinds of feelings.
"Hey? No, how can I smell other creatures? Tell me quickly, are you carrying anything alive? " Looking at the question mark displayed on his body, I knew that I was definitely no match for this ghost king. It was better to listen to what the ghost king really wanted to know. I took the snake egg out of my bag and said, "I have nothing alive except this egg."
The ghost king’s skeleton hand snatched the snake egg from my hand, which was so fast that I couldn’t see it clearly.
"Yes, he is. Tell me where did you get this egg?" The ghost king stared at me with an egg on his face
"A snake king forced me to take it in a hole in the cliff in the depths of Asahara."
"Snake? How can it be? Did he say anything to you? "
"It wants me to hatch the eggs. Is this a snake egg?"
"Hey, hey, is it a snake egg? You will know when it hatches. It’s really brave of you to dare to come in and die at such a low level. If it weren’t for the old friend’s face, you would be finished today. You will die here, not for losing the first level, but for the old friend’s face, you will be spared to fight with the king again and again. At least the king will fight with you at the 20 th level. You must show me the egg and tell you what it is in the whole game." Green is dazzling.
Chapter 14 Three people meet
"Xiao Hou, did you hear it? Please answer!" Lin Mu is obviously furious. "Miss Lin, I am outside the cave."
"What happened to you suddenly lost contact? You are not allowed to leave now. I’ll come out and find you. "
Lin Mu appeared in front of me when the white light flashed. She was still so beautiful, but when I saw her, I saw her face full of dissatisfaction. "Xiao Hou, I finally found you!" She came to hold my hand for fear that I would run away. "Where have you been these ten days? Why haven’t you seen me?"
I don’t think I should tell grandma about her death, should I? I don’t know her very well. I shouldn’t tell her about this kind of thing, so I simply said, "Miss Lin’s game is just my hobby, not that I didn’t come when something happened in my life department." "But even if you didn’t, you should say hello to me that night, right? How did it disappear for more than ten days without saying a word? "
I don’t want to answer her questions like this. It seems inappropriate to ask them from her mouth. I haven’t done it with her once or twice. We don’t know anything at all except that her name is Lin Mu. I don’t want to tell others about myself, especially to irrelevant people. This is true, but I am not the kind of person who "I don’t know who I am when I see a beautiful woman". I am silent and my expression is so cold that I can scrape a frost from my face. Lin Muru was hit and loosened. My hand took a step back as if watching a monster.
"It’s nothing, Miss Lin. Some things can’t be made clear in one sentence or two. This is a game, not real life. I’m not familiar with you. There are some things I can’t tell you. If I stood you up that day, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry!" I couldn’t have said this before, but my grandmother’s death changed my attitude towards people and things, and I didn’t think things were as impulsive as before, so I didn’t want to embarrass two people. I was learning to be lenient and cruel, but I had to choose. I didn’t want to live in the cold forever.
Lin Mu obviously didn’t expect me to say this. It’s normal that she doesn’t know what I’m doing and I don’t feel it. At this time, her tone seems to be a little sad. "Xiao Hou, I’m sorry, but I’m naive. I don’t know what happened to you for more than ten days. I’m worried that something will happen to you. Please forgive me for not knowing that you helped me steal the Golden Eagle egg from the Dead Cliff despite the danger. Since then, I’ve regarded you as a true friend. I’m really worried that you’re not here for more than ten
"Of course," I struggled to squeeze out a smile. "Just now, I wanted you to take a picture of the pine branches for me. Before I met you, I met a friend named Long Bai, who stayed in the novice village like us. I’ll call him over now and let’s meet."
Lin Mu saw that I didn’t mean to blame her. I just smiled from my eyes. I think she saw that she was naive again. "Well, it’s better to pull him in and form a team together."
I called Longbai, who was still on the line and came soon. Longbai was dressed in a white robe and matched his slender figure like a born monk.
"Introduce yourself," I said to them.
Long Bai likes to make friends first. "My name is Long Bai, and I am a monk in the ninth grade. I’m glad to meet you." Then I stretched out one hand to shake hands with Lin Mu, and the other hand gave me a thumbs-up at a place where I could see but Lin Mu couldn’t see. "My name is Lin Mu, and I am a priest. Hello like you!" They held hands together.
"Longbai, our beautiful Miss Lin wants to invite you to form a team. Are you willing?" I teased.
"Ha ha brothers, you are really joking. How can I refuse to train with Miss Lin, who is so beautiful? When are we going to train? "
"Hehe, it’s early to train, otherwise we can’t catch up with others. Let’s go!" Lin mu smile like a flower excited tunnel
"where’s your horse?" I just found out that she didn’t come riding a horse when I was going to blame.